Saturday, April 11, 2020

COVID-19 test kits were contaminated with the virus

Great Game India is also reporting that "In a most shocking development, several countries have reported that testing kits, protective equipment and medical devices sent to them to combat COVID-19 were itself found to be contaminated with Coronavirus. Meanwhile, in the US the lab authorized to make coronavirus testing kits itself was found to be contaminated with coronavirus. As secret services have launched a worldwide Intelligence War over Coronavirus related medical supplies, the widespread contamination of the coronavirus testing kits poses a serious concern."

"Last week, the UK disclosed that key components of the coronavirus testing kit the UK government had ordered from overseas were contaminated with the coronavirus itself!"

"It was reported that the testing kits were sent from China and were found to be contaminated with the coronavirus when they were being surveyed by a Luxembourg-based company, Eurofins Scientific." So there ya have it. 2020 Vision. Things are becoming much clearer now.

The BBC is reporting that "Boris Johnson is continuing to make very good progress in hospital. He had three nights in intensive care before returning to a ward on Thursday."

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