Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinheads move into Salmon Arm

Oh brother, the pinheads are coming to Salmon Arm. Great. How's Mike and Sam's Oxycontin fraud case going? Are they able to afford motorcycle boots yet or are they still riding with bowling shoes?

One reader was having trouble posting their comment so e-mailed it to me. They claim that Salmon Arm has a drug problem. It's strange how in BC the police can't seem to keep up with the Hells Angels drug rings but in New Brunswick the police claim in a small town everyone knows everyone else's business and the drug runners are easy to spot like the grow op in 100 Mile House. One has to wonder how much of it is being overwhelmed and how much is looking the other way.


  1. So, is it time yet to change "B.C." from "British Columbia" to "Biker Controlled" or "Biker Crime" to reflect current reality? Maybe "Biker Coke"?

  2. Biker Coke I suppose but they’re not bikers.
    They’re Hells Angels.


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