Monday, April 20, 2020

Adrian Dix describes protesters as marginal

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Susan Standfield, inspired by the Operation Gridlock movement south of the border, decided to join a small anti-COVID restrictions protest on Sunday afternoon. Standfield - who co-founded the Hope in the Shadows calendar that raises money in the Downtown Eastside - said her household income had dropped by 80 per cent since a state of emergency was declared in British Columbia last month to try and curtail the spread of COVID-19 infection. “I saw something going on in Ohio, and then D.C., with Operation Gridlock. So I thought let’s go,” said Standfield. It's OK no one pays any attention to the Vancouver Sun either.

"The following day, B.C. Minister of Health Adrian Dix described the protesters as “marginal” and asked that they be ignored." Marginal or marginalized? Adrian Dix is too left wing for me to trust let alone endorse. Here he is saying voters and protesters should be ignored. I think he just deemed himself nonessential. The mayor says the city of Vancouver is ready to go bankrupt.

The National Post is reporting that Strict COVID-19 travel restrictions could prove the tipping point for many Canadians. Indeed they are. The Canadian Charter of Rights includes mobility rights which the UN Globalists are trying to remove. I certainly don't agree with that. It's time for us to withdraw from the UN and withdraw supporting politicians who are obsessed with cramming globalism down our throat against our will.

Susan Standfield believes countries like Sweden, South Korea and Belarus have done a better job than Canada and British Columbia with managing the COVID-19 pandemic and so do I. South Korea succeeded without a lock down. Even DR Phil is showing the other side to the story.

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