Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Vancouver Gang war Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, many newspapers and magazines write a year in review. 2011 was a big year in the Vancouver gang war. Not because of the number of shootings and deaths compared to 2009, but because of the significance of them. The most obvious of which was the Kelowna shooting where Jonathon Bacon was murdered and Larry Amero was shot. Tragically, the niece of a Haney Hells Angel was shot and paralyzed as well.

Jonathon Bacon getting shot was not a big surprise. His brother Jamie is on trial for his involvement in the Surrey Six murder and the police have issued many warnings about the Bacon brothers being targets of rival gangs, namely the UN. What was surprising about that shooting was the fact that Whiterock Hells Angel Larry Amero and the niece of a Haney Hells Angel was with him. Not only with him, but making a public scene bragging about their association with him.

Interesting to note that Independent Soldier James Riach was also with them in the same car and was fortunate enough to walk away from the shooting. These key puzzle pieces complete a dark picture indeed. The Hells Angels have taken over the leadership of the Independent Soldiers. Formally an Indo Canadian gang the IS are now a mixed gang that works for the Hells Angels. James Riach and the Independent soldiers met with the Bacon Brothers before the Surrey Six murder at the Castle fun Park in Kevlar. We knew at the time Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon but we couldn't prove it. We could only prove Larry's friends were friends with Jonathon's friends.

Catching Larry Amero with Jonathon Bacon and a relative of a senor Haney Hells Angel was the proof in the pudding so to speak of the Hells Angels involvement with the Bacon brothers and thus being the driving force behind the Vancouver gang war which peaked in 2009 and was responsible for two of the most heinous murders Surrey has ever seen. The Surrey Six where two innocent bystanders were executed and the murder of a mother with her toddler in the car. Both incidents were tied to the Bacon brothers and thereby tied to the Hells Angels who were supplying them.

Which leads us to 2011 where three drug related murders in Surrey were also directly connected to the Hells Angels. The Durry Dak Pack were in no way responsible for the Kelowna hit but were being systematically hunted down because they were selling drugs but were not doing it for the Hells Angels. This clearly reinforces the premise that although the spike in gang related murders has dropped since 2009, it was simply because one side won and took control of the drug trade. Which of course leads us to the ongoing problem of the Hells Angels violent and backstabbing control of the drug trade as well as the prostitution in many areas. Hats off to the OMGU who busted several Hells Agnels meth labs in the greater Vancouver area this year.

2011 also saw a spike in the number of homicides in Edmonton where the Hells Angels have control of the drug trade through many various puppet clubs including a white supremacist group called the White Boys Posse who were spreading across northern Alberta. We saw the Baseball Team step up to the plate in Grande Prairie selling drugs for the Hells Angels there.

We also saw a gang war start in Winnipeg between a Hells Angels puppet club and the Rock Machine which started because the Hells Angels killed one of their own and told his friends to suck it up. Which unlike Mom Boucher and Biff Hammel, they didn't. Instead the crossed over to the Rock Machine to confront the betrayal. The sick saga of backstabbing violence continues all in the name of greed.

Of course the real pinnacle of the year was the revelation that the Hells Angels were involved with the extermination of the Rizzutos in Montreal. Raynald Desjardins, as well as those with links to the Hells Angels, were charged with the murder of Salvatore Montagna. All in all it has been a year of enlightenment. Other gang bloggers are stepping up to the plate and more and more media outlets are finally reporting on the Hells Angels involvement in the drug trade and the related violence associated with that ruthless monopoly. One step forward, three steps back I suppose.

Honourable mention goes to the absolute idiot with the devil horn implants and the number 666 tattooed to his forehead. This Hells Angels associate has been charged in assisting with the murder of a witness against a Hells Angel in the States. Paying money to get devil horn implants and 666 tattooed on his forehead definitely wins him loser of the year award.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Vancouver Mayor's foster son's drug charges

Here's the latest news. Front page of the Vancouver Province. Vancouver's Mayor, Gregor Robertson's foster son is facing firearm and cocaine charges. Seemingly the foster son was with them for two years and has been on his own since 2009. Although I most certainly am not saying Robertson is above reproach, anyone's son can get involved in the drug trade.

I do think City Counsel giving the Hells Angels $2 million extra for the Drake hotel was very suspicious, but that was when the NPA was in power. Nevertheless, I am very curious as to why City Hall continues to let the Hells Angels sell pot out of the black door but not anyone else out of the Amsterdam café. Giving the Hells Angels a monopoly on the pot trade is wrong.

Yet I do think Saanich Police officer Dillon Sahota's son Paul Sahota and son in law Jarrod Nicol's involvement in the drug trade is very significant since Dillon Sahota owned one of the houses where drugs were seized and how that whole Victoria cocaine trade is tied to the BC Liberals through the Bassi Virk BC Rail scam.

Kelowna Mountie jumped outside Sapphire's

Two alleged associates of the Hells Angels have been charged after a police officer was jumped from behind trying to break up a fight outside a Kelowna nightclub. No big surprise. I hear these guys prefer it from behind.

Kelowna's Pedro Amestica, 39, was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Police say he is a known associate of the Mission City chapter of the Hells Angels. Mission's Thomas Volker, 37, is charged with assaulting a police officer. Police say he is a member of the Mission City Hells Angels. These idiots will be patting themselves on the back overt this one. Yet it shows how completely out of control they are. Glad to hear Pat Fogarty thinks the Hells Angels are no longer a threat in Kelowna.

I am told that I made an error when I claimed that the Mission City chapter of the Hells Angels and the Haney chapter are one in the same. True they are close in proximity but they apparently are separate chapters. One source claims that not everyone felt good about killing their own so Mission City chapter broke off from Haney. I am told that the Haney chapter was indeed the ones in charge of La JJ’s and in charge of Kamloops.

Another source claims they used some pretty ruthless violence against a woman who set up her own brothel in Kamloops and didn't want to work for or pay the Hells Angels tax. She was never seen or heard from again after that.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Felipe Cabrera Arrested

On Monday, masked Mexican soldiers presented Felipe Cabrera, known as "el Inge", to the media after his capture in Culiacan, capital of Sinaloa, the north-western Pacific state after which the drug cartel is named.

Cabrera was the second suspected lieutenant of Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, boss of the powerful Sinaloa cartel to be seized there in the past two months. Were they really lieutenants? I hope so. I can't help be cynical knowing that the ATF and other "Agencies" were caught supplying the Sinaloa drug cartel with guns and letting them smuggle tons of cocaine into the US in Operation Fast and Furious. Some of which must have ended up in Canada.

Paul "Sasquatch" Porter Arrested

OK, here it is. December 21st the Vancouver Sun and the Ottawa Citizen ran an article about Ottawa Hells Angels president Paul "Sasquatch" Porter. Holy dry heaves batman, that guy is built like Java the Hut.

Seemingly his drug charges from 2009 are coming to trial this spring. This is the guy who was with the Rock Machine then cut a deal with mommy dearest and after leading a turncoat defection from the Rock Machine to the Hells Angels netted himself the position of Ottawa Hells Angels President. Just like Mom's pal Salvatore Cazzetta secured himself the position of the president of the Montreal Chapter after he defected from the Rock Machine. Why on earth would anyone brag about betraying their own crew? That seems to be the HA MO. Hugs and kisses?

I realize back in the day Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss but that was a different era in a different culture. Times have changed. Somehow the idea of this fat ass hugging and kissing Mom Boucher makes me want to barf. Looks like Porter is the new Judas since he betrayed the Rock Machine with a kiss. Patching over is bad enough but defecting over to an enemy for a political position? There is no loyalty or honour in that. No wonder Porter had to leave Quebec. The Quebec brothers would surely put a cap in his fat ass.

Christmas Shootings in Surrey

Two separate shootings in Surrey on Christmas Day, one in Surrey Christmas eve and one in Langley on Boxing day. What a deranged world. This level of gun related violence is totally unacceptable.

Slain man's mom blames a drug addict.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Then what shall we die for?

Alright you 666 scaly wags on either side of the bench, enough of the candy ass Christmas flower power. Back to your battle stations solders, this be a war. It's a war over the hearts of the children of men so it is. What grown man would call himself a follower of 666? Even Vincent Price knows that's the number of the beast and even he knows that his time is short. There is no L&R on that side of the battlefield. Mark my word.

A big shout out to the brothers and sisters on the east coast - New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Where the MC rides free and the devil is trying to oppress the free rider by claiming everyone who rides must approve their patch through the 666. Bullshit I say brethren. The seas be ours and by the powers where we will, we'll roam.

The Boxing Day message is a call to arms for the New Year and a tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End. In the opening scene of that movie, England makes an oppressive decree:

"In order to affect a timely halt to deteriorating conditions and to ensure the common good, a state of emergency is declared for these territories by decree of Lord Cutler Beckett, duly appointed representative of His Majesty, the king. By decree, according to martial law, the following statutes are temporarily amended:

Right to assembly, suspended.
Right to habeas corpus, suspended.
Right to legal counsel, suspended.
Right to verdict by a jury of peers, suspended.
By decree, all persons found guilty of domestic terrorism,
or aiding a person convicted of domestic terrorism,
or associating with a person convicted of domestic terrorism...
Shall be sentenced to imprisonment without charge in your local Guantanamo bay."

We have enemies on both sides of the line so we do. We have enemies from outside and enemies from within. Organized crime and corrupt politicians consumed with greed. Greed fuels the 666 not loyalty or honour. Far from it. It's not just about making money. It's about making more and more money while oppressing others and betraying their own to satisfy their colossal greed. Whether it be David Giles making $30,000.00 in a few months through Dave Revell or Goldman Sachs aiding and abetting the investment fraud that caused the Greek Financial crisis, it is clear we are living in troubled times clouded by lies and cons.

Then of course at the darkest hour in the movie we have Keira Knightley's Braveheart speech asking the brethren "Then what shall we die for? The Brethren will still be looking here to us, to the Black Pearl, to lead. And what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No.

No, they will see free men and freedom! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will hear the ring of our swords, and they will know what we can do. By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs...and the courage of our hearts. Gentlemen... hoist the colors. Hoist the colors!"

On that note someone recently sent me a moving quote from Martin Luther King. For some bizarre reason they claimed it was cited by the defense in Paxton's torture trial which would make it highly inappropriate in that context. Yet in the context of fighting the abuse organized crime inflicts on the public it is highly appropriate.

"You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be. And one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid…. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer…. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand.

Well, you may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.” Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed, all of us die. Some of us are already dead before we go to the grave. Remember Brittney Irving this year and rat out the real rats.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

There's been a few more stories in the news that I've bookmarked to report on after Christmas was over. More stories about the Hells Angels including the arrest of Paul "Sasquatch" Porter as well as some more stories about police brutality and cover ups. I didn't want to hide negative press about the police, I just wanted to wait until after Christmas to post about it because this Christmas I really wanted to salute law enforcement. After all, where would we be without law enforcement? The rule of law protects a peaceful society like traffic lights protect the flow of traffic. When we talk about the spirit of Christmas we can joke about the wide range of symbolism that has for different people. The first image that comes to mind is road rage. I was joking about Christmas road rage with a friend at work and he shared about how he was recently in a long line at a store. There was a lady behind him in the line obviously in a hurry. She was obviously irritated by the long line. She was huffing and puffing then budging forward every inch the line moved. She kept banging into my colleague in the back with her parcels. Finally he was like Lady, this is a line. Pushing me isn't going to make the line go any faster. The same with tailgating in traffic. That's how you get multiple car pile ups on the freeway. Ever heard of a safe following distance? Sure the idiot going slow in the fast lane is very irritating. Yet so is the weasel that cuts in line at the last minute. Idiots and weasels raise the level of road rage. Yet not doubt all of us could do well to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. Life really is too short. I saw a picture of a snowman in the city with the sign "I will be dead soon." Indeed. Relatively speaking won't we all. The question is, what are we going to do while we are here? Life does not end at death. Surely there is a higher purpose behind this mortal probation. If life is a test, then how are we doing? There's something about Christmas that strives to help us put things in perspective. No doubt there are commercial distractions. I remember one year they put a huge sign on the over pass at Guildford Mall that said have a Big Beautiful Christmas. I was somewhat offended by the idea of having to come in to the mall and spend a lot of money to have a Big Christmas. That was somewhat self defeating and missed the real point. We talk about Christmas magic. Well when the kids were young magical it was. My kids were like "other families open their presents on Christmas eve" and I would always be like "well we're not other families." I realize that's a big tradition in Europe and more power to them. I just found that opening all your presents Christmas eve diminished the magic of Christmas morning. When a young child wiping the sleep from their eyes lights up in excitement. That is magic. We talk about the Christmas miracle which can take on different meaning for different people. For Christians the Christmas birth is a profound miracle. Any birth of any child is a miracle. Two years ago I talked about the Christmas miracle on the battlefield in WWI. In many ways, I'm cynical. Why would two groups of people be shooting and bombing each other, take a few moments out to give each other presents, then go back to shooting and bombing each other the next day. Somehow the intent of Christmas is to last longer than a few hours once a year. Yet there is a certain magic about Christmas that when it materializes it does give us hope. It gives us hope that if something good or charitable can happen on Christmas, then it can happen at other times too. Christmas then becomes liberty's light illuminating the path to a better way. Even in Surrey I was told about a woman in a grocery store having trouble with her bank card. She had to step aside and phone her bank to find out what the problem was. The man behind her in the line forgot his debit card when he paid for his groceries. When he came back for his card he saw the woman still struggling with the bank on the phone. He told the cashier he wanted to pay for that woman's groceries. Are you sure the cashier said? It's over $50. Yes he replied Merry Christmas. It's nice to hear that real charity still exists in the world, even in Surrey. That's the kind of thing that makes you proud to be human. Aspiring to something higher. Spending last night cleaning decorating and wrapping with a chain of not so traditional Christmas carols playing in the background including the seasonal Trans Siberian Orchestra, I couldn't help but notice the reoccurring theme of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption. They say to err is human and to forgive is divine. I remember someone I knew asking for my forgiveness once. I told them forgiveness is automatic, reconciliation is not. Sometimes the Christan concept of forgiveness can let us be trapped in an abusive relationship. All of us could to well to forgive more and judge less. Yet the people that really need to hear that don't listen while the people who are really forgiving take that message to heart and sometimes end up trapped in the cycle of abuse. I don't think God wants any of his children to be in abusive relationships. Sure anybody can change, yet that change doesn't come without honest disclosures and admissions of wrongdoing. A sincere confession comes with genuine sorrow and remorse followed by effort and hard work. After this sincere honesty comes the power of redemption and that truly is a miracle. They remixed a Tupac song with an old song called Changes. In that song it says things changed, and that's the way it is. Then the chorus repeats: come on That's just the way it is, Things'll never be the same, That's just the way it is. So which is it? Things will never change or things will never be the same because they have changed. Then after repeating the old slogan of things will never change a voice pleads don't you believe it. Things can change. That is the Redemption of Christmas and it is a miracle. We are still free to chose and in the words of Led Zeppelin in Stairway to Heaven it isn't too late to change the road you're on. As Ozzy Osbourn said, see you on the other side. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised I'm still here. So Merry Christmas everyone. Even to my enemies. From a distance, we look like friends. Don't forget Anakin Skywalker was a talented Jedi. Luke was right. Darth Vader was capable of change. Don't you forget it. Come on dear brother, since the war is past, for friends at first are friends again at last.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vancouver Christmas Market

We finally made it out to the Vancouver Christmas Market this year. Now that's what I'm talking about. I saw a stand with some amazing hand crafted Christmas ornaments and asked the guy where he was from and if he was located in Vancouver. He said he was from Munich and I paused and said really? He said yes he flies back home on the 26th. We bought some amazing ornaments from him.

The whole thing is a great idea. From mulled wine and apple cider to roasted nuts, Bavarian sauce and German noodles with live music. It's all good. They even had a chocolate fondue.

It's a wonderful taste of a traditional Christmas. Sometimes it's nice to remember the old ways in a sea of commercialism. Tradition can be good. I even got some mulled wine from a nice guy from county Kerry. Imagine that.

After all, the Germans may have given us Hitler, but they also gave us Santa. Good and evil. Each of us are still free to choose so we are. Choose wisely. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Helena Guergis is suing Stephen Harper

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. People are finally starting to see through Christy Clark and Stephen Harper finally gets sued for slander and bullying. Oh happy day. I'll admit the Helena Guergis case is a strange one. You have to wonder if it's not like Alfosno Gagliano suing the government for quoting the New York Times and claiming he was a made member of the Mafia in Montreal. Gagliano sued for defamation and lost because there was enough evidence to substantiate the government's claims.

Not like Brian Mulroney who lied in a court application and sued the government for claiming he received a kickback in Airbus. That matter never went to court because the government payed him a $2.1 million settlement. Then of course it turned out he totally lied about his business relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber and thus defrauded the Canadian taxpayer out of $2.1 million.

Helena Guergis' allegations were much more personal and extreme. Her husband had an impaired driving charge just like Gordon Campbell and Rob Ford. Only his DUI included a cocaine possession charge which was dropped by the crown because they said it was difficult to prove. Which of course opens the door wide open to where the speculation came from. We know the Harper government slandered her greatly. There was talk of her doing a line of cocaine off a prostitute's stomach in a wild threesome with her husband. Those kind of allegations, if true clearly make you want to stand back a bit. Yet if they were false, wow. Harper does have a habit of firing and slandering whistle blowers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raynald Desjardins charged with the murder of Mafiaso Salvatore Montagna

Raynald Desjardins, of Laval, is expected to be charged with five others with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Salvatore Montagna. Desjardins served 10 years of a 15-year prison term, from 1993 to 2004, for conspiring with the Hells Angels to smuggle more than 5,000 kilograms of cocaine into Canada.

Those arrested in Montagna's murder included senior figures in the Montreal mafia - as well as those with links to the Hells Angels, the outlaw biker gang that is heavily involved in organized crime and drug trafficking in Quebec, sources told the New York Post.

Remember the Death Riders take over in Laval? May 4, 1987 the President of the Death Riders, Martin Huneault, was shot to death in a Laval bar. No one was ever arrested for the murder, but just hours after Huneault's funeral, Death Riders Mario Martin and André Richard were seen meeting with Hells Angels Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Normand "Biff" Hamel. Boucher and Hamel received their colours after the incident and Huneault's murder allowed the Hells Angels to completely take over drug trafficking in Laval and the lower Laurentians area.

B.C. Conservatives 'cannibalizing' Liberals

Well this is refreshing news. Christy Clark's disapproval rating hits highest level. On the front page of today's Vancouver sun it claims that the B.C. Conservatives are 'cannibalizing' Liberals.

If you want to vote for a conservative, do so. Don't vote for a neo con like Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell. The ballooning debt they created within BC Hydro by ripping off consumers was outrageous. Cummins was first elected under the Reform Party banner in 1993. That's a good sign.

"I learned that the best way to get things done is to listen to what the voters are saying," he said Tuesday, "to stand up for what you believe in, and never back down on something you know is right."

In announcing his leadership bid, Cummins revealed one policy of his platform - he wants to see donations for political parties from corporations and unions banned in British Columbia. "If a party cannot raise money from the voters, it has no business representing them in the legislature," he said. That's refreshing.

"The choice between the Liberals and NDP is like a choice between airline food and hospital food," Cummins said. "We can do better. British Colombians deserve a choice they are actually excited to vote for, not two parties they have to hold their noses to support." Feisty too. I like him.

I do want to be clear about a few stereotypes though. Adrian Dix is indeed a hard worker. He does care about crime. Mike Farnsworth as AG would definitely be a breath of fresh air. The liberals keep saying the NDP will tax and spend us into a black hole yet they have been the biggest offenders. John Cummins opposes the gas tax.

When people complain that the NDP get support from the big unions I have to ask what unions? The nurses have a union, the teachers have a Union and CUPE have a union. All the others are fractured splinters of what they once were. The big unions don't exist any more. Now it's all about the big corporations ripping off the consumers. It's getting to the point that it's effecting our sovereignty.

I had a friend who was very involved with the federal reform party and then the provincial reform party. I asked him what the status of the party was and he bowed his head and said all we did is split the vote and let the NDP get elected. We're stuck with the liberals. Well I'm thrilled to finally hear we're not stuck with the liberals any more.

The Greater Evil

We've all heard the term the greater good. Well this week I've become familiar with the greater evil. Although I've expressed concern about laws that erode individual rights and empower the police and the military to abuse their station to serve and protect the public, this Christmas I do want to salute law enforcement.

A while ago one person commented on a thread about police brutality that when push comes to shove, it's the police we're going to call when a murder is on the lose and someone is trying to harm our family. True enough. Torture is something that concerns us. Tasering a prisoner that is hog tied is a misuse of the weapon. Yet when I see some of the animosity families of gang members have towards the police in general I can clearly see a greater evil.

When we look at gang members with no regard for the law we contemplate what kind of bad parent would raise such a monster. Often we find out that greed driven gang members come from good homes with broken hearted parents. Yet sometimes we find that in cases of the Bacon brothers and Robert Shannon, the parents were not only complacent but actively involved in their children's crimes.

In the case of the Bacon brothers, spoilt brats from the suburbs, wire taps revealed that the parents were in on the drug trafficking. That is something I would consider being a bad parent. In the case of Robert Shannon, we saw his dear old Dad smiling while on board his son's obscenely expensive motorboat with that outrageously expensive truck he had pulling it. One is forced to conclude that parent knew the toys their kid were playing with were the proceeds of crime. Turning a blind eye to that is clearly being a bad parent.

Yet it gets worse. A really bad parent is one that knowingly and passionately lies for their child. When confronted with a child's misdeed they not only deny it and say oh my child would never do that. They lie for the child and help to harass and bully anyone who dares bring the truth to light.

I have seen this parent in action. Not only did this parent display a passion for dishonesty, false accusations and denial, they also had a huge hate for the police in general. Something they consider to be the biggest gang on the planet. Although I am the first one to agree that individual police officers can screw up, be that with regards to untimely excessive force or off the wall inappropriateness with female coworkers, by far the majority of police out there want to do good and do what's right. After all we do believe in the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

Which brings us to bad parents using the name of the Lord in vain. Tony Terezakis used the Lord's name in vain. He was a born again Christian who shouted praise the Lord as he filmed himself beating and spitting on drug addicts who owed him money. When we are told by their fruits they shall known them, Tony was clearly a freak.

Some Christians get this crazy idea that as long as they make a one time confession that Jesus is the Christ, it doesn't matter what they do. They can rape murder and steal and they'll still have a place waiting for them in heaven. They even go to the bizarre extreme and claim anyone who denies this claims God is a liar and are from the devil. Ironic. When Christ confronted the religious leaders at the time they said he was sent from the devil and had him killed. Even the devil knows that Jesus is the Christ and that knowledge doesn't save him.

I find this general hate for the police to be misguided. I find this passion to lie for a child to be misguided. Oh my love for my son is so strong it will never be broken. Lady that isn't love, that is denial and it's dysfunctional at best. Christians are taught to have unconditional love for a wayward child. That doesn't mean condoning the bad behavior and lying for them to hide, continue and benefit from it.

Their bullying of anyone who tries to bring the truth to light is a greater evil that consumes them. It is no different than the bullying the gangs do to collect drug debts and eliminate the competition in the drug trade. It has nothing to do with Christianity. It has the hallmarks of being a bad parent.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paxton trial update

The Paxton torture trial continues. A lot of very strange objections to strange technicalities that don't matter and not a word about who the victim told the police Paxton took him to to be beaten. If this guy walks over strange technicalities, that would truly be a real tragedy. The laws do not properly define torture in the criminal code as it is. Giving him nothing would be an outrage.

Gold, Frankincense and Pepper spray

Well this isn't very Christmasy but someone just sent me the link and I find it very disturbing. Perhaps it is a sign of the times. It does indirectly tie in with the Christmas message. It's a video of peaceful protesters being pepper sprayed by police at the University of California in Davis.

I cannot articulate how outraged I am. Then a right wing spin doctor media outlet had the audacity to claim the protesters were willing participants in being pepper sprayed. They were holding a sit in. They were sitting peacefully side by side in a political protest that clearly had merit. They didn't "want" to be pepper sprayed. You see one girl in particular on the right bow her head and cringe in anticipation of the pepper spray. This was clearly a misuse of the weapon. This graphic talks about how much more dangerous police pepper spray is compared to civilian DOG spray. Let's not forget the 84 year old woman the police pepper sprayed in Seattle exercising her right to lawful assembly.

They were told if you don't move we will pepper spray you. Their refusal to move was not an invitation to be pepper sprayed. It was a claim to their unalienable right to free speech and lawful assembly. Normally in sit ins police will physically pick up a protester and arrest them. The protester doesn't resit nor aide the arrest. It is a nonviolent symbolic gesture.

Martin Luther King was a man I greatly respect. Aside from being a great orator, he was a powerful activist. He walked the walk he didn't just talk the talk. He was also the champion of nonviolent civil disobedience. He did not make a public appeal for anarchy. He said when you are committing an act of civil disobedience, you break the unjust law but are willing to face the consequence of breaking that unjust law in an attempt to correct that unjust law.

Pepper spraying nonviolent protesters with such a casual disregard for the Bill of Rights is shameful and embarrassing. It diminishes all of us. It reinstills public concerns about the National Defense Authorization Act. Setting up military checkpoints on American soil with no regard for the Bill of Rights or due process is definitely something out of Star Wars alright.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Agent K's Christmas Message 2011

Surprisingly enough, this years Christmas message has nothing to do with the Hells Angels. It's about the Star Wars Trilogy. For those of you who rather hear about the Hells Angels you can follow the link to last years' Christmas Epiphany and last years post about the Vancouver Christmas 1995. Obviously the Star Wars trilogy was fiction. Yet is was a complex saga that is worth studying.

Obviously it's a story about good and evil, Jedi and Sith. Do you remember the first episode? Star Wars a New Hope? The main characters were introduced at a time when an evil empire had taken over the galaxy and the fractured rebels who were trying to restore a free republic were in hiding facing extermination from the evil empire.

The first three episodes in that trilogy showed how a handful of rebels were able to finally defeat an evil empire and restore democracy to the galaxy. Yet the focus of my Christmas message is on the second trilogy that came out after the first but was written before the first trilogy. It set the stage and showed how the evil empire was able to destroy a free republic and take over the galaxy in the first place. That fictional pattern is worth studying.

It all began in a land far far away on a peaceful planet called Naboo. Queen Amidala ruled the planet when it was under attack by a military blockade and invasion. Senator Palpatine helped her get support from the Senate to repel the attack. Only it turns out that Senator Palpatine was a bad guy. He was really behind the attack and invasion and used it to gain sympathy in the Senate to be elected Chancellor, the one in charge of the senate.

George Lucas' use of the term chancellor is somewhat ironic since it did have a historical significance. Adolf Hitler burned down the German Parliament building and blamed it on terrorists to gain support in parliament to become Chancellor and be granted special powers to deal with terrorists. Ironic George Lucas chose the term chancellor for Senator Palpatine's new position and ironic the clone soldiers became known as Storm Troopers. That is what Hitler called his SS.

Senator Palpatine was a political con man who tricked the senate through a false flag attack to become a dictator which destroyed the free republic and established a galactic empire.

Operation Northwoods was a historical fact. Before there can be peace on earth we need to address that. The UnPatriot Act was bad enough. The National Defense Authorization Act is far worse.

Insider Trading in Congress still goes on. Newt Gingrich reportedly received $1.8 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac before it was bailed out by taxpayers.

Stephen Harper and Christy Clark's Corporate Communism is enslaving our liberty as we speak. What they are doing is way worse than anything the NDP has ever done. Their pork barrel politics is reminiscent of Brian Mulroney. This Christmas let's light a candle for Jack Layton and shed some light on the massive BC Hydro fraud Christy Crunch's liberals created. Stopping the smart meters is one thing, stopping the ballooning hydro debt created by fraud is another.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Joey Verma VP Kingpin Crew?

So I hear Joey Verma, the one who has been charged in Britney Irving's murder, is in KRCC for Christmas. I'm told that stands for Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre. Seemingly someone in that facility told someone who e-mailed me that Joey has the letters VP tattooed on his chest now and is recruiting for the Kingpin Crew in prison. Now this is obviously unconfirmed but it certainly is well worth investigating. After all, what would VP stand for other than Vice President? Why would he be recruiting for the Kingpin Crew if he was not affiliated with it?

Actually I find it rather disturbing. We know that Joey was affiliated with the Independent Soldiers. We were told he became affiliated with the Kingpin Crew at the time of Britney Irving's murder. This was not a hostile cross over because both groups are run by the Hells Angels just like the Crew and the Independent Soldiers in Prince George. We know Joey is still friends with Blaze who is out on bail for sexual assault. What a dysfunctional family. Even worse is bragging about betraying and murdering a good woman.

Friday, December 16, 2011

50 guns stolen from Regina store

Fifty guns plus ammunition was stolen from a Regina sports store in a break and enter early morning on December 13th. No one is going to commit a crime with a registered firearm but they sure will with a stolen one. Didn't Deli and Tiny Mac do business in Regina?

This same chain in Langley carries M-15's and other semi automatic assault rifles. They'd be illegal if you bought them with a banana clip but they don't sell them with banana clips so they're legal. However nothing is stopping you from buying a banana clip from somewhere else then using it with an assault rifle from there.

BC Biker Meth Labs Raided

Police raided five meth labs in the greater Vancouver area tied to bikers. [Photos] The news claimed the police wouldn't say which biker gang was involved but admitted the Hells Angles and their puppet clubs are the only Biker gangs operating in the province so it doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. Kim Bolan can figure it out.

One was in Surrey. Three cheers! Meth labs are far more of a public concern than grow ops. Those chemicals are toxic and get dumped anywhere they want. The effects of crystal meth on addicts and the community are devastating. OMGU rocks. Remember that meth lab in Kelowna tied to the Hells Angels that was a huge production point? The Hells Angels were also tied to Surrey meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud.

Hells Angels and the Mob

Well the Christmas murders are continuing across the country like popcorn on a stove without a lid. Mafia Today, Radio-Canada and the Montreal Gazette are reporting that Antonio Pietrantonio – also known across the Montreal Mafia as Tony Suzuki – is the man shot and severely wounded outside a Jarry St. E. restaurant Tuesday night.

It now resembles a hit list – the names of a trio police sources say were major players in an attempt to reach a consensus over who should assume control over the Mafia in Montreal. Montreal businessman Antonio (Tony Suzuki) Pietrantonio is the latest target in a series of shootings that began in September.

Pietrantonio was arrested in 1993 after an RCMP investigation into a plot hatched by the Hells Angels and the Mafia to smuggle cocaine into Canada. In that instance, he was sentenced to a three-year prison term. Again we see the Hells Angels in business with the mob. Since the Hells Angels betray everyone they do business with it is not a stretch of the imagination to think they are involved in the Rizzuto murders. I think my Christmas Epiphany has merit.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edmonton's 45th homicide

Another gun related murder in Edmonton Wednesday night. This surpasses Edmonton's record for the most murders in one year. An awful lot of them are gun related. Hard to believe they're not related to the drug trade that the Hells angels there clearly control. Almost half are young men. There was also that RCMP officer accused of shooting to death his wife at their Edmonton home.

This in addition to the two shootings in 24 hours in Vancouver. One of which was another mother executed in her car with her toddler in the Back Seat. Sounds like something the Bacon brothers did in Surrey a while back. This is outrageous.

A New York Minute

Have you ever heard the term a New York Minute? I spent time in New York in the late 80's. Rockin the A train to 155th Street. Then later on chillin on the Deuce. I became familiar with the term. They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Things are happening 24/7. Then all of a sudden, in a New york minute everything can happen at once. This week has been a New York minute. Incredibly busy at work, home, Internet, computer crash. Everything happened at once.

It all started with my Christmas Epiphany. Right when I was researching it, I had an intrusion attempt and a complete system crash. The timing was very suspicious. Now wait 'till I tell ye... I wasn't born yesterday. I've been doing this blog and web site for a while now. It all started because of the Surrey Six. A gang hit executed two innocent bystanders and a community was outraged. Chris Mohan's mother spoke at a rally against gang violence where they released doves in memory of lost loved ones. It was touching.

She made a public appeal for a web site to identify known gang members. She said they were living next door to gang members and they had no idea. All these murders we hear the victim was known to the police. If they are known to the police they should be known to the public. She had a good point. When she made the appeal I thought to myself, I could do that. I've gone up against enough corporate lawyers in my day.

So the web site was born. In the beginning I expressed my opinion that the Hells angels were ultimately responsible for the Surrey Six murder. That theory was met with rage and denial. Yet Larry Amero being shot while parading around Kelowna with Johnathon Bacon showed that I wasn't far off. The Independent Soldiers meeting with the Bacon brothers at the Castle fun Park in Kevlar before the hit was more evidence. Since then the evidence has been coming forward.

The point is, the Hells angels never claim responsibility when they murder someone. The accusation is always met with denial. When I say the Hells angels control the drug trade in a particular city, I am flooded with denial and threats. When I posted my opinion that the Hells angels were behind the Surrey House of Horrors, I was met with threats and accusations. They said I was talking about something that could get me killed. One poster was pretty hostile and claimed I was Anton thinking I had inside knowledge on the matter. Turned out I wasn't Anton but he did have inside knowledge on the matter.

Locally there have been another two shootings in 24 hours. The most recent of which was a mother executed with her toddler in the car. That is outrageous. Who would do that? We we know it's been done before locally.

A mother was shot dead with her toddler in the back seat in Surrey. Her husband was an associate of the UN and she was a personal friend of the guy who owned the condo where the Surrey Six murder had taken place. They hunted him down after the fact and killed him in a take over of the leadership of that gang. The old Red Scorpions were affiliated with the UN and had beef with the Haney Hells Angels. The new Red scorpions are Hells Angel puppets.

Who would shoot a mother in front of her toddler? Well in Surrey, it was Team Bacon Brothers who were empowered by the Hells Angels. Who would kill people during Christmas? Well in Vancouver 1995 it was the Hells Angels.

Before I recount Montreal, let me cite Grande Prairie. Recently, Grande Prairie had it's largest drug bust in it's history. A group called the Baseball team was involved. I have two independent sources that claim the Baseball Team work for the Hells angels. When I made that post on my blog, someone claiming to be from Grande Prairie said you know about Surrey but I know about Grande Prairie and the Hells Angels are no longer involved in the drug trade there. Well I personally find that hard to believe. They were just implicated in the city's largest cocaine bust.

Meanwhile that crazy lady from Grande Prairie who knows Shaun Thexton who was recently arrested in that Grande Prairie drug bust, is spamming my blog claiming she knows who I am and is threatening to post my home address all over the Internet and social media. Someone else is at the same time spamming me with threats about the Hells angels gang raping my daughter. These are deranged people making deranged threats. Obviously they are not directly affiliated. Yet the depravity is concerning.

I post my Christmas Epiphany and someone claiming to be from Montreal claims the Hells Angels are no longer involved in the Montreal drug trade. I gagged and said I beg to differ. Then another reader posted a link to a headline how after the recent police round up the Hells Angels are reorganizing in Montreal with four new puppet clubs.

Freddy, who is an informed contributor to the blog does not think the Hells angels are the ones responsible for knocking off the Rizzutos. Fair enough. I personally disagree. I think they are. Even this recent article which presents some theories admits the latest hit was very amateur. Shooting the Rizzuto patriarch through the window in front of his family was out of the norm for Italians as was fire bombing a funeral home. That was more someone a devil worshipping Hells Angel would do.

Freddy understandably claims that people don't want speculation, they just want the facts. Fair enough. Unfortunately I don't give a rat's ass what people want. Personally, it's like Ricky Nelson's song Garden Party. You can't please everyone, you've gotta please yourself. Not in a selfish way but in a Shakespearean to thine own self be true kind of way.

A journalist just writes the facts. A columnist would express an opinion. I however, am neither. I do express opinions and present theories. The scientific method starts off with a theory. It then conducts experiments to test the theory and records observations. In the literary world we start with a theory and seek out supporting documentation to prove or disprove the theory. Yes I do believe the Hells Angels are the ones killing the Rizzutos. The book the Sixth Family claims the Hells angels were working with the Rizzutos. The links I posted in my Christmas Epiphany show that the Hells angels were implicated in a Rizzuto clan kidnapping and extortion in 2005 and a subsequent retaliatory murder in 2006.

Obviously the Hells angels would deny it if they did it. They aren't like the French or the Irish who claim responsibility for what they do. They are like the English who historically betray in back rooms ever since Braveheart. Remember one of the opening scenes from the movie Braveheart? The wee lad walks into a barn where he sees his father and other leaders in the community hanged. The British King had invited them to a special meeting and had ambushed them and executed them. That is how the Hells Angels have done business in Canada ever since Lennoxville.

One final note. It's Christmas. Spend time with your family. I didn't create my web site and blog to be a real time debating team drama fest. No one is going to agree with everything I post. You may be right, I might be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for. Yet during the holiday I want to steer away from the drama. I am reminded of Don Henley's song in a New York Minute.

That song was written long before 911. It starts off talking about a man who jumped in front of a subway train and committed suicide. It talks about how everything can change in a New York minute. All too true. These Christmas murders will not stop as long as we continue to enable the Hells angels violent control of the drug trade by denying their involvement. There will be no peace on earth while we do that. Prince George has just once again been named Canada's most dangerous city thanks to the Hells angels violent control of the drug trade there.

The trial for Britney Irving's murder has been set for January. There is no way Hells Angels associate Joey Verma acted alone in that case. The tragedies continue. Let's not forget Dain Philips either. To this end, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. It may be painful and outrageous but ultimately it will be the truth that sets us free. Word.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Epiphany 2011

Well here it is. I'm going to post the Christmas Epiphany early this year because I have a ton of stuff to do and my computer is screwed. An epistle is a letter. An epiphany is an awakening. Buddhists say Nirvana. In Zen they say enlightenment. An epiphany isn't a full scale Nirvana or enlightenment. It's just a small step in that direction. A light goes on and after connecting the dots in two previously unrelated items things all of a sudden make sense.

When I first started this blog and web site people kept asking me what my hate is for the Hells Angels. By now they don't ask that any more because the Hells Angels violent control of the drug trade has become clear.

One thing is certain and that's the Rizzuto family are getting wiped off the planet by what appears to be non Italians. Most of the hits aren't following the norm. A sniper shooting the patriarch through the window in front of his family. Firebombing a funeral home where a funeral was to take place. That was abnormally disrespectful. That's something that neither the Italians or the French would do. They have more respect for the dead than that.

People ask me who I think is responsible and I say the Hells Angels to which they respond of course you do. Yet while combing through some English translations of some French news articles I had an Epiphany. It was at that time my computer had an intrusion attempt that crashed my whole system completely.

Speaking of talking about things I have no idea about, I'm going to mention the Italian Mafia in Canada. Since I'm from the West coat, I know next to nothing on the subject. I know the Italians use to have gill nets and wine with a small bonfire in Ambleside beach back in the day. No harm in that. Yet I went for lunch with an author from Montreal last month and he said what surprised him most was when the Rizzutos gave Mom Boucher the heroin trade way back when. I said the Rizzutos gave the Hells Angels the heroin trade in Montreal? and he said yes. They had to pay the Rizzutos a cut but the family let the Hells Angels take it over because it was easier for them to manage.

Well I said. That would kinda support my theory that it's the Hells Angels putting hits on the Rizzuto family simply because they don't want to pay them a cut any more. Now before you scoff and cry blasphemy, let's look at an interesting article in French from January 2007. Translated into English it claims:

A family of Granby has used threats and intimidation for two years to recover $900,000 with the leaders of the Rizzuto clan, learned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during its investigation of the Sicilian Mafia. The conflict has almost degenerated into bloody war.

In a document of 131 pages to accompany requests for search warrants, the RCMP said the episode in detail, as the organization (the Rizzuto clan) is having a conflict with the D'Amico family of Granby.

In January 2004, the clan chief, Vito Rizzuto, was arrested at the request of the Americans who accuse him of being involved in a triple murder on behalf of the Bonanno family in New York. His lieutenant, Francesco Arcadi, takes the lace. A month later, Luigi D'Amico him phone the restaurant to his son, St. Charles La Trattoria, in Granby, to make an appointment.

At the end of the afternoon, the RCMP hidden cameras reveal the presence of Arcadi, Luigi d'Amico and his son Tiziano back in the office of the Consenza social club, which serves as the headquarters of the clan Rizzuto, Saint-Léonard. It is unclear what men have said. But in August 2005, Arcadi told a sidekick that "bikers" of Granby wanted to "cut off his head."

Halloween night, 2005 Nicola Varacalli from the Rizzuto clan is kidnapped. The police know who the kidnappers. But it seems that they have kidnapped Varacalli to send a message to the Rizzuto clan.

Negotiations continue with the kidnappers. RCMP captures a multitude of conversations. Thus, in the bar Laennec, another haunt of the Rizzuto clan in Laval, a henchman of Arcadi, Lorenzo Giordano, mentions the name Patrizio D'Amico, he associates the "frenchman" (Hells Angels). He suggested paying half a million now and $ 400 000 later, when Varacalli will be released. It has been said that D'Amico family of Granby is linked to the Hells Angels.

This article is in English: Montreal kingpins rattled by small-town gang. On Aug. 22, 2006, a scuffle outside a downtown restaurant between Mr. Del Balso and Hells Angels supporter Charles Huneault ended with the Mafia men opening fire on Mr. Huneault's Porsche.

When an underling urged him to cool off, Mr. Del Balso said: “So why does this guy (Mr. Huneault) have the honours of grabbing my throat?” A week later, the gang was flustered further when one member, Domenico Macri, was shot dead by two motorcyclists as he was motoring towards Mr. Arcadi's home.

This French article translated into English claims: The report, citing a New York journalist and confidential sources, shows that the decision to kill Rizzuto did not require approval of the Bonanno family in New York as many have suggested. The decision would come from Hamilton, Ontario where three Calabrian families share the power, Papalio the Luppino and Musitano.

These clans could ally with Calabrian already well established in Quebec, as Luigi D'Amico, of Granby, who would do business with the Hells Angels Sherbrooke and Francesco Del Balso, a specialist in money laundering.

Sources also assume that Francesco ACARD, a close Rizzuto might change sides. "Everything is possible, says John Galianos. We saw the Rock Machine to join the Hells Angels." (Must be referring to Mom Boucher's old friend Salvatore Cazzetta who crossed over to become the President of the Montreal Hells Angels)

To make a long story short, the kidnapping of Nicola Varacalli Halloween 2005 was pivotal. The Hells Angels were behind it. They were blackmailing the Rizzuto family. They said they were ready to cut off their head and were ready to bring them a war like in Iraq. That tension increased in 2006 with the retaliatory murders of Charles Huneault and Domenico Macri. Mon Dieu! I may be crazy but the Hells Angels are clearly at the root of our drug and organized crime violence in Canada.

Drug Violence in Prince George

With all the unending drug convictions tied to the Hells Angels and their puppet club associates, it is very clear that drug trafficking is the Hells Angels primary business. That and prostitution of course. I will remind you that at first they kept lying to us claiming they aren't involved in drugs. That has proven to be a lie.

We've talked about the shell game and how the Hells Angels keep creating a maze of puppet clubs to hide their involvement in drug trafficking. In the Quebec biker war, it was no different. The Rock Machine were the rivals and the Rockers were the puppets who sold drugs for the Hells Angels. Then Mom Boucher, the white supremacist, made Greg Wooley a member of the Rockers and got him to set up his own finger puppet club called the Syndicate. Through Greg Wooley's puppet club, the Hells Angels were able to supply all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine.

On the West coast it all became clear in Prince George. The police claimed that the Hells Angels ran the drug trade in Prince George and they denied it. Publicly that is. What they said in private was a very different matter. First they established the Renegades who were a puppet club for the Hells Angels in Prince George. After a police agent infiltrated the organization which resulted in drug trafficking convictions tied to the East Vancouver Hells Angels two full patch members were executed to pay the price of sponsoring an informant. Billy Moore and Cedric Smith. They killed their own.

Then the Renegades set up an finger puppet club called the crew who sold crack ultimately for the Hells Angels. They started to get some bad press over cutting off a finger for a $170 drug debt so the Hells Angels did a shell game shuffle. They brought in the Independent Soldiers and the GTS. Both of whom turned out to be working for the Hells Angels. The trial for a GTS gang rape in the Renegades clubhouse in Prince George is still under way.

Yet the most heinous thing the police revealed is the crack shack torture chambers they found in Prince George. They found crack addicts chained in crack shack basements where they were tortured for having drug debts. All that to the Hells Angels patch.

Recently two names from the Crew have resurfaced. Not like Joshua Hendrick who turned up dead in the Fraser River. These two surfaced in the courts. Alia Pierini was convicted of some brutal assaults in Prince George, done to collect drug debts from crack addicts she was supplying.

Police alleged, and the court found, that Pierini and co-accused Scott Payne were part of an organized crime group called The Crew, a puppet club of the notorious Hells Angels. Pierini admits that she was involved in reprehensible acts of violence and extortion, including whacking a crack addict who owed her money with a medieval battle axe. But she says she was never part of any official "crime group." Don't they all. There is no way she would have been allowed to sell crack in Prince George or use violence to collect drug debts, if she was not working for the Hells Angels.

Dustin Lee Pierini was found guilty of brandishing a weapon recently. He was also a member of the Crew. His sister is Boo (Alia) Pierini. So the names have changed but the denial and the drug related violence remains the same. Boo reminds me of Joanna Larson from the Surrey House of Horrors. We need to remember that it's the Hells Angels who are ultimately responsible for this extreme drug related violence.

2004 Saskatoon killing tied to the Hells Angels

Two Calgary men who are charged in the 2004 death of a Saskatchewan man appeared in court on Monday, as new details emerge in the case. Neil Yakimchuk and Kennith Tingle appeared in court on Monday, after they were charged last week with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Isho Hana, 34.

Hana was chased down and shot in the middle of Preston Avenue one night in April 2004, in what police at the time described as a contract killing. At the time of his death, Hana was out on bail, waiting to stand trial for selling cocaine, ecstasy and steroids, CBC News has learned.

Police allege that Tingle and Yakimchuk, both of whom are from Saskatchewan, were living in Calgary when they were ordered to come back and kill Hana. At Hana's funeral, local members of the Hells Angels came wearing their full colours to pay their respects.

Sources told CBC News that Hana was caught up in a drug turf war that featured the Hells Angels, the Terror Squad, and an Asian gang from Calgary that was trying to establish a presence in Saskatoon. Yakimchuk and Tingle were hired by the Asian gang to kill Hana, according to the sources.

Possible but how many times have the Hells Angels shown up at a funeral they were the prime suspects in contracting the murder? Rusty Hall is one that comes to mind. Duane Meyer is another. Either way, the whole point is Isho Hana was a cocaine dealer. Hells Angels attended his funeral. He was shot dead by rival drug dealers in a drug turf war in Saskatoon that involved the Hells Angels and some rivals.

It is clear that the Hells Angels primary business is not riding motorcycles. It is drug trafficking and using violence to maintain a control on the drug trade.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Citizens spark smart-meter protest

Saltspring Islanders are organizing to stop B.C. Hydro smart meters from being installed on their homes. One thing to look for in the New Year is the next campaign to oppose the not so Smart Meters that let Big Brother monitor everything you do and sell that information to whoever they want. Health concerns do exist but the huge concern is the over reaching breach of privacy and surveillance.

We also need to remember the insane cost of changing all the existing meters over instead of just using them in new construction units. We also need to remember the huge debt BC Hydro keeps deferring and how it got there. It got there because Christy Clark's Liberals privatized the companies that BC Hydro buys it's power from at inflated rates. The private companies are mandated to make a profit and are ripping us off. Thus creating yet another manufactured emergency with BC Hydro's artificially created ballooning debt. Power should be public.

The Gingrich who stole Christmas

The Vancouver Province ran an interesting article about Newt Gingrich today. The title was 'Serial adulterer' Newt dodges a bullet. Most flawed candidate is leading campaign's most charmed existence. In the article Sheldon Alberts asks a valid question:

"Should voters consider marital fidelity when making their choices for president?" Of course they should. The guy is referred to as a Serial adulterer. What kind of poster boy for the religious right is that?

"If you will cheat on your wife, if you will cheat on your spouse, then why wouldn't you cheat on your business partner, or why wouldn't you cheat on anybody, for that matter?" Texas Gov. Rick Perry said during Saturday's Republican debate in Iowa.

"I think character is obviously very important," added Texas Rep. Ron Paul. "I think it should show through in the way we live, and I think it should show through in your marriage." Video: You're a mean one, Newt Gingrich.

It's tragic that the Shadow government can't accept a real candidate like Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. After realizing the people aren't gullible enough to vote for out right idiots like Sarah Palin or Donald Trump, now they have to sink deep into the cess pool and find an immoral leader they can control. It's tragic really.

Mitt Romney said that Newt Gingrich should pay back the $1.6 million he took in fees for advising Freddie Mac. No kidding. This kind of corrupt politics is what has created the manufactured emergency that fraudulently stole tax payers bailouts and put the United States into the deepest deficit in recorded history.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I noticed two books for sale locally. One by Bill Clinton Back to Work and the other by his partner in crime George Bush Decision points. These two scoundrels are con men. It all centres on Men Arkansas and the arms dealing, drug smuggling and the money laundering that lead to the BCCI collapse. George Bush talks about his drinking problem. That's the least of his worries when you compare that with the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie which his other partner in crime, Dick Cheney financially profited from. If reminds me of Pink's song Dear Mr. President. You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine.

I totally support religious freedom. I totally believe people can change. I also believe a lot of people out there are con artists pimping the church for their own personal gain and it is truly tragic how gullible the kind hearted public is when the snake oil salesman comes knocking at the door for forgiveness. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nicola Varacalli arrested

Speaking of Nicola Varacalli, well we haven't yet but we will get to him, he was recently arrested with three other men described by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as part of a “multimillion dollar drug operation” charged in the U.S., along with six other people, with conspiring to possess and distribute more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana. Most of the same people, including Varacalli, are also charged with transferring money made from marijuana trafficking back to Canada.

Nicola Varacalli was kidnapped and held against his will in 2005 for more than a month during a violent dispute between alleged marijuana smugglers and the Mafia in Montreal. Gee I wonder who the biggest marijuana smugglers are in the country that trade it for cocaine in the States? That is this year's Christmas Epiphany. Coming soon.

Salvatore Montagna murder

A blog reader sent me this link to a New York Post article about Salvatore Montagna's murder. Ya gotta love New York: Mob boss gets "iced." He was "whacked" yesterday. SNOW JOB: Sal the Ironworker Montagna is a frozen "stiff."

I will point out that I never posted pictures of Larry Amero when he was shot lying on the ground nor would I post pictures of a dead body of a mobster murdered. The new development in the case is that the New York Paper quotes the Montreal Gazette and states Montagna was shot once during a struggle in Ile Vaudry, a working-class neighborhood on a small island about 30 miles north of Montreal.

But the mortally wounded Montagna jumped into the freezing Assomption River, and swam 30 feet across to the other shore, where he was found around 10 a.m. by emergency responders. Turns out he was in the home of convicted cocaine dealer Jack Arthur Simpson. For generations New York has been the center of the universe for the mafia. I find it amazing how closely tied to it Canada is and to you know who.

Big Brother is Watching System of a Down

I sure found some interesting things for my Christmas Epiphany this year. The thing is, while I was researching it my computer had an intrusion attempt and my newly updated spyware removed a Trojan. Only it didn't get all of it and it crashed my whole system. Big Brother is clearly watching. That was well beyond the corporate spies and their hack jobs. This was way beyond their league. The thing is, crashing my computer doesn't stop the blog. I can just use another computer. There's nothing on my hard drive that isn't saved somewhere else. It's all upstairs. Once I find something I can remember the names and places and just Google it again.

I sure found some interesting things reading through some English translations of some French papers about the Rizzuto family and their enemies. It clearly confirms my previous suspicions. Last year my Christmas Epiphany talked about the Vancouver Christmas of 1995. This year it will talk about how that ties in with the Montreal Halloween of 2005 and the present Rizzuto murders in 2011.

From the heart of Vancouver's gang war to the heart of the Montreal mafia. From Vancouver to Montreal heart to heart, je me souviens. Stay tuned. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. Before I get into this year's Christmas Epiphany, let's set the stage and talk about the new developments in the Salvatore Montagna murder.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Former Hells Angel fights deportation

Well this is refreshing. Finally a Hells Angel gets sent back to where he came from - Scotland. Although the case is peculiar in that he doesn't have a criminal record, he joined the Toronto chapter of the Hells Angels and rose to become a Sergeant at Arms and then president of Hells Angels Ontario Corp., in which he acted as treasurer for 10 chapters over a seven-year span. Stables joined the gang in 2000 and "quit" in 2009. He was president of the corporation that was collecting drug money. Treasurer for 10 chapters must have included Niagara. As we speak Hamilton is trying to take over the drug trade in New Brunswick.

Stables claim the treasurer role included picking up dues from members and depositing the funds into an account. His immigration problems began in 2006 after he was found by officers of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) carrying gang paraphernalia and phone numbers written on a business card as he arrived at Vancouver airport from a MMA tournament in Asia.

He was clearly an enforcer for a criminal organization. That status has been well documented in the Ontario courts because of the numerous drug related convictions involving the Hells angels there. The Hells Angels infiltration of MMA has become a real problem as well.

“Clearly, the framers of the Charter [of Rights] could not have intended that the applicant’s membership in the Hells Angels could be protected through his freedom of association and expression, despite the overwhelming criminal history of the organization.”

I agree. The freedom of association does not include the freedom to belong to a criminal organization. We just have to be careful how the police define criminal organization. The Hells Angels have a long list of drug convictions. It has been well documented that they use extreme violence to obtain and maintain control of the drug trade. That has clearly been established.