Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Mask Distraction goes viral

The Main Straem Media is creating false hype and using it as a distraction to sensationalize the fact that Donald Trump is limiting the number of face mask exports to Canada while the US is in shortage. Anyone with a brain can see this is not a conspiracy it is common sense. While the MSM is trying to use this decision to attack Donald Trump they were also using the opposite example to attack Justin Trudeau. It's time to settle the score yo. Make them in Canada.

How can Justin Trudeau send masks to China when we can't get them here they said. Turns out that JT made that commitment in February before the virus really hit Canada and that the Communist government of China took the special ventilator masks for themselves and didn't let the hospitals have them. Big surprise. Meanwhile Trump signs a $7 trillion corporate bailout.

Now they are expressing outrage Donald Trump is following their advice. He is saving masks for his own citizens before he ships them to other countries. There is no conspiracy. Other than the fact that the media is once again trying to create hype and blow things out of proportion to justify buying masks from their corporate sponsor, Communist China. The authors of this pandemic.

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