Thursday, April 9, 2020

The WHO and the UN: It's time for us to leave

The WHO is an old school rock band while the World Health Organization works for the UN. They admit one of their objectives is to anchor health in the global 2030 sustainable development agenda. Only promoting health has nothing to do with it. The Oath Keepers have exposed the UN's Agenda 21 and Anonymous have exposed the UN's Agenda 2030 of Global domination.

The UN has changed and it is time for us to withdraw from it. Canada used to be involved with Peace Keeping. The UN no longer cares about civil liberty or human rights. The genocide in Rwanda was the first red flag in the UN's transformation. Communist China should not be at the table let alone have a seat on the Human Rights Committee. That is an obscene abomination. They execute political prisoners for organ harvesting. They should be facing sanctions from the UN not leading their Orwellian agenda. It's time for us to boycott the UN and cut all funding.

Once upon a time there was an American patriot named Ezra Taft Benson. He was not a man like unto Mitt Romney. He didn't share Romney's comradery with the Bush Cabal's secret combination. Ezra Taft Benson stood against Gadianton. He warned us about the Rothschilds and he warned us about the UN. Chapter 14 of book "An Enemy Hath Done This," Ezra Taft Benson referred to the UN as planned tyranny. At the time I thought that was a little bit extreme. Now we can clearly see he was right.

"On the surface, the U.N. Charter and the structure of its various departments bears a strong resemblance to those of our own federal government. But the similarity goes no further than outward form. Whereas the United States is founded on the concept of limited government, the U.N. concept is one of unlimited government power with virtually no meaningful restraints to protect individual liberty .. Instead of ensuring that all the member states have limited forms of government, the U.N. assumes that most of them have unlimited power over their subjects. The U.N. is not the least bit concerned over the fact that a majority of its members are governments which rule with police-state methods." An Enemy Hath Done This, pp. 203-204.

At the time, people said he was a crazy old man. Now all of a sudden he isn't so crazy.

"Most are not aware of the Marxist origins of the UN. Communists, such as Alger Hiss, were involved in the establishment of the UN. The communists even promoted it in their publications."

In a 1971 speech on the Senate floor, Senator Barry Goldwater (Arizona), stated: “The time has come to recognize the United Nations for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking.”

We CANexit the UN just like England left the EU.

We CAN stop Justin Trudeau and we CAN exit the UN. Yes we can.

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