Saturday, February 15, 2020

Ottawa's new light rail is a mess. Could the same happen in Montreal? Yes it could. Je me souviens.

The Montreal Gazette asks "Ottawa's new light rail is a mess. Could the same happen in Montreal?" The answer is yes it could. Montreal has a magnificent Metro system. Why on earth would you want to screw that up with LRT? Running trains through intersections is not smart.

Ottawa's LRT has been plagued with problems. All I can say is we told you so. That is why Surrey chose Skytrain over LRT thanks to Doug McCallum. That is why Vancouver chose Skytrain over LRT for the UBC extension. Thanks for nothing Surrey First and Post Media Trash. They are the ones that kept trying to cram the LRT down our throat against out will just like they are trying to cram the RCMP's bundle of lawsuits down our throat. Surrey RCMP take note: F*ck off.

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