Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Brother is Watching System of a Down

I sure found some interesting things for my Christmas Epiphany this year. The thing is, while I was researching it my computer had an intrusion attempt and my newly updated spyware removed a Trojan. Only it didn't get all of it and it crashed my whole system. Big Brother is clearly watching. That was well beyond the corporate spies and their hack jobs. This was way beyond their league. The thing is, crashing my computer doesn't stop the blog. I can just use another computer. There's nothing on my hard drive that isn't saved somewhere else. It's all upstairs. Once I find something I can remember the names and places and just Google it again.

I sure found some interesting things reading through some English translations of some French papers about the Rizzuto family and their enemies. It clearly confirms my previous suspicions. Last year my Christmas Epiphany talked about the Vancouver Christmas of 1995. This year it will talk about how that ties in with the Montreal Halloween of 2005 and the present Rizzuto murders in 2011.

From the heart of Vancouver's gang war to the heart of the Montreal mafia. From Vancouver to Montreal heart to heart, je me souviens. Stay tuned. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. Before I get into this year's Christmas Epiphany, let's set the stage and talk about the new developments in the Salvatore Montagna murder.

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