Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The UN's Dark Agenda: Part One

I'm going to throw a couple of posts out there on the UN's dark agenda just because I can. I'll post part two first so you can read them in order. I'm going to start with the obvious, then dive into the less than obvious and tie them together just so we are all clear on where we stand.

We now know that the Communist Party of China has taken over the UN and drives it's dark agenda of globalism. That is now obvious. The directer of the World Health Organization got that position because he was backed by Communist China. Communist China picked him because he was a leader in a violent communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. That is true.

That places this whole pandemic in perspective. The Communist Party of China launched this pandemic for a specific purpose and that purpose ties in with the UN's dark agenda of globalism which is a more palatable term for Communism. The UN's vision of world peace is Communism. I do not share that vision. As I said, there are no human rights in Communism.

China's presence on the UN's human rights council is an abomination. China executes political prisoners for organ harvesting. They launched this pandemic to oppress Hong Kong.

The lie claims that we have to give up individual rights to promote collective rights. IRL once you give up individual rights, there are no collective rights. Collective rights begins with individuals.

Globalism is Communism. The complete removal of civil liberty. This is not what James Connolly believed in. James Connolly believed that true socialism can only exist within a free republic where individual rights are protected by law. Without that you are simply creating another totalitarian government.

For all practical purposes, Communism is tyranny imposed by force while socialism is tyranny imposed by deceit. However, I do believe that Che Guevara and James Connolly were sincere. They sincerely believed in the lies of socialism. Whatever you call what they believed in and what they aspired to, it wasn't Communism, it was something else.

Communism is what we saw in East Berlin where the machine guns we pointed inwards so the people couldn't escape. That is not what James Connolly and Che Guevara aspired to.

When I was involved with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers I was quite vocal against Darrell Tingley's bold endorsement of Revolutionary Communism in Cuba. I made buttons that people could print up online that said No FARCing Around. Needless to say Darrell didn't like me.

At a CUPW Area Council a National Union Rep came up to me in the hospitality suite and said, the communists of red square and eastern Europe call themselves Communists but they aren't really Communists. I was startled and said then what the hell are they because that's what Communism is. Then he says Cuba is the best model of socialism we have. No it's not I said. They have political prisoners and practice religious discrimination. The best model of socialism we have is the kibbutz movement in Israel. People are free to come and go as they please and all the profits go to raising the standard of living for everyone.

That's not what Globalism is and that's not what the UN is trying to achieve. The UN is trying to destroy civil liberty to pave the way for the Communist Party of China to hijack social justice and crush human rights around the globe. That is globalism. Civil liberty is the antidote to globalism.

Aside from mobility rights, property rights, and the right to due process, Communism seeks to remove one other fundamental right because it is essential for them to implement their hijacking the movement without opposition. Communists support gun control. If the Jews in Europe had guns, the Holocaust never would have happened. Communism supports gun control because they are mass murders. If people had guns it would be harder for them to commit mass murder.

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