Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raynald Desjardins charged with the murder of Mafiaso Salvatore Montagna

Raynald Desjardins, of Laval, is expected to be charged with five others with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Salvatore Montagna. Desjardins served 10 years of a 15-year prison term, from 1993 to 2004, for conspiring with the Hells Angels to smuggle more than 5,000 kilograms of cocaine into Canada.

Those arrested in Montagna's murder included senior figures in the Montreal mafia - as well as those with links to the Hells Angels, the outlaw biker gang that is heavily involved in organized crime and drug trafficking in Quebec, sources told the New York Post.

Remember the Death Riders take over in Laval? May 4, 1987 the President of the Death Riders, Martin Huneault, was shot to death in a Laval bar. No one was ever arrested for the murder, but just hours after Huneault's funeral, Death Riders Mario Martin and André Richard were seen meeting with Hells Angels Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Normand "Biff" Hamel. Boucher and Hamel received their colours after the incident and Huneault's murder allowed the Hells Angels to completely take over drug trafficking in Laval and the lower Laurentians area.


  1. Agent K, you will notice that this was not the HA who got arrested, but Vito Rizzuto's right-hand man, and associates. More proof that these killers targeted those who were the real threat, as Sal the Ironworker was reported to be trying to get New York's approval, to re-organize without the Rizzutos...

  2. I note that Raynald Desjardins also has history working with the Hells Angels as did Jack Simpson who was also arrested. I also noted that it was the New York Times which referred to some of the accused as those with links to the Hells Angels. That's why I cited the Death Riders takeover in 1987. The Hells Angels conspired with underlings to take over the gang and that they did. Again.

  3. "The Calabrian Mafia or 'Ndrangheta dominates the cocaine trade in Europe, and in recent years further has become entrenched in Australia, Canada and the United States with surprisingly little push back from law enforcement in those countries."

    "Only Italy is confronting the 'Ndrangheta which long ago surpassed La Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian Mafia as the world's most powerful crime group."

    "Over the last decade the 'Ndrangheta has expanded beyond its roots in southern Italy to infiltrate the legitimate economy in Italy's money-centered northern regions." (Friends Of Ours).

    The N'Drangheta are now the European end of the drugs smuggled into Montreal Harbour, NOT the Sicilians anymore; and they demand control of this end as well. Even Paolo Violi's son is alive & active, no doubt very happy. Toronto Calabrians will own Montreal, the Sicilians are out. The plots continue. The blog's new look is great.

  4. People have been asking me to change the format because they found the white writing on black background hard to read. I finally found a template to change it at the flick of a button.

  5. The Montreal paper has some stuff from Anthony Nicaso, the great Canadian mafia writer, on Vito R. & his impending release;

    "This is a very important year because it is one where (Rizzuto) can reaffirm his power or lose it definitely."

    "This is a year when many alleged members of the Rizzuto crime family will be released," Nicaso said. Leaders in the Rizzuto organization, like Francesco Del Balso, 41, Lorenzo Giordano, 48, and Francesco Arcadi, 58, who were arrested in a major police sweep after Rizzuto was imprisoned, are also eligible for parole later this year."

    "For sure, he will be very angered that he lost so many members of his family and he is not the type of person to say 'okay, the past is the past and let's look to the future.' I don't think that will be the case. It could be the year where we find out who is really behind this plot against the Rizzutos. I think the mastermind of these attacks is still hiding in the shadows," Nicaso said."

    "I think the mistake we all can make is to write the obituary of the Rizzuto crime family. It's not the time to write the final word on them. They have the strength and the power to face this unprecedented challenge."

    "Pierre De Champlain, a retired RCMP analyst and the author of books about the Mafia, says he believes other people who might have enticed Montagna to make his aggressive push have yet to reveal themselves." (MontrealGazette)

    "hiding in the shadows"

    "have yet to reveal themselves"

    These two gentlemen, especially Nicaso, is known by everyone who has read about the Canadian Mafia, and bikers.

    He & the other guy are still clearly un-sure of who 's behind the mafia wars.

  6. Good point. The experts don't know. So when I submit a theory everyone jumps on me saying it is false when they don't know if it is or isn't. Most paramilitaries and most mafia kingpins claim responsibility. The hells angels don't. They deny everything including killing people they really did kill. As they say, time will tell. It always does.


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