Saturday, February 29, 2020

Conrad Black on Law and Order

I guess Hell just froze over. Conrad Black and I actually agree on something. Historic grievances Indigenous Canadians have had with the Canadian government has nothing to do with opposing the democratic will of the Natives living in Wet’suwet’en territory who have approved the natural gas pipeline as benefiting both them and the environment. It's not about Past History.

The Communist extremists that are determined to overthrow the democratic will of Canadians is disturbing and needs to be opposed. People have the right to protest but they don't have the right to prevent other people from going to work. We support free speech as well as law and order.

"Our sorrow does not mean we must accept the claim by some Native leaders that the government of Canada has no right to set foot on designated territory. Indigenous Canadians have the same rights against trespass as any other Canadians, but the government of Canada can deploy federal police and where appropriate, the armed forces, everywhere in the country as necessary to enforce federal laws and rights." Indeed, so send in the Canadian Rangers.

When Anarchists and Communists say RCMP out that means there is no law enforcement and that is their real agenda. All people are equal. Everyone deserves equal protection of the law including natives on reservations being bullied and abused by Anarchists and Communists.

3 Hereditary chiefs who supported the pipeline were stripped of their title

Rich Coleman retires from politics before going to jail

CBC is reporting that "Long-standing British Columbia politician Rich Coleman, Liberal MLA for Langley East, has announced he won't run again in the next provincial election, slated for 2021." Oh Happy Day. "In a written statement, B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson thanked Coleman, saying he was instrumental in the accomplishments of successive Liberal governments." Yeah right. He personally facilitated organized crime's ability to launder money in BC Casinos.

As soon as the NDP announce that their money laundering inquiry is going to determine who profited from money laundering, Richie Rich retires from politics. Imagine that. How's that price fixing inquiry in the gas industry going? Jason Kenny is the next rodeo clown that should go to jail. Toronto still pays way less for gas than we do.

Previously, Laila Yuile called for a corruption inquiry in BC instead of a money laundering inquiry. That would be much more productive because as I said, as soon as you announce you are *going* to crack down on money laundering in BC Casinos, the drug dealers will launder it somewhere else. Making that public announcement is like publicly announcing you are going to do a drug raid before you do it. It tips off the drug dealers.

A corruption inquiry would be far more productive and that is the root of the New York Model. The Mollen Commission was set up to investigate police corruption in New York City after Michael Dowd and several other officers were charged with cocaine trafficking. The success of the New York Crime Reduction model never would have happened if they didn't root out the police corruption first. The Documentary the Seven Five is very enlightening.

On that note, Laila Yuile announced that despite the NDP's song and dance about a money laundering inquiry, their own government expanded gaming with the BCLC approval of a new casino in Ladner run by the Gateway corporation. The same group that mysteriously "lost" $1.5 billion in a debt restructure scam. That's why Gateway Casinos started contributing to the NDP.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Presidential candidates must also condemn election interference by US intelligence agencies

Tulsi Gabbard wrote and article in the Hill which states: "Reckless claims by anonymous intelligence officials that Russia is “helping” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are deeply irresponsible. So was former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s calculated decision Tuesday to repeat this unsubstantiated accusation on the debate stage in South Carolina. Enough is enough. I am calling on all presidential candidates to stop playing these dangerous political games and immediately condemn any interference in our elections by out-of-control intelligence agencies."

"A news article published last week in the Washington Post, which set off yet another manufactured media firestorm, alleges that the goal of Russia is to trick people into criticizing establishment Democrats. This is a laughably obvious ploy to stifle legitimate criticism and cast aspersions on Americans who are rightly skeptical of the powerful forces exerting control over the primary election process. We are told the aim of Russia is to sow division, but the aim of corporate media and self-serving politicians pushing this narrative is clearly to sow division of their own - by generating baseless suspicion against the Sanders campaign."

"The FBI, CIA or any other intelligence agency should immediately stop smearing presidential candidates with innuendo and vague, evidence-free assertions. That is antithetical to their role in a free democracy. The American people cannot have faith in our intelligence agencies if they are pushing an agenda to harm candidates they dislike."

"If our political leaders and those in the media were really concerned with protecting the integrity of our elections from outside manipulation - instead of just making money from manufactured hysteria - they would presumably devote more coverage to proposals to institute backup paper ballots, which would ensure that no malicious actors can ever alter our votes or hack into our election infrastructure. The bill I reintroduced last year, the Securing America’s Elections Act, does exactly that - but the media has never shown much interest because it would not generate the so-called bombshell headlines they so desperately crave."

God Bless Tulsi Gabbard. Those allegations against Bernie Saunders are ridiculous.

Surrey allowed to proceed with its own police force

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Surrey’s controversial plan to replace the RCMP with a municipal police force has received approval from B.C.’s solicitor-general, setting in motion a transition process that will see hundreds of RCMP officers forced to make a career choice in the coming months." It's not controversial. Stop saying that. Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force. It's a natural consequence of growth.

"Setting up a Surrey police force was one of the key pillars of McCallum’s municipal campaign platform, and council voted at its first meeting in November 2018 to proceed with the transition." Yes, that is true. It was the campaign promise of Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition. Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke broke their election promise. Doug McCallum did not. He kept his word. Since Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke broke their promise no one can trust anything they say or any new promises they make in the next election.

“My job as solicitor-general is to ensure that a transition plan is in place and that transition plan ensures safe, adequate policing for the City of Surrey,” Farnworth said. “The decision is Surrey’s, and those costs are borne by Surrey. The Police Act and the police contract allow for them to make that decision.” Exactly but Wally Oppal is useless and should be in prison.

City of Surrey has been authorized to set up its own city police force

Communist yells at Aboriginal woman for supporting the pipeline outside the Wet’suwet’en offices in Smithers, BC

The Globe and Mail posted this picture of a protester yelling at an Aboriginal woman outside the Wet’suwet’en offices in Smithers, BC yesterday because the woman was holding a sign in support of the natural gas pipeline. This is what Communists do. They bully and abuse people who disagree with them until they are too afraid to express their opinion. That is how the belligerent minority overpower the silent majority.

The protester has a right to their opinion but so does the woman she is abusing. The protester refuses to recognize that. The protesters think they are the only ones that have a right to an opinion. The rest of us don't matter. That's not how a democracy works. That is why the Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism supports them. They're Communists and they oppose democracy. The majority of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation members support the natural gas pipeline as it will greatly improve air quality and their lives. It's a win win situation.

The Hereditary Chiefs are refusing to listen to their own elders and clan members. They want people outside the territory to help them overpower and oppress their own people. That is shameful. There is no honour in it. We do a lot of talking about standing up to bullies. Now we have to do exactly that. We have to stand up to the bullies trying to hold the rest of us hostage.

U.S. court grants extradition of Brandon Teixeira

Global is reporting that "a U.S. judge certified the extradition of Brandon Teixeira on Thursday in a Sacramento, Calif. court room. Teixeira is facing charges of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Nicholas Khabra in Surrey in 2017, and attempted murder charges related to a double stabbing in Maple Ridge in 2015." He is hardly notorious. That's kind of ridiculous.

He sold cocaine in Haney. Interesting. Things that make ya go hmmmm...

Brandon Teixeira has been charged with the murder of Nicholas Khabra in South Surrey. “Witness B told police that he had participated with Teixeira in the planning for, and preparation of, N.K.’s murder,” the court documents state. AYFKM? Is this Blaze and the rat pack again? How come all of Blaze's former associates keep getting busted all of a sudden. Do the math.

Brandon Teixeira is a person of interest in Ryan Provencher and Richard Scurr's murder. No doubt Blaze will make up all kinds of charges against this guy. Brandon Teixeira was a low level drug dealer the club would be happy to cap. Cory Vallee did not shoot Kevin LeClair.

Back in the day, the club would pay guys in Surrey Pretrial to plead guilty to things they didn't do so the real perp could get off. Now they just have Blaze lie in court for the Popo and the Teletubies will pay him for it. It doesn't cost the club a dime. Shame on you.

Brandon Teixeira was charged with stabbing a bouncer in the neck at the Taphouse. This guy is Surrey trash. He's not a high level dealer. He's been betrayed by the Cubpack. Maybe Mike Ross' crew hoe will testify against him again since IHITit is banging her now as well. Mike Ross orders the hit and Morgan Nicholson testifies against the shooter they hired. This is really getting old.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Toronto filmmaker makes BC debut of Confucius Institute documentary in Coquitlam

CBC is reporting that "A documentary tackling the issue of the Confucius Institute in Canada is screening Thursday night in Coquitlam, B.C. Toronto-based filmmaker Doris Liu says the core nature of the Confucius Institute - Chinese government-funded language schools - is to propagate the Chinese government's ideology behind the facade of a cultural organization."

The purpose of the Confucius Institute is to promote Communism. It is not a cultural revolution, it is a cultural genocide. Shen Yun is a Chinese cultural extravaganza that is banned in Communist China. The Communist Party of China opposes the virtues of Confucius In Real Life. IP Man left China after the Communist revolution because he was a member of the opposing party.

Indigenous leader supports the natural gas pipeline

Mike Smyth is reporting that "As anti-pipeline blockades snarl the movement of people and products and damage the economy, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of angry voices. But if you want to listen to one guy who speaks truth to power like no other, check out Liberal MLA Ellis Ross, the former chief of the Haisla First Nation. Ross is a big supporter of the Coastal GasLink pipeline and the LNG Canada megaproject it would supply in his home riding of Skeena."

“I can guarantee right now that there’s a 14-year-old Aboriginal kid out there taking his first drink of alcohol or sucking on his first joint,” Ross said in a Facebook video. “He’s on his way to prison. That’s his road map. But I guarantee you those activists who are going to stop development in your territory do not care about that kid. They don’t care if that kid commits suicide.”

“But if you save that kid, show that kid there’s a better future out there, get him into a trade, get him into a course, show him a work site, show him there’s a better future in terms of getting a house, a job, going on vacation, buying a truck, then you’ve done your job.”

Likewise, Wet’suwet’en Nation member Shirley Wilson supports the pipeline and states that we had to take it upon ourselves to help bring progress to our people. Marion Tiljoe Shepherd, another member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation says our people have to go to work.

The Haisla Nation chief and council have been working hard for 15 years to bring an end to the social issues that plague not only our own band but bands all across B.C. and Canada,” Ross told the legislature. “We’ve been successful over the last 15 years. Through hard work, we now have jobs. We have training programs. And we have taken the real first steps 15 years ago to break the cycle of poverty. But now you see these groups, funded by American money, coming in and trying to tell my people that they’re ignorant and don’t know what’s best for them.”

The Liberals released documents tracing US$4.2 million in funding to B.C. environmental groups.

Burning natural gas is a lot better for the environment than burning coal.

Burning tires is bad for the environment

CBC is reporting that "Canada's minister of public safety is urging protesters near Belleville, Ont., to stop setting tires on fire around rail tracks as freight trains move through. "I think it's terribly unsafe and inappropriate," Bill Blair told reporters on Wednesday. "I would, again, continue to urge people to take the barricades down, to obey the law, and encourage the dialogue that we know is so important to continue." AYFKM? Please don't do that it's not nice. What a f*cking loser. Don't dialogue with those idiots, arrest them.

These clowns are fighting against the democratic will of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation. The Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism are straight up Communists. This is a coup against democracy. There is nothing to negotiate. Arrest them. Lawlessness has consequences.

These mental rejects were burning tires. Your supposed to be environmentalists. Burning tires is bad for the environment. We have our share of Surrey trash on the West Coast but since Ontario has a larger over all population than we do, they have a lot more village idiots out there.

"Emissions from open tire burning include criteria pollutants, such as particulates, carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur oxides (SOx), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They also include “non-criteria” hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), such as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, hydrogen chloride, benzene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); and metals such as cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, chromium, and vanadium."

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Julian Assange denied the right to a fair trial in England

AFP is reporting that "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday briefly disrupted his extradition hearing in Britain to complain about being forced to sit away from his lawyers. The 48-year-old Australian stood up and launched an impromptu courtroom address from inside the glass-panelled dock of the court during the third day of the hearing, being held in southeast London. "I can't speak to my lawyers with any proper confidentiality," he complained, noting microphones near the dock could pick up conversations."

That is deplorable. This is England not Communist China. It's not the Gulag for f*ck's sake. The right to legal representation is a fundamental right in any democratic society. The right to consult counsel in confidence is a fundamental right. Shameful just doesn't cover this. It is disgusting.

Trump should be pardoning Julian Assange. Oh but wait, the NZ Scoop is reporting that "Ever since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was slammed by Trump’s Justice Department with a mountain of espionage charges carrying a possible sentence of 175 years in prison, QAnon acolytes have been showing up in my social media mentions with screenshots of a new post from the mysterious 8chan anon assuring us all that Assange is actually being protected by Trump.

So let me get this right. Donald Trump's Justice Department charged Julian Assange with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act, carrying a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison. The Espionage Act for f*ck's sake. While this is happening, QTip claims everything's OK Trump is really protecting Julian. Not. Q is CIA. Q is leading the way and spinning the quest to lynch Julian.

The charges that Julian Assange is now facing are because of Donald Trump. Now England is denying him the right to a fair trial in his extradition hearing. That is disgusting.

Tulsi Gabbard states that she would drop the charges against Julian Assange and Pardon Edward Snowden. It's that simple. Anyone have to wonder why I'm endorsing Tulsi Gabbard for President? She is the one that will drain the swamp. The rest of you have been conned.

Julian Assange helped Donald Trump get elected. Now Donald Trump is f*cking him over.

Adrian Dix discriminates against religion

The Vancouver Sun i reporting that "Delta’s 10-bed hospice facility is losing its provincial funding and may have its building claimed by the Fraser Health Authority, after refusing to allow medically assisted dying. Health Minister Adrian Dix said Tuesday he’s instructed Fraser Health to stop paying $1.5 million annually to the Delta Hospice Society within the next year because it is violating federal law and B.C. government policy that requires medically assisted dying be made allowed at non-denominational facilities that receive more than half their funding from the province." That is sadly unfortunate.

“What this means is that the Delta Hospice Society will have no role to play in publicly funded hospice care again after this 365-day period,” said Dix. “We now have 365 days to determine how we can ensure hospice services can remain in Delta. We may take over the existing site. We may find another site. These beds will not move out of Delta.” The government may at the end of the year take possession of the building, which is on Fraser Health Authority land rented for $1 a year to the hospice society, said Dix."

On the right we can have religious extremists. On the left we can have religious haters. One is no better than the other. Hospice provides a vital service to families as they deal with death and go through the grieving process. If someone is uncomfortable performing assisted suicide, you can't force them to do it. Or at least you shouldn't be allowed to as that is a clear violation of their Charter right. You don't have to be religious to be uncomfortable with assisted suicide. I'm not against allowing it because I concede that there may be some instances where someone might say let me die with dignity. I get it.

However, suicide is a big problem in Ireland and the UK. Under normal circumstances we are morally bound to discourage suicide not encourage it. I have a huge concern with assisted suicide as it could easily become a money matter. Someone could say, look you're costing your family money, kill yourself. Adrian Dix says if someone is uncomfortable with that they will lose government funding. To me, that is extremism. I will liken it to the Gay marriage legislation.

When debating the Gay marriage legislation, some people were for, some were against. The United Church of Canada had the perfect compromise. They said allow Gay marriage civilly and allow religious institutions to perform Gay marriage if they chose but don't force them against their will as that would inhibit their religious freedom. It was the perfect balance because if two Gay people want to get married, no one really has the right to stop them.

Yet you can't say to the Catholics, Muslims or Jews that they have to perform Gay marriage in their places of worship if they don't agree with it. Religious freedom is a fundamental right. Religious haters who then turn around and say well if you don't perform Gay marriage in your places of worship, we'll remove your charitable status. That would be petty and vindictive.

Likewise, what Adrian Dix and the NDP's hanging by a threat minority government is doing to the Delta Hospice facility is petty and vindictive. I do not agree with it. Shame on you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Communists block Mission to Vancouver commuter train

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A blockade by Coastal GasLink protesters at Canadian Pacific’s Port Coquitlam rail yard ended early Friday, but not before shutting down the West Coast Express, and stranding thousands of morning commuters."

"TransLink confirmed early Friday morning that the West Coast Express service leaving Mission City Station was suspended because of protesters blocking the railway adjacent to the Pitt River Bridge. A bus bridge was set up to help commuters travelling from Mission to Coquitlam Central Station. However, after the five morning West Coast Express trains ended, the protesters packed up and left the protest camp, according to Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West. It’s unknown whether the protesters plan to return to the blockade."

"A group calling itself Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism took credit for the blockade, citing support of rail blockades and sovereignty struggles by Indigenous nations throughout Canada." Alliance for Decolonial Socialism wtf do you think that it? It's Communism.

That is why they oppose the democratic will of the Aboriginal members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation. It's because they are Communists not environmentalists. Generating electricity by burning natural gas is far better for the environment then burning coal.

The freedom of association means they are allowed to be Communists but they are not allowed to break the law and stop me or anyone else from going to work. People have the right to hold a sign beside a bridge but they do not have the right to block the bridge. Arrests need to be made.

It's a good thing I wasn't on that train. If any of these freaks try and stop me from going to work there's going to be a fight. The police need to arrest them but we need to do our part as well since the police can't be everywhere. As Jesse Ventura said, the right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting. It's not just to fight against a corrupt government either. It's also to fight against an invading army or a domestic coup against democracy. Oath keepers arise.

Communists don't have the right to restrict your mobility rights which is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. If they block your way you have a legal right to press past them. If they use physical force to stop you you are legally permitted to use physical force to move past them. That is what this is going to take. We need to outflank them. They can fight with the police on one side but they are going to have to fight with us on the other side. Sling shots are a good start.

It was in Haney. Jesse, that's your side of the river bro. That's your crib. Get your sh*t together. I don't think the Red and White supports that. Unlike these welfare Communists, the Haney members have jobs. This needs to be dealt with. We need to support law and order.

This is not about white supremacy. This is about equality and democracy. Communists hate Fascists but they are the exact same thing, just another dictatorship that opposes democracy. The real name of the Nazi party in Germany was the the National Socialist German Workers' Party. This is a coup against democracy and we need to oppose it with a passion.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Surrey applies for an injunction to evict the Hells Angels

Dr Kim is reporting that "The City of Surrey is seeking an injunction to stop a rented rural property in Anniedale from being used as a clubhouse for the Hells Angels’ newest chapter. Surrey filed the lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 31, claiming the clubhouse contravenes city bylaws and had renovations done without building permits." I told ya Thor would take care of this.

As I said, Doug McCallum will evict their a*s on zoning violations. I'm just surprised he asked the court first. The City has the jurisdiction for zoning. The City doesn't even have to prove criminal organization. It's just a Motorcycle club so they say. Even if that's all they are, residential areas are not zoned for Motorcycle clubs. End of story. They don't have a liquor license either.

I was slightly more receptive to the Softside since they were affiliated with Haney and I've kinda made the peace with Haney in some respects. I have no problem with Jesse. The Surrey girls on the other hand aren't just heatbags, they've lost their mind. The Walrus is fine but Larry Amero ordered the hit on two coaccused from Quebec because they didn't let him in on the dirty cop's intel. Capping Quebec members with get the Three Stooges capped - Larry, Robby and Damion.

However, the Hardside, locally known as the Softside, totally f*cked up. Let's take Huey, Dewey and Louie in the picture. Three softside members and two of them are dead. Although the club capped Ali, at first I thought a rival did Chad. I was wrong. Chad owed money too, the club capped him as well. We don't need that kind of Bullsh*t in our crib. Get lost. All of ya.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

David Eby drops the ball on drug trafficking

The Canadian Press is reporting that "British Columbia's attorney general hopes an inquiry into money laundering will answer lingering questions about how the criminal activity flourished in the province and identify those who allowed it to happen. David Eby's government commissioned three reports that revealed B.C.'s gambling, real estate and luxury car industries were hotbeds for dirty money, but he said an inquiry will be able to dig deeper because it can compel witnesses to speak." This is ridiculous. This is partisan smoke and mirrors.

David Eby is like salt that's lost it's flavor - good for nothing. We all know that money laundering in BC Casinos is a big problem and that Rich Coleman is at the root of it. However, David Eby has no desire to solve the problem, he just wants to profit from it. If David Eby wanted to solve the problem he'd bring back the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit and put Organized crime back under Provincial Jurisdiction. He won't do that because he's part of the problem not part of the solution. He just wants to seize the proceeds of crime without lifting a finger to stop it.

When you make a big song and dance announcing that you are *going* to start addressing money laundering in BC Casinos, that's just like publicly announcing you are going to do a drug raid before you do it. It tips off the drug dealers so they can move their money somewhere else. Money laundering in BC Casinos is a problem but it's also a problem in real estate and nightclubs especially on Vancouver Island.

The police in BC have stopped doing undercover drug trafficking investigations ever since the Kelowna Summer Jam back in 2012. All the other provinces do. BC doesn't. That's why all the other provinces make drug busts and BC doesn't. The recent VPD bust was an accident. It wasn't the result of an undercover investigation. The police are supposed to stop crime not profit from it.

Petition: Lindsay Buziak's murder investigation needs to be taken out of the hands of Saanich PD

Saanich PD petition on CTV - Saanich PD petition in the Peace Arch News

Jeff Buziak has added some interesting comments on this post over on the Lindsay Buziak blog.

I'm somewhat disappointed Mike Farnworth said his hands are tied with regards to transferring the file for the Lindsey Buziak murder investigation out of the hands of Saanich and into the hands of the Integrated unit. He's their boss for f*ck sakes. He needs to grow a pair. The Saanich PD has to be accountable to someone other than themselves and he's the AG.

Chris Horsely should not be involved with that investigation and the file should be handed over to IHIT. The RCMP keep lobbying for more work. Here's their opportunity.

Evidently, Shirley Zailo manages Remax Camosun Westshore on Goldstream Avenue in Langford which is in John Horgan's riding right around the corner from his office. Perhaps that's what Mike Farnworth meant when he said his hands were tied. BC Rail deja vu.

Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder to win WBC heavyweight crown

The Guardian is reporting that "Tyson Fury completed one of the greatest comebacks in modern sports history on Saturday night when he knocked out Deontay Wilder in the seventh round to add the WBC’s version of the world heavyweight championship to his own lineal claim to the title, delivering the definitive outcome their first encounter failed to produce."

I was rooting for Deontay Wilder. Tyson Fury has a pretty bizarre fashion statement but he did dominate the fight. Both men are very tall. 6' 9" and 6' 7". Fury sang American Pie afterwards.

So now we will have a showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Let's see it. England's at the plate so it is. Actions speak louder than words. 21:28 was kinda creepy though. For a homophobe it kinda looked like something out of 50 Shades of Grey. Oh Jimmy.

I do think he was just joking around. He's a showboat. A white version of Apollo Creed. That's not my style but he has a right to his. His talent as a boxer is indisputable. I think deep down he is a good man that is sincere and genuine. Despite the fact that I can't stand the Chelsea or the Man United football hooligans, he seems to be trying to raise the bar for those clowns and give them some self respect. Something they desperately need. Joshua / Fury should be in Vegas as well just to keep the peace. In the States the cops will shoot the hooligans dead.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Justin Trudeau makes an impressive recovery

Well that was fast. After initially dropping the ball on the natural gas blockade, Justin Trudeau recovered the ball and ran with it. Right into the end zone. Well played.

Justin Trudeau said enough is enough. It's time for the blockade to come down. They served the blockade the court order and on Friday they sent in the riot police to enforce the injunction. That's when the protesters said see ya later. It was that simple. Alberta did the same. They need to do the same thing in Ontario and Saskatchewan as well. It's that simple.

The Ontario blockade came down after several arrests were made. That is the right thing to do. Smaller blockades are cropping up but are resulting in arrests which is the right thing to do. People have the right to protest but they don't have the right to prevent people from going to work. We need to confront the spoilt brat me first millennials. That is in their best interest.

Green Justice calls for the Canadian Rangers to Keep the Peace

Marion Tiljoe Shepherd, a member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in northwestern British Columbia, spoke at a recent community event in support of the natural gas pipeline Wednesday and said to the protesters: “Go away. I want them to leave. It’s none of their business.” That's what she told CBC following the event. “All of these protesters don’t have the right to close down railways and ships. It’s not right.”

People have a right to protest but they don't have the right to stop other people from going to work. They don't have the right to break the law. Jagmeet Singh believes in lawlessness and anarchy. I do not. Jagmeet Singh believes in the legalization of all drugs. I do not. If Justin Trudeau leans towards Andrew Sheer and away from Jagmeet Singh, then the country will be in good hands. That balance will preserve peace and prosperity.

Natural gas is a huge step forward for the environment. The industrial coal plants in Germany and China are the biggest sources of CO2 emissions on the planet. Replacing those with natural gas will result in a colossal reduction in world CO2 emissions.

China is reversing it's coal phase out. They are even starting to build more industrial coal plants around the world. China is building or planning more than 300 coal plants in places as widely spread as Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Philippines. If these mental cases gave a rat's a*s about the environment, they' be talking about that. China is even reversing it's position of replacing home heating with natural gas. That decision is having a horrific effect on CO2 emissions and the environment.

You want to burn coal to generate electricity instead of natural gas or build hydro electric dams. You are f*cking stupid. Greta Thunberg is a freak. I do not support her.

The Oppenheimer Rape camp are not environmentalists. They're just mental. They do not support the Wet'suwet'en people. I do. If a couple of hereditary chiefs from a small tribe refuse to listen to their own elders and their own clan members, then f*ck them. They want the white man to help them oppress their people. That is ridiculous. We support democracies not dictatorships.

The Oppenheimer Rape camp needs to be shut down. The city needs to enforce the court order. F*ck the parks board. We need to uphold the law. That is what we need to do.

Surrey had the same problem. After the NDP provided housing for the people on the Surrey Strip the police said it's time for you to leave. You either take the housing or leave. A handful of anarchists defiantly refused the housing and said we're not leaving. That's when they outed themselves. Up until that time the claimed they were poverty advocates wanting housing. When the Provincial government called their bluff and gave them housing they said we don't want it. That exposed their real agenda. They didn't want housing, they wanted lawlessness.

The police said take the housing or leave. They enforced the law. That problem has now been solved. Vancouver needs to do the same thing in Oppenheimer park. That lawlessness needs to come to an end. Rape and public drug use with all the violent crime serves no one.

I will also take this opportunity to say that Justin's father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a pillar in Canadian history. He wasn't a one trick pony like Joe Clark, who pulled off a minority government for a year until he raised gas taxes and fell to a non confidence vote. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the Prime minister of Canada from 1968 to 1984, with a brief period as Leader of the Opposition, from 1979 to 1980. His tenure of 15 years and 164 days makes him Canada's third longest-serving Prime Minister, behind William Lyon Mackenzie King and John A. Macdonald.

He led us through a national crisis, confronted the FLQ and gave us the Charter of Rights. That sacred document is something every Canadian can be proud of and should have hanging on their wall. Stephen Harper hated the Charter of Rights because he was not a Conservative, he was a Corporate Communist. Harper was a public enemy of civil liberty. Harper called Pierre Elliott Trudeau a Communist but Pierre Elliott Trudeau didn't sell our oil rights to Communist China, Stephen Harper did. Pierre Elliott Trudeau defended civil liberty in Canada and entrenched that protection into law. Stephen Harper did everything he could to destroy it.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau had one flaw. He over spent and created excessive debt. Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper weren't much better. Aside from that, his tenure was flawless. Now we all understand that unnecessary debt is not good. The trickle down economy does not work. The government is not responsible to create jobs. The government is responsible to reduce taxes so business can thrive. That's what Ireland did. When the people are working, the tax revenue increases. We will have everything we need if we can only conquer greed.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Hillary Clinton interfering with Democratic nomination

Will Hillary Clinton please get a life and STFU. The Washington Post is reporting that "U.S. officials have told Sen. Bernie Sanders that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, according to people familiar with the matter." OMFG. Hillary Clinton is the source of this nonsense.

Everyone who disagrees with her is working for the Russians. That is ridiculous. Hillary Clinton was the one that sold Russia weapons grade Uranium for nuclear missiles. STFU for God's sake.

Victoria PD Sexual Misconduct cover up

I Heart Radio is reporting that "The Police Complaints Commissioner has ordered a public hearing into allegations of sexual misconduct by an off duty member of the Victoria Police Department. After an independent investigation was carried out by the Vancouver Police Department -- and the Commissioner then referred the matter to a retired judge for review."

"However the Complainant requested a public hearing as material witnesses weren't given the chance to testify at the proceeding. The Commissioner has now decided it's in the public interest to hold a Public Hearing. Retired Supreme Court Justice Wally Oppal has been appointed to preside over the hearing. No date has been set."

Wally Oppal? AYFKM? That clown should be in jail.

Recalling Wally Oppal

Spotlight on the Pickton Inquiry

Wally Oppal mocks rape victim on tape

Wally Oppal moonlights in Slasher Movie

Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Brunswick drug bust

The RCMP is reporting that "On February 20, Alain Simplice Bweso appeared in Moncton Provincial Court, and was charged with one count of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He was remanded into custody and is scheduled to return to court on February 24, for a bail hearing." Alain Simplice Bweso was shot outside a nightclub October 2019.

Allan Bweso faced cocaine trafficking charges back in 2012.

Green Justice calls Canadian Rangers to Keep the Peace

Although Justin Trudeau has dropped the ball in the Natural Gas dispute, there is still time for him to make a recovery. He can still pick the ball up and run with it. Not taking counsel from Andrew Sheer was undemocratic. In the last election Andrew Sheer received 230,000 more votes than Justin Trudeau did. Ignoring the democratic will of Canadians is just like ignoring the democratic will of the Wet'suwet'en members. It is a bad precedent for everyone.

In the last election I voted for Andrew Sheer because he was the voice of reason within a circus side show of extremism. Jagmeet Singh lost all the gains Thomas Mulcair had earned for the NDP in the previous election because of his extremism. When you listen to his position on the issues, Jagmeet Singh is so far left he is in the realm of intergalactic space.

Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize all drugs. That is completely insane and totally irresponsible. That is not what the Sikh religion teaches. Jagmeet Singh supports anarchy and lawlessness. That is not what the Sikh religion teaches. Jagmeet Singh wants to trample the rights of the Wet’suwet’en members and aid their continued oppression by a dictatorship that refuses to relinquish power or listen to their concerns. The Sikh religion has always opposed oppression.

In Surrey, Tom Gill betrayed the Sikh community by railroading a mega casino they opposed. He was not reelected. Jack Hundial broke his campaign promise and is going against the will of the Surrey Temple leaders. What do you think is going to happen to him next election? The same thing that will happen to Justin Trudeau if he listens to Jagmeet Singh.

We need to uphold law and order. We need to support the members of the Wet'suwet'en reservation and help stop their oppression by a dictatorship that refuses to listen to them. So this is what we do. We pull the RCMP out and replace them with Canadian Rangers to keep the peace on the Natural Gas Pipeline. The northern Rangers are mostly Inuit.

Canadian Rangers in an organization within the Canadian Armed Forces created to provide a paramilitary presence in the North of Canada and in other remote areas using mainly local aboriginal populations. They are created to respond to domestic operations. The 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group provides patrols for national-security and public-safety missions in sparsely populated, coastal and isolated areas of Western Canada. Protecting the Wet'suwet'en people from abuse and oppression is what they were created to do.

We all remember Pierre the Lion Heart. Now we are faced with Justin the Clown Heart. History has recorded that but it's not too late to change history. F*ck fate. Grow some balls and do what's right. Make Daddy proud. Right now he is not impressed. Even your own father disagrees with you. You dropped the ball. That's OK. We'll forgive you IF you pick the ball up and run with it. Send in the Canadian Rangers. That is the right thing to do.

The National Post is reporting that "A blockade set up on a Canadian National rail line on the western edge of Edmonton in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs was being dismantled - at least temporarily - Wednesday after a handful of counter-protesters showed up.

CTV is reporting that "Edmonton's top cop says his force will uphold the law if there are more CN Rail line blockades in the city but added no one would tell his police force how to do that. A judge granted the freight company a 30-day injunction throughout Alberta Wednesday after a demonstration and counter protest took place on its line west of Edmonton. Edmonton Police Service monitored the action, and said it had been ready to assist CN Rail Police, if required."

"There's the right to protest, but there's also a right to go to work," McFee told media Thursday. "I think we've got to balance that and make the right decision at the right time based on each situation." The Edmonton Police chief has it right. Perhaps we should arrest Justin Trudeau for refusing to uphold the law. Or at least sue him and the blockade for cost and damages.

Premiers tell Trudeau patience is wearing thin with blockades

No kidding. Counter Protesters removing blockades is the natural consequence to Justin the Clown heart's weak kneed response to lawlessness. If Justin Trudeau won't enforce the law, we will. It becomes a civic duty. Justin Trudeau should be in jail for refusing to enforce the law. We can sue him and the blockade for costs and damages in a civil court.

Update: Junior says it's time for the blockades to come down. Finally!

The Canadian Press is reporting that " Protesters have left a site south of Montreal where they had been blockading railway tracks since Wednesday. The end of the blockade follows the arrival this afternoon of riot police dispatched to enforce an injunction ordering protesters off Canadian National Railway tracks in St-Lambert, Que." Enforce the law. It's that simple.

Lindsay Buziak petition on CTV during the 6:00 News

Jeff Buziak is reporting that "CTV News Vancouver Island will have a feature at 6:00 on Lindsay‘s unsolved murder and the petition to have it removed from Saanich police and turned over to a more capable authority. Please Watch, Please share this post. Please sign the petition. Thank you! Chris Horsley is in a conflict of interest and should not be in charge of that file.

CTV has posted the video clip of the news report

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "An online petition to have a B.C. murder case turned over to a new police agency garnered more than 1,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. The petition, started by Indiana woman Ashley Turner, is directed to Mike Farnworth, B.C.’s solicitor general and minister of public safety." Tragically Mike Farnworth dropped the ball which is a colossal disappointment. We expected more from him. Especially given the flaming conflict of interest.

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid wave of potential lawsuits

The Washington Post is reporting that "Facing a wave of lawsuits over allegations of sexual abuse, the Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy. The long-anticipated Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing will allow the Boy Scouts to keep operating as it reorganizes its finances and handles claims from hundreds of potential victims. It will also give alleged victims a limited amount of time to come forward before being barred indefinitely from seeking compensation."

That is tragic. Tragic the sexual abuse happened and tragic the Boy Scouts are falling apart. That was a good organization. A lot of groups used the Chief Scout / Eagle Scout program as a model to keep young men anxiously engages in a good cause. Likewise the Roman Catholic Church is a good thing. The prevalence of sexual assault within that clergy is both great and abominable. Nevertheless it shows that bad can infiltrate good organization. Churches, scouting, even hockey coaches have been found to sexually assault kids. That is horrific yet hockey itself is not bad.

Jamie Bacon retrial set for March 3rd 2020

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "A new trial date has been set for Jamie pigsh*t Bacon after his last one ended in a mistrial in March 2019. Bacon is is facing one count of counselling to commit the murder of Dennis Karbovanec. The trial is set to start on March 3 at B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver and is expected to run for three months. Bacon has been in custody since April 3, 2009." That whole mistrial was yet another farce. The UN did not hire a Bacon brother associate to shoot DK, Jamie Bacon did because he's a f*ck up.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

VPD Drug Bust

Global is reporting that the Vancouver Police Department stumbled upon a large cocaine bust in Vancovuer responding to a call of two men in medical distress. “Officers located and seized multiple bricks believed to be cocaine, cash, approximately three gallons of an unknown liquid, and several ounces of a substance believed to be MDMA. The estimated street value of the drugs is several million dollars.” It'd be nice to know the quantity of drugs seized.

Clay Roueche Art Prints now available online

Clay Roueche's associate has a myshopify account set up where people can order some of Clay's art prints online. Blue Lotus in Guildford has some of the originals for sale but for people who aren't local you can now order prints online. That is freaking awesome. This is very positive and I totally endorse it. Roueche Blend Artworks also has an Instagram account and a Facebook account set up but the store is on myshopify so it is.

Clay Roueche's personal web site is still up and running. That has his recent interview with the legendary Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio on it. The Goose is out yo. Clay is still moving forward.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Justin Trudeau drops the ball on illegal blockades

I saw Justin Trudeau's throne speech in the House of Commons addressing the unlawful blockades and it made me want to throw up. Justin Trudeau does not have it right but there is still time for him to get it right if he follows in his father's footsteps and grows a pair.

Junior went on and on about how we don't want to interfere with anyone's right to protest. AYFKM? No one is suggesting that. The freedom of speech is a crucial element of a democratic society. People have every right to stand with a sign and say I disagree. They don't have the right to break the law and infringe on other people's rights. Blockades are not lawful assembly.

Think about it. What happens when a parent tells a child not to do something or else. Then when the child tests the boundaries to see what or else means, nothing happens. That empowers the child's misbehavior. If someone is robbing a bank, you don't say let's sit down and talk about how you feel. You arrest them for breaking the law and robbing the bank.

Justin Trudeau mentioned the Mohawk Nation. Mohawks aren't from BC. They have absolutely nothing to do with this. The conflict is whether or not they should build a natural gas pipeline to Kitimat. All the First Nation tribes along the route have agreed to it. One family from one tribe disagrees with the decision of the rest of their tribe. I understand the hereditary chief's concern. They don't want to give up power. However, we need to ask ourselves why the hereditary chiefs oppose what the rest of their band wants. Maybe that's why their band elected a new chief.

In the interest of self preservation, Junior needs to look at the facts and balance the extremes. The time for negotiation is over because the bandits are refusing to compromise. Natural gas is a huge step forward for the environment. If Germany shuts down some of it's industrial coal plants and replaces them with natural gas, that would have an incredible impact on Europe's air quality. The same with China. If China uses natural gas to get off the coal, then the world will be a far better place. The nutbar extremists refuse to recognize that. They will protest anything and everything because that is what they do. Those people don't vote Liberal, they vote Green.

Likewise, there is no negotiating with Jason Kenny. The guy is an a*shole and doesn't give a sh*t about the environment. His supporters don't vote Liberal, they vote Conservative. So Justin Trudeau has nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing binding arbitration. After all, that's how we got the Charter of Rights. That was his father's binding arbitration to keep the country together. In fact, let's quote Junior's father in a more serious crisis:

"There's a lot of bleeding hearts around that just don't like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is go on and bleed but it's more important to keep law and order in this society then to be worried about weak kneed people who don't like the looks of a soldier's helmet." I agree.

"Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Trudeau's call for more talks with the protesters has emboldened radical activists who are intent on holding the Canadian economy hostage." That is very true. Don't forget, in the last election, Justin Trudeau received 33.0% of the vote while Andrew Sheer received 34.4% of the vote. I support law and order.

White privilege, brown privilege, red privilege. There should be No privilege. All people are equal regardless of race, color, creed or hereditary title. We support democracies not dictatorships.

On blockades, Justin Trudeau is weak and spineless - even for him

Trudeau speech on rail blockades weakest response to national crisis in Canadian history

Maybe we can find a blue pill for Justin Trudeau's weak kneed erectile dysfunction.

Wet'suwet'en members speak in favour of Coastal GasLink pipeline

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Around 200 Wet’suwet’en members attended a meeting in northern B.C. on Wednesday afternoon to show their support for the controversial Coastal GasLink pipeline being built through their territory. The first speaker at the event in Houston was Russell Tiljoe, a man in his 80s with 10 children whose father was a hereditary chief in the Beaver clan. Tiljoe said he attended the meeting, organized by the Kitimat-based pro-LNG group The North Matters, because he believed in employment."

Shepherd said Williams and Huson were not listening to clan members. “It really makes me sad that our elders and our hereditaries cannot speak because only the select few are allowed and I really don’t believe in that,”

“People are starting to speak the truth about what they feel,” Shephard said. “People want to work. The chiefs are supposed to talk to the clans and the clans are supposed to make the decisions. It’s not going that way.”

“These protesters are getting one side of the story,” he said. “They want to stand up with their fists in the air, but I say come and listen to us and get the other side of the story before you go out there and stop traffic and stop the railroad. All you are doing is alienating our people who are trying to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.”

Monday, February 17, 2020

Mohawk flag raised at democracy protest

This isn't a pipeline protest, it is a democracy protest. Shirley Wilson is a First Nations member who lives on the Wet'suwet'en reservation where they approved the natural gas pipeline on their territory. She claims that a lot of the protesters that are there come from out of area like Eastern Canada or even the USA. This Mohawk flag is evidence of that. Mowhawks aren't from BC. They are the example of the old days when one tribe would raid another tribe and make them slaves. That is something I do not support. Why is this guy wearing a mask? Because he isn't First Nations he is white trash waving a Mohawk flag he bought on Ebay.

This is not an environmentalist. He's just another thief wearing a mask. Stop him.

Oppenheimer Park's rape camp needs to be shut down.

Natural gas is a step forward for the environment

Catering to these criminals makes me ashamed.

White Privilege, Hereditary Privilege, it's all bad.

The Squamish First Nations owns the land Park Royal shopping mall is on. They make good money from that lease. As Shirley Wilson and a First Nations coworker both said, not every Canadian Native wants to live the rest of their life in a canvas tent. We all need to evolve.

Drew Carey's ex-fiancée Amie Harwick murdered, ex-boyfriend arrested

Fox news is reporting that "Dr. Amie Harwick, the ex-fiancée of comic and "The Price Is Right" host Drew Carey, was found dead in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood, and an ex-boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of murder, police told multiple news outlets Sunday. Harwick, 38, a Los Angeles family therapist, apparently plummeted from a third-floor balcony to her death early Saturday, TMZ reported. The suspect, 41-year-old Gareth Pursehouse, was arrested outside his home in Playa del Rey and booked on murder charges, the website added."

"Harwick and Pursehouse recently had broken up and she filed a restraining order against him, but it recently expired, Deadline reported." Now that is tragic. Murdering a woman because she broke up with you. You are a f*ck up and a sleazebag. Sounds a lot like the Lindsay Buziak case.