Saturday, February 29, 2020

Rich Coleman retires from politics before going to jail

CBC is reporting that "Long-standing British Columbia politician Rich Coleman, Liberal MLA for Langley East, has announced he won't run again in the next provincial election, slated for 2021." Oh Happy Day. "In a written statement, B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson thanked Coleman, saying he was instrumental in the accomplishments of successive Liberal governments." Yeah right. He personally facilitated organized crime's ability to launder money in BC Casinos.

As soon as the NDP announce that their money laundering inquiry is going to determine who profited from money laundering, Richie Rich retires from politics. Imagine that. How's that price fixing inquiry in the gas industry going? Jason Kenny is the next rodeo clown that should go to jail. Toronto still pays way less for gas than we do.

Previously, Laila Yuile called for a corruption inquiry in BC instead of a money laundering inquiry. That would be much more productive because as I said, as soon as you announce you are *going* to crack down on money laundering in BC Casinos, the drug dealers will launder it somewhere else. Making that public announcement is like publicly announcing you are going to do a drug raid before you do it. It tips off the drug dealers.

A corruption inquiry would be far more productive and that is the root of the New York Model. The Mollen Commission was set up to investigate police corruption in New York City after Michael Dowd and several other officers were charged with cocaine trafficking. The success of the New York Crime Reduction model never would have happened if they didn't root out the police corruption first. The Documentary the Seven Five is very enlightening.

On that note, Laila Yuile announced that despite the NDP's song and dance about a money laundering inquiry, their own government expanded gaming with the BCLC approval of a new casino in Ladner run by the Gateway corporation. The same group that mysteriously "lost" $1.5 billion in a debt restructure scam. That's why Gateway Casinos started contributing to the NDP.

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