Monday, February 10, 2020

Sheri Ziaee Human Trafficking Update

Update: Victoria Buzz is reporting that "Just days after two Victoria residents accused of human trafficking were released from custody at a bail hearing, one of them has adopted a new persona on Facebook. 36-year-old Shermineh Sheri Ziaee and 23-year-old Shawn Alexander Kelly were both granted bail terms at a hearing in Swift Current, SK on February 4th, while twin brothers Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi were denied bail."

Vancouver Island residents arrested in Saskatchewan for human trafficking of minors


  1. November 2022 a 17 year old Langford girl just described two darker skinned males one having a hand tattoo that fits these guys . Two of the family are now living in Saanich they are renting the house out apparently since Oct 2022 so with in a month some girl gets shoved in her car an they tried to kidnap her but she had the keys still an a guy pulled up an they ran off . So when I read about the local girl I remembered about these ppl an sure as hell look at his hand ! Same tat the victim described

    1. What was the girl's description of the hand tattoo?

    2. They were seen in a Black Audi creeping around Royal Bay School at the end of the dismissal


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