Sunday, February 9, 2020

Port of Vancouver blocked by crack addicts

Update: Metro Vancouver port blockade prompts injunction, 57 arrested. Thank God.

This is Natural Gas from BC. This is not Alberta Tar Sands oil you f*cking idiots.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Protesters blockaded all three entrances to the Port of Vancouver on Saturday in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and land defenders trying to halt a natural gas pipeline project in northwest B.C." AYFKM? It's time to stand up to lawlessness and hereditary privileged. We need to support democracy not dictatorship.

The sign reads Oppenheimer to Wet'suwet'en. Oppenheimer park is a sh*t hole of lawlessness empowered by getting away with defying a court order. These are spoiled brats that encourage lawlessness and rape protesting in support of hereditary privileged.

Global reported that "A man has died in hospital following an assault in Oppenheimer Park on New Year’s Day, marking Vancouver’s first homicide of 2020." WTF? They were supposed to disband that rape camp last summer. Women are not safe there.

CBC reported that "Vancouver's independent park board has voted not to pursue a court order to force people living in Oppenheimer Park from the grounds, saying an injunction won't bring the city any closer to a solution for its extensive housing problem." AYFKM?

The Rape Camp at Oppenheimer Park has nothing to do with advocating for the homeless. It's about advocating for lawlessness and rape. We had the same thing happen on the Surrey Strip.

The Provincial government set up modular housing for people on the Surrey Strip and were told to take the housing or leave. Fake poverty advocates said we refuse to leave which meant they refused to take the housing proving that their real agenda wasn't to find housing it was to promote crime and lawlessness. The City of Vancouver and the VPD need to enforce the court order. F*ck the parks board. This is the problem with Vancouver. We let the minority of extremists bully the silent majority. It's time to stand up against hereditary privileged and support democracy.

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