Saturday, April 18, 2020

James Connolly and Che Guevara

I will now set the stage for part two. Many people wear T-shirts with Che Guevara on it as though he was a rock star. Che Guevara was sincere. He was sincerely deceived. People claim the CIA killed him. I kinda think it was Castro. After Castro used him he had to dispose of him since he was such a huge political threat. After all, Che actually believed in the lies of socialism.

That's why the UN agreed to topple Gaddafi. Gaddafi actually did share the oil profits with the people. That was forbidden in Communism. Their vision of social justice is just a lie. They aren't supposed to actually implement it. Castro recruited Christian Marxists to help him overthrow the corrupt Batista government. After he seized power he formed a Marxist Leninist atheist state. People were allowed to practice religion but they weren't allowed to run for office.

James Connolly was the man who understood the keystone of the dream. True socialism can only exist within a free republic that guarantees civil liberty for everyone as defined in the Irish Proclamation. This communist paramilitary group the director of the WHO led in Ethiopia had the term liberation in it's name similar to North Korea. North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Only it isn't a free republic and there is absolutely nothing democratic about it. Their use of the words democracy and republic is a ridiculous lie. Everyone knows that.

So here we are. The US is liberating one state at a time. Alright soldiers, Raise your flag.

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