Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Donald Trump wants to reopen the United States May 1st

The Washington Post is reporting that "A team of government officials — led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — has created a public health strategy to combat the novel coronavirus and reopen parts of the country. Their strategy, obtained by The Washington Post, is part of a larger White House effort to draft a national plan to get Americans out of their homes and back to work. It gives guidance to state and local governments on how they can ease mitigation efforts, moving from drastic restrictions such as stay-at-home orders in a phased way to support a safe reopening."

"President Trump wants a final plan on reopening the country ready within days so he can issue suggestions for some states to reopen May 1, officials said. He said he planned to speak with all 50 governors 'very shortly' and would then begin authorizing individual governors to implement 'a very powerful reopening plan' at a specific time and date for each state."

"He said roughly 20 states have avoided the crippling outbreaks that have affected others, and he hinted that some could begin restarting their economies even before May 1. 'We think we’re going to be able to get them open very quickly,' Trump said."

Trump says first US states could reopen soon, halts WHO funds over transparency

Now that's what I'm talking about. Hail to the Chief yo.

The Guardian is reporting that "New Zealand’s prime minister has said she and other ministers will take a 20% pay cut lasting six months to show solidarity with those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, as the death toll continues to rise." Not like Justin Trudeau and all the Canadian Members of Parliament who just gave themselves a raise and raised the carbon tax.

Donald Trump cuts funding for the WHO and so he should. The UN put Communist China on the human rights panel. Justin Trudeau should not be be trying to get a seat on the security council. We should leave the UN because it's Orwellian agenda has been revealed.

Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy

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