Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Metro Vancouver Gas Fraud Spikes again

As the price fixing concerns fade, the gas companies spiked their fraud in Metro Vancouver another 10 cents a litre overnight. Two days ago is was around $1.30 a litre. Now it's over $140 a litre. Price fixing is ilegal. This fruad needs to be addressed. Look at the price of gas in Toronto. It's around and below $1.00 a litre. The fraud cannot be more obvious.

These POS need to got to jail and we need to break the oil monopoly by nationalizing our oil. That is what we need to do. Greed has no limits. It must be restrained. The only time a corporate monopoly is a good thing is when the consumers are shareholders in that corporation. Guess what? We are. The Canadian taxpayer owns the Trans Mountain Pipeline now so they are screwing us over with our own money. That is insider trading.

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