Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wuhan celebrates a job well done after launching the fraud that crashed the world's economies

The Independent is reporting that "China has lifted an 11-week lockdown in the city of Wuhan, celebrating the occasion with a light show over the Yangtze River. The closure of Wuhan, the in Hubei Province where coronavirus was first identified late last year, started on 23 January and lasted 76 days." OK folks. Shows over. Get back to work.

The fact that the media lied about the hospital line ups in the United States and claims that chairman Mao did great things shows us the media cannot be trusted. Donald Trump is right for cutting funding to the WHO and the UN because the UN's Agenda 21 vision for world peace is Corporate Communism. I do not share that vision.

After fraudulently reporting hospital deaths as COVID-19 when no test had been performed, and completely lying about hospital line ups in California and New York, the Show's over folks. Nothing to see here. Get back to work.

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