Friday, December 2, 2011

The Human side of James Riach

As I mentioned earlier, James Riach finally appeared on the radar after walking away from the Jonathon Bacon / Larry Amero shooting in Kelowna. Kim Bolan found him in court trying to get his armoured SUV back after it was seized. Ya gotta admit he has good reason to want to be driving around in an armoured car.

I don't know James Beoch but I do know he is human. Just like everyone else including Larry Amero. None of us are bullet proof. We know that James Riach was at one time close with Anton. The police claim when they raided his shared condo and seized numerous firearms, they found a picture of Anton in his bedroom. They were at one time close.

We know that James Riach attended the famous Castle Fun Park meeting in kevlar with the Bacon brothers. Obviously if you're associated with the Bacon brothers you need kevlar. That historic meeting at castle fun park no doubt was a prelude to the famous Surrey Six murder when two innocent bystanders were intentionally executed. That incident is what set this all off. The public outrage, this web site, the ongoing gang war. Shooting each other is one thing but endangering the public and intentionally executing innocent bystanders is another.

At the time of the meeting James was a member of the Independent Soldiers who as we all know are no longer independent. They are Hells angels puppets. They don't like to be called that but that is what they are. The Hells Angels used subtle alliances and brazen murder to take over that gang. Now we have to wipe Randy Naicker's drool when ever he's seen with Larry Amero grabbing a feel of his pecs.

So James Riach was at the Castle Fun Park meeting with the Bacon brothers before they plotted the Surrey Six murder as a representative of the Independent Soldiers. The alliance between the Independent Soldiers and the Bacon brothers is not new nor is the alliance between the Independent Soldiers and the Hells Angels. We were surprised to hear Larry Amero was with Jonathon bacon when he was shot dead. Before that time they were trying to keep that association secret. Now that much of the UN leadership are in jail it appears they went very public with that secret alliance.

My point is, James Beoch has a human side. I doubt he was directly involved in the Surrey Six murder other than showing support for the Bacon brothers with their intention of taking over the leadership of the Red Scorpions and turning it from a UN affiliated gang to a Hells angels affiliated gang, with them in charge of course. More political opportunists from the suburb's.

Dennis Karbovanec was the one who confessed to murdering Chris Mohan in the Surrey Six. To see him smiling in court was sickening.

Obviously the ones who are ultimately responsible for that pivotal murder were the ones supplying and supporting the Bacon brothers in their take over of the Red Scorpions - the Hells Angels. That triggered a public gang war between the UN and the Bacon brothers. Bacon brother associate Kevin LeClair was shot dead with automatic weapons outside the Langley Mall. He was also tied to Revolution which was also tied to the Hells Angels so we clearly saw the not so hidden association between the Hells Angels and the Bacon brothers way back then.

In response, Nicole Alemy, the mother who was friends with the owner of the condo the Red Scorpions were living in when they were murdered was hunted down and executed with her young child in the car. That means the two most ruthless gang related murders in Surrey are the result of the Bacon brothers and the not so secret backing they had within the Hells Angels.

Now the Hells Angels are keeping their word of eliminating all the competition in Surrey by murdering everyone from the Durry Dak Pack and anyone else in town who sells drugs for anyone but them. It's a cruel shell game consumed with greed.

We're all human. We all wanna make some cheddar and provide for our family. Yet when that drive to provide turns to greed and is about driving a more outrageously expensive ugly car where you are willing to kill a former friend over the right to sell crack then something has gone seriously wrong. Time for a little Ghetto Gospel and time to make some serious changes.

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