Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Pipeline Protest hits Victoria

The frenzy of the pipeline protest has become absurd and I do not support it. These clowns, determined to overthrow the democratic will of the silent majority are protesting against democracy in support of hereditary privileged. The pipeline they are protesting is natural gas from BC it's not Alberta Tar sands oil. Natural gas is good for the environment. Industrial coal is not.

They are determined to overthrow democracy. The protest in Victoria sought to disrupt legislature. The protest in Vancouver sought to disrupt the port. The protest in Ontario sought to disrupt Via Rail. The majority of residents on the Wet'suwet'en reservation have endorsed the Natural Gas pipeline as it is beneficial for them and the environment. The minority is protesting the decision of the majority and are trying to use violence to obtain their goal.

The National Post claims this is not protest, it is insurrection and I agree. It states that Canada should enforce the law and I agree. That is my position on the matter. We need to support democracy not dictatorship. Natural gas is a step forward for the environment and I support it.

'People are afraid to speak up': Wet'suwet'en member defends her support for pipeline

Wet’suwet’en Nation members explain why they support pipelines

Shirley Wilson speaks out: “I don’t agree with the protests at all because it’s all one sided. The protestors that are there a lot come from out of area like Eastern Canada or even the USA."

There was a lot of people at the Stanley cup riot too. I didn't support that either. I oppose lawlessness. I support the rule of law. Port of Vancouver blocked by crack addicts.

Wet'suwet'en members back to work on Coastal GasLink pipeline

Oppenheimer Park's rape camp needs to be shut down.

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