Monday, February 10, 2020

Federal Court certifies another $1.1B RCMP class action

Global is reporting that "The Federal Court has certified a $1.1-billion class action alleging RCMP leadership fostered and condoned an environment of systemic bullying, intimidation and harassment. That decision comes as a relief for Staff Sgt. Geoffrey Greenwood, one of the lead plaintiffs, who still works as a plainclothes Mountie in Red Deer, Alta. “There is a systemic culture of intimidation and bullying that nobody to date has ever gotten a handle on or even, in my opinion, tried to rectify.” It begins at Depot and doesn't stop.

This is a third class action lawsuit affecting the RCMP after the fist two sexual harassment class actions were successfully settled. This relates to the pandemic of police corruption in BC that I was referring to and is yet another example of why Surrey is forming a municipal police force.

Unlike the New York City police corruption under the direction of Micheal Dowd, the pandemic of police corruption in BC comes from the top down not the bottom up. The cops on the ground aren't the problem here. Their bosses are the problem. They are the ones that do not let them prosecute Hells Angel associates that sell drugs any more. They are the ones that instruct them to give Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program police protection to sell cocaine. That treason comes from the top down. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

We are finally starting the hear about money laundering in BC Casinos but that is old news. What about the money laundering in real estate on Vancouver Island and in the Victoria nightclubs lead investigators are silent partners in? That is what needs to be addressed. The police are not supposed to profit from crime they are supposed to stop crime.

Gangsters out Spotlight: Chris Horsley threatened Jeff Buziak. Ask yourself why.

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