Friday, February 28, 2020

Surrey allowed to proceed with its own police force

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Surrey’s controversial plan to replace the RCMP with a municipal police force has received approval from B.C.’s solicitor-general, setting in motion a transition process that will see hundreds of RCMP officers forced to make a career choice in the coming months." It's not controversial. Stop saying that. Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force. It's a natural consequence of growth.

"Setting up a Surrey police force was one of the key pillars of McCallum’s municipal campaign platform, and council voted at its first meeting in November 2018 to proceed with the transition." Yes, that is true. It was the campaign promise of Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition. Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke broke their election promise. Doug McCallum did not. He kept his word. Since Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke broke their promise no one can trust anything they say or any new promises they make in the next election.

“My job as solicitor-general is to ensure that a transition plan is in place and that transition plan ensures safe, adequate policing for the City of Surrey,” Farnworth said. “The decision is Surrey’s, and those costs are borne by Surrey. The Police Act and the police contract allow for them to make that decision.” Exactly but Wally Oppal is useless and should be in prison.

City of Surrey has been authorized to set up its own city police force

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