Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jas Rehal has got to go

All of a sudden the story becomes crystal clear. Jas Rehal is a d*ck. He's the Surrey First Bylaws henchman and he has got to go. He has mall cop syndrome and likes to harass people. He and his buddy Tom Gill were the ones harassing all the truckers in Surrey for parking overnight without paying a Surrey First tax. They were harassing small business.

Jas Rehal was the one responsible for creating havoc in Clayton Heights helping Surrey's Worst think up new ways to tax Surrey residents by threatening them with eviction notices in the middle of a housing crisis. Now Jas Rehal is killing baby Peacocks in Sullivan Heights.

The local residents complained about someone who intentionally cut down a tree with Peacocks nests in it. The majority of residents like the Peacocks. Once again Surrey First is steamrolling over the residents and has decided to trap the Peacocks during breeding season which will kill the babies. Hunters don't hunt during breeding season.

Jas Rehal was the clown who called the police when HE was trespassing on private property and was being abusive to an 80 year old land owner. The headlines read "Bylaw officer attacked as peacock tensions rise in Surrey." CBC declared "Police called as Surrey neighbourhood's peacock dispute escalates." Jas Rehal said "He's really shaken up. It's quite a traumatic experience being attacked on someone's property."

"Attacked on someone's property" by his own admission the bylaws officer was trespassing on private property. The bylaws officer got into an 80 year old mans face and started being abusive towards him. The 80 year old man pushed him back out of his face and the bylaw officer called the police and told the media it was a traumatic experience. A traumatic experience for a bully alright. The city has NO Right to Trespass on private property. The city has No Right to fine people for having a bird feeder or birdhouse on private property.

In response to this fraud, Roslyn Cassells and the Green Justice Party have launched Surrey Peacocks website a virtual library of what's really going on in Sullivan Heights. Hey ho, Jas Rehal and Surrey First have got to go. Tom Gill is part of the problem.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Blaze sentenced to 5 1/2 years for trafficking crystal meth

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that Donahugh McWhirter has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for drug and weapons offences. This way his coaccused Joey Verma won't have to write him letters from prison any more he can talk to him directly.

Unfortunately I don't think he'll do a day in prison because of his cooperation with the police as one of the unsavory witnesses that lied in court to the cops. We have no respect for fly sh*t.

Castanet has also run the story. Blaze is still facing charges for going to the wrong Mission home with a shotgun to collect a drug debt for the Red and White. Brain dead heat bag can't keep his big mouth shut. His family were in tears. So are Britney Irving's family. Think about them for once.

48 years old and still hasn't grown up yet. Now that is pathetic.

10-year-old boy shot in Maple Ridge

News 1130 is reporting that "A young boy is in the hospital after he was shot on Thursday afternoon. It happened at 3:40 p.m. on 110 Avenue near 240 Street. The boy was taken to the hospital, but there are no details on his condition. Mounties haven’t shared any details about what happened like how he was shot or where on his body he was hit, but are calling this an isolated incident.” Deaths of two in B.C. sailors was homicide.

Suspicious death in Vernon

Castanet is reporting that "Police are investigating what they're calling the “suspicious death” of a 29-year-old Vernon woman in West Kelowna Friday morning, and they say the risk to the general public is “unknown.” Just after 7 a.m., police responded to a report of a death on the 1300 block of Ponderosa Road, and found the body of a woman at a home in the area. Without providing details, police said the death “appeared suspicious.” Police have identified the victim as Jordyn Kitchener of Vernon. It's unusual for police to release the victim's name so soon after a death, but police say they are hoping it will help further the investigation."

The Translink Fraud has become a Criminal act

We were told that the Mayor's Gluton council was going to meet Thursday to vote on Translink's 10 year plan. That in itself is a crime. They are cramming the vote through before the October 20th civic election to satisfy the demands of SNC-Lavalin. Mayor Moonbeam and Botox Betty aren't running for reelection because their popularity has tanked. They have no right to vote on a ten year plan right before they leave. That is absurd.

Now we hear TransLink Mayors' Council approves 1.5 cent per litre gas tax to help pay for $7-billion transportation plan. That's on top of the ten cents a litre billion dollars a year regional gas tax above and beyond federal and provincial gas tax. On top of that, I go to fill up at the pump today and the oil monopoly just spiked the price of gas another 10 cents a litre before this new tax takes effect. The oil monopoly is screwing us. Oh but wait, that little B*tch just bought the pipeline with OUR money. That means that little B*tch is F*cking us over. Time for an election.

Translink needs to stop expanding until it starts breaking even. The Daily Hive is reporting that "SkyTrain for Surrey calls for cancellation of LRT plans due to cost to taxpayers." No kidding. The Director of South of Fraser Rapid Transit at TransLink is Stephan Mehr. Before that he worked over 22 years with SNC-Lavalin the dirtiest construction company on the planet that is still in court facing fraud and corruption charges in 2018. Time to throw them all in jail.

Surrey pays legal fees for Councillor Tom Gill's defamation lawsuit

Tom Gill is part of the problem

Laila Yuile comes out swinging

Laila is reporting that "The Peter German report into rampant money laundering is out and it does not fail to elicit reaction. A link to the full report can be found here:"

Laila is calling for a public inquiry into the misconduct of Rich Coleman. You go girl.

Hell hath no fury yo. I told you if Rich Coleman came to Surrey we would slay him.

Is British Columbia the corruption capital of Canada?

Stop whitewashing the bloodstains from BC's Dirty Money Laundromat

"Everyone wants to ask Coleman about at least two occasions when he responded very oddly to reports of corruption, money-laundering and organized crime in casinos. The first was in January, 2009, when the Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team (IIGET) issued a report warning that the Hell’s Angels had successfully infiltrated the casino industry, and further, there was an extreme vulnerability to money-laundering in the facilities."

"If you thought such a report might spur an experienced former RCMP officer and solicitor-general into action, you’d be right. But instead of staffing up IIGET and providing resources to tackle corruption, internal memos uncovered by reporter Sean Holman in 2010 show that just weeks later in February, Coleman disbanded the unit altogether." Just like Wally Opal.

Then in 2011 Coleman slandered RCMP Inspector Barry Baxter for trying to address the problem.

We told ya so.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Man fatally shot in Laval had ties to organized crime

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "The 45-year-old man who was fatally shot in Laval Wednesday night had ties to leaders in the Montreal Mafia. The victim of the shooting is Laval resident Steve Ovadia, according to the Sûreté du Québec. He was shot in the head in the parking lot of a strip mall on Samson Blvd. shortly after 8 p.m." Laval has had a long history with the red and white ever since the Lennoxville massacre and the Death Riders betrayal.

Justin Trudeau: Not #YouToo

I am a bit cynical about the hype and sensationalism of the #MeToo movement. Sexual assault is nothing to minimize or joke about. It's just that grabbing an ass, as tacky and inappropriate it may be is completely different than rape. Rape is heinous. Grabbing an ass is stupid. I work in the private sector. Unlike at the RCMP, we regularly get sexual harassment training.

Years ago, when we first started getting the training, a young man spoke up. "OK so consensual advances are fine, it's only bad if it's not consensual. How do you know if it's consequential if you don't ask? It's kind of a crap shoot then isn't it?" We all had a chuckle, I could see his point. The problem is, some people don't know where to draw the line or at least they refuse to do so.

So now we hear groping allegations against Justin Trudeau the fallen demigod.

Seemingly when he was a teacher in BC he got drunk at a Kokanee Summer Festival and groped a reporter. She did not consent. Advance ended. He then apologized and said “I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper I would never have been so forward.” I see.

When Justin Trudeau was first elected he looked like a real laddie's man. Now he just looks femmie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying he has lost his luster and his popularity is starting to nosedive. Aside from his asault on religious freedom and his inability to grasp that unnecessary debt is bad, I liked him. He was a lot more personable than Stephen Harper, which unfortunately isn't saying much. Stephen Harper was the Antichrist.

The question we need to ask is what next? Does Canada take another jump to the left and legalize all drugs or does it take a step to the right and restore balance to the force?

Time will tell. It always does. I do not support the legalization of all drugs.

Update, CBC is reporting that the woman who filed the complaint confirms that the incident did happen, and just wants to be left alone.

Just because you're'old, doesn't make you old school

A lot of people with credibility talk about what it was like to be old school back in the day. When others without credibility echo the same sentiments, I get suspicious. I have stated my position on Walter Stadnick quite clearly. My position has not changed. I don't like him and I don't trust him.

George Christie and Ralph Natale were old school. Wally Stadnick was not. As I said before, Walter Stadnick is not from Quebec. He is an Anglophobe from Hamilton. Jerry Langton is a credible journalist from Hamilton who went on to New York City. He wrote a book called Fallen Angel: The Unlikely Rise of Walter Stadnick. Why do you think he states the unlikely rise? Wally was a 5' 4" weasel with small man syndrome who sucked up to Mom Boucher. He rose to power because he was a relentless backstabbing politician.

Before I left Facebook, Michael Green made a post supporting Walter Stadnick. Tony B was quick to say thanks Micheal. I didn't out Tony, he did that himself. Now he is lying and claims that he is a *former* Hells Angel from the US living in Canada to throw people off. He's quick to brag about his *former* affiliations with the Hells Angels and his pal Mom Boucher but all of a sudden he doesn't want people to know who he is. Nobody in TBM wants to kill him. They've all left the life. Nobody in the game wants to kill him either because they simply don't care about him.

Tony B doesn't want people in TBM to know who he is because I posted a link to Jerry Langton's book. Tony B wants people in TBM to fear him when he trolls them on facebook and yells at them. He doesn't want people in TBM to know behind the keyboard he's a 5' 4" loser that nobody listens to. Tony B wants to use TBM to bully people and I cannot support that.

In my opinion he hasn't left the life. When he trashes the current members of the Hells Angels in Quebec, he isn't talking about what George Christie and Ralph Natale are talking about. Wally is talking about the new generation that hates Mom Boucher and the fact that he was an armed rapist. That is what Wally is referring to. Walter Stanick is in Montreal hiding behind Salvatore to help Mom Boucher get back in the game. He's not there to promote old school values.

Tony B already successfully poisoned Michel against the Rock Machine. Now he wants to use Micheal to help promote Mom Boucher. Little T's new name is Poison Ivy because he's a little girl and every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Go back to Ontario where you belong. Quebec doesn't like you because they don't respect you - for good reason.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

Once again, I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes. I realize this has been a coordinated effort but I have to say hats off to the Surrey RCMP for being vigilant in cleaning up the Surrey Strip. This is something I've been hoping for for ten years.

Recently we reported that Surrey Strip residents pack up and leave for new homes after the BC NDP came up with funding for modular homes in portables. BC Housing came in along with counselors and and helped relocate everyone into housing. Three cheers.

Global reported that some tent residents were defiant and said they would not leave because they weren't there for the housing they were there for the drugs and lawlessness. The funding for the housing created the perfect opportunity for the police to enforce the law and ban tents from that city street which is clearly in everyone's best interest.

The Surrey Strip wasn't just a den of iniquity, it was the epicenter of exploitation and abuse. I rode through today and all the tents were gone. A few drug dealers were standing on the side of the street trying to drum up business still but most of the customers had left. I saw a prostitute start to argue with her pimp who was starting to get abusive with her. A cop pulled up and moved them on. Now that's what I'm taking about. I had to stop and tell the cop three cheers.

This is what they should have done after the brutal murder of Janice Shore. The funding for the housing created the opportunity to enforce the law and adapt all four pillars instead of just one. On the Green Justice website I recently said the New York model is coming to Surrey. Lead follow or get out of the way. Well it;s already here. That is in everyone's best interest.

Now we just need to follow up by keeping the pressure on the drug dealers, especially in the treatment centres and get the city to approve construction of rental units to address the rental crisis in Metro Vancouver. This is the kind of Surrey we can all be proud of.

Surrey police seize handgun, drugs while on patrol in Newton: The drug unit witnessed a drug deal in Newton and made an arrest which resulted in the seizure of drugs, cash and a handgun. Now that's what I'm talking about. As Linda Hepner leaves the Surrey RCMP get this sh*t in order. The New York Model has finally arrived in Surrey. Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Post Media News continues to slash and burn

The grip of the Corporate Media Monopoly continues to tighten as Post Media News continues to slash and burn the industry. CBC is reporting that "Postmedia says it is closing down six community newspapers in Ontario and Alberta, and halting the print editions at three other papers in Manitoba and Ontario as it moves" to kill competition.

If they weren't so determined to kill their credibility, the industry would prosper. All they do is buyout news outlets and shut them down to maintain a monopoly on their corporate spin. Mark my word, there is a market for real news. The private sector can fill that void.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Black Press Group Inc. will begin printing the Calgary Sun newspaper this summer under an outsourcing agreement with Toronto-based Postmedia Network Inc., which will eliminate 52 positions as a result.

In May 2002 Fair dot org reported that: "A dispute between Canada’s largest media company and its journalists has put media concentration on the political agenda as seldom before. In January, organizations representing journalists across Canada called for a parliamentary inquiry into media concentration, especially at CanWest Global Communications. The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists (QFPJ) denounced actions of the media giant as a disturbing pattern of censorship and repression of dissenting views.” Post media News acquired Canwest July 2010. That made the bad situation worse.

November 2017 the Tyee reported that: Postmedia, Torstar Marching Toward Media Monopolies

It was really bad when Conrad Black was buying up all the news outlets and firing anyone that printed a labour friendly story. Now it is much worse.

Another Surrey shooting Monday night

The Daily Hive is reporting that "Surrey RCMP is warning the public of an investigation involving an assault with a weapon and shooting that occurred overnight. At approximately 11:26 pm on June 25, police responded to several calls from residents who reported hearing gunshots. Officers attended the scene and located an injured woman who had been assaulted and a man who was suffering from a gunshot wound inside of a residence. Both victims were taken to hospital. According to police, the suspect fled the scene before authorities arrived. Police believe this was a targetted incident and the victims were known to police. Police also say the victims and suspect are believed to be known to one another."

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "This is the third reported shooting in Cloverdale since Saturday, bringing the city’s shots-fired tally to 25 for 2018."

BC TV is reporting that "Police and fire crews responded to this torched van in a rural area of Langley on June 26, 2018." It may or may not have been related to the shooting.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hells Angel charged with cocaine trafficking in New Brunswick

CBC is reporting that "A northwestern New Brunswick man, identified by RCMP as a longtime member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang, has become the 15th person to be arrested as part of an investigation into cocaine trafficking in the province. Emery Joseph Martin, 57, of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska was arrested Monday in his vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway, near Rivière-Verte, around 9:30 a.m., Cpl. Jullie Rogers-Marsh said in a statement. Martin, known by the nickname Pit, appeared in Bathurst provincial court later in the day to face 10 drug-related charges" including cocaine trafficking.

May 1st City News reported that "A middle school science teacher with alleged Hells Angels ties has been charged with cocaine trafficking, shedding light on northern New Brunswick’s difficult struggle with outlaw motorcycle gangs and illicit drugs."

April 24th CBC reported that "In Quebec, police arrested at least 63 people on Tuesday, seizing cocaine, methamphetamine pills, firearms and $2.5 million in cash. Lapointe estimated the three large drug rings in Quebec have done about $10 million worth of business in the last eight months." The Hells Angels has a "monopoly" on cocaine and synthetic drug sales in Quebec.

Also in the News: Harley-Davidson's decision to shift some motorcycle production overseas because of tariffs it's facing in a trade dispute between the U.S. and the European Union.

Linda Hepner eradicates Surrey of Peacocks

Exterminating all the butterflies in Surrey isn't good enough for Linda Hepner. Before her term in office is over she's determined to eradicate all the peacocks (and Beavers) in Surrey now as well. The Calgary Herald is reporting that "The dozens of majestic-looking peacocks and the peahens that have called a Surrey neighbourhood home for more than 10 years are to be trapped and shipped to the pound. That was the recommendation of the city’s bylaw enforcement team – and approved by council on Monday night – who studied the Sullivan Heights neighbourhood where public safety operations manager Jas Rehal said the birds have been living since 2006. The corporate report noted that some residents would like the ostentation or muster of birds to remain where they are and others want them gone. Rehal said it’s about 50-50.”

"Rehal said city staff would trap birds on public land and residents will be provided with humane traps to catch the birds on their property and bylaw officers would pick them up. He said officers would have the authority to enter private property if necessary."

This is where Corporate Communism takes effect. The city plans to enter private property where land owners who want the birds to eradicate them. That is illegal. It's private property. They do not have the authoirty to enter private property without the home owners permission.

Roslyn Cassells was there with one local resident who is in favor of the peacocks living on his land. Global is reporting that "One neighbour doesn’t seem to mind. For the second year in a row, a peahen has laid eggs on Jerry Barr’s front doorstep and his family loves it. 'We moved into their neighbourhood,' he said. 'It’s like moving near an airport and complaining about the airport noise.'” Are they going to fine people for feeding birds and butterflies next?

Surrey council cost taxpayers more than $930,000 in 2017

Save our Surrey - Green Justice.

The Surrey Beaver Issue and the City of Parks.

Roslyn Cassells is reporting that "The city report approves trapping starting immediately, during the peacock breeding season. Peahens have fairly large broods and the chicks will die if their mother hen is trapped and removed." This is bad planning. The City has no right to tresspass on private property and they have no right fining people for putting up a bird feeder or a birdhouse.

Wildlife expert criticizes Surrey's plan to destroy peacock flock

Roslyn Cassells on the Linda Steele show

Roslyn Cassells on Breakfast Television

French Jogger crossed unmarked border at Whiterock beach detained by US Border Patrol for two weeks

Global is reporting that "A French teen who accidentally crossed the U.S. border while jogging on a beach in White Rock, B.C. is back in France after spending two weeks in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centre."

Her family was having a picnic on Whiterock beach during the Victoria Day long weekend. She went for a jog along the beach and unknowingly crossed the border because it was unmarked. Instead of sending her on her way, the border agents detained her for two weeks. That is insane. The United States is fastly becoming a third world country when it comes to human rights.

CBC posted a picture of the site. It is not marked. Detaining her at all was unlawful not to mention for two weeks. The US Constitution, like the Canadian Charter of Rights, guarantees certain unalienable rights. Oath Breakers claim the US Constitution is just for US Citizens but it does not say that. The Constitution says no state shall deny to any person within it's jurisdiction, equal protection of the law. The law states no one can be arrested without being charged with an offense. The law states that if charged with an offense you have the right to a fair and speedy trail and you have the right to legal representation. All of these fundamental rights are denied at the border so why on earth would I want to visit there?

As a Canadian I get treated better in Russia or China than at the US border. So what happened? Who trampled on the American flag? Civil servants in the United States swear an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Every American citizen pledges allegiance to the flag and the free republic for which it stands. That free republic is defined by the US Constitution. As Martin Luther King pointed out, if they do not honour it, what good is it? How does that promote tourism? I rather visit somewhere else. Just say'n.

At Peace Arch Park the border is well marked. Even then you are allowed to cross the line and return again without getting arrested. It's a park. As long as you don't go past customs you're fine. This girl did not go past customs and it was not marked. The border patrol was totally out of line trying to justify their existence. ICE are freaking Nazis.

Fatal shooting in Toronto

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Police are investigating after an overnight shooting in the city’s downtown core left one man dead. Toronto Paramedic Services responded to a call around 2:30 a.m. Monday in the Garden District, at the intersection of Sherbourne St. and Dundas St. E. The victim, a man described as being in his 30s to 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene."

" The fatal shooting comes less than 24 hours after three other fatal shooting incidents in the city. Jenas Nyarko, 31, was killed in a drive-by shooting in North York while she was sitting inside a car with three friends. According to Det. David Dickinson, a car drove by and someone inside fired a single shot at the vehicle, striking her. She was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, where she later died. Nyarko was a shelter worker who had immigrated to Canada from Ghana in 2001. Around the same time on Sunday, two men were also shot and killed in Etobicoke, in the area of Lightwood Dr., near Kipling Ave. and Albion Rd. Police have not released any information regarding suspects."

Friend of Toronto woman fatally shot in drive-by shooting speaks out

Burning car with body inside found in Mississauga

CP 24 is reporting that "A man has been detained after emergency crews found a burning car with a body inside in an open lot in Mississauga on Sunday evening. Peel Regional Police say they were called to a field near some woods in the area of Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East at 6:50 p.m. for a fire. Crews arrived to find a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. Once firefighters doused the flames a deceased person was found inside the car. The identity of the deceased was not released. Police say they are treating the incident as a suspicious death. One man was detained in connection with the incident and he was interviewed by detectives."

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Assassination attempt on Punjabi radio CEO Ashiana Khan in Surrey

The IndoCanadian Voice is reporting that "The Voice has learned that shots were fired at a Punjabi radio CEO late Saturday night while she was driving in Surrey. Ashiana Khan was driving alone when someone in a vehicle fired shots at her. Police arrived on the scene and towed her vehicle away. Khan is the CEO of Media Waves Communications that broadcasts out of Surrey. She had been handling many controversial talk shows that seemed to have angered some powerful people in the community."

In January 2018 Business Vancouver reported that "A former member of Simon Fraser University’s board of governors and a former director of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority are suing internet radio broadcaster Media Waves Communications Inc. and several others, claiming they were defamed in online postings and radio call-in shows that falsely accused them of misappropriating grant money doled out by the B.C. government."

Radio hosts Ashiana Khan was names as one of the defendants. The Surrey Docks are the ones trying to replace the Massey tunnel against the wishes of the residents of Richmond so they can dredge the Fraser and load more coal onto the ships from the Surrey Docks. Coal is not progressive. Natural gas is. Who runs the docks again? Please advise.

Ashiana also helped plan the recent gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall.

Nurse shot dead in Surrey Clayton Heights

The Peace arch News is reporting that "One man is dead after a shooting in Cloverdale on Saturday afternoon (June 23), in the 18200-block of 67A Avenue. At around 4 p.m., Surrey RCMP fielded a number of calls about shots fired in the Clayton area. When they arrived on scene, officers found a man with gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital, where he died." CBC is reporting that the victim was not know to the police. Global has pictures of the scene.

IHIT is confirming that 47-year-old Paul Bennett of Surrey was the victim of homicide. Paul was a nurse and minor hockey coach from Surrey. Neighbours had seen a small silver honda with two men parked in the neighbourhood for days before the shooting. Was he being pressured to steal fentanyl from the hospital and said no?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

People First Organize LRT Symposium

People First Surrey organized a symposium on LRT at the Guildford Public library today. Daryl Dela Cruz from Skytrain for Surrey and Rajesh Jayaprakash from People First Surrey spoke against LRT in Surrey while Stuart Parker from Proudly Surrey and a former SFU student spoke for LRT in Surrey.

The young girl was polite and sincere. Her position was the more lanes you have the more traffic you have which was her rationalization for reverting a main road like 104th to a single lane of traffic. It's a romantic thought but it just isn't very realistic. Reverting the new Port Mann bridge to a single lane of traffic would be bad planning as is LRT on 104th.

Rajesh pointed out that this is an important decision that will effect the next 100 years. He said this isn't something we can change in ten years if it doesn't work. This is something we are going to be stuck with pernamenrly. 100 years from now there will be more traffic not less so as time goes on it will only get worse. Fixing this mistake now is crucial.

Hats off to Rajesh who invited the other side and let them have equal say. I like him. He is trustworthy. Stewart on the other hand came up with an analogy that basically said the federal and provincial government has already put up the money for LRT. To change it now to Skytrain would be childish which didn't sit well with the audience. I left shortly after that.

I saw Doug Elford from the Surrey Community Alliance there. I support Doug and I'm told his party, which has the backing of Bob Bose, opposes LRT. This is promising although I have yet to see anything in writing. The reason I like Rajesh from People First Surrey is because they put all their polices on paper. You know where they stand on the issues.

Surrey Health Expo

Rina Gill organized a Surrey Health Expo today at City hall. It was like a trade show highlighting local business in the health, wellness, beauty and fitness industry. I can relate to three out of four. It was actually well done. The first booth that caught my eye was Paul Nijar from the yoga dojo.

Paul is local and has written several books. One is called Yoga Warrior. I looked at the cover of the book, then I looked at him and the guy beside him and I said, normally we would consider yoga warrior to be an oxymoron but you guys could sell this. You guys look pretty buff. What's this all about? Paul introduces himself and explains how he has merged yoga with the martial arts to develop the indomitable spirit of a warrior within. I'm like did you just say indomitable spirit? He seems like he's onto something. His dojo is at 12682 82 Avenue in Surrey.

The guy beside him was Rob Yun a buff local entrepreneur who has organized MMA cards in the past. Today he is representing Vitapro21. They have a hang over health drink called When. It's kind of a funny idea but when you read the ingredients, it's loaded with healthy stuff. Hey is that him with Scotty Mac? I know that guy. I used to work with him. I just saw him today at the gym.

Next was a group called Creep Hunters Canada Society launching a new web site No Excuse for Abuse. I asked if they were affiliated with Creep Catchers and he said no. I said you don't sell drugs like Ryan? No we don't sell drugs he said. He sounded like a good guy. He rightfully said a lot of time domestic violence doesn't get reported.

On that note there was a group there called Moving forward Family Services that offers affordable counselling. Another group called Bounceback Today which is a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association which helps people overcome anxiety and depression.

Representatives from a new boxing and weight gym opening up in Surrey called LV Fit were there. There was also a father there who had lost a child so Sudden Infant Death Syndrome organizing a walk to raise awareness for SIDS in memory of his son, Azaan Singh Gill. It will be held on the track at North Surrey Secondary August 19th 11 AM to 3 PM.

The 3 E Organization is about Engaging and Enabling Opportunities to Empower and Connect for the betterment of communities and especially focusing on women and youth in the mosaic community. Those are some of the booths that caught my eye. All in all a sucessful event. Since it was the first annual Surrey Health Expo we hope to see more just like it.

George Christie takes his story on the road

As I previously mentioned, George Christie is staring in a one-man show this weekend in Las Vegas. Outlaw will be performed at the Art Square Theater, 1025 S 1st St., Las Vegas, NV 89101 on Friday, June 22, at 8 p.m.; Saturday, June 23, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; and Sunday, June 24, at 2:00 p.m. KSNV News Las Vegas posted an interview on youtube.

His book, Exile on Front Street is available on Amazon. The epic DVD called The Last American Outlaw is available on his website. After the Hells Angels put George Christie out in bad, the producers of the DVD pulled their support for it. It is however epic. When the rebel yells.

Cannabis-Infused Beer - Buds in Suds

Bloomberg is reporting that "Another major beermaker is looking at ways to enter the marijuana business. Denver-based Molson Coors Brewing Co. is weighing whether to expand into the sector with Canada poised to legalize the drug for recreational use this October."

"The speculation comes the same week as Canada gave the final approval for recreational sales to begin on Oct. 17. While edibles, including beverages, won’t be legal initially, companies are already jockeying for market share due to the potentially lucrative opportunity."

"Last year, Corona beer seller Constellation Brands Inc. bought a minority stake in Canopy Growth Growth, the nation’s largest marijuana producer with a market value of C$8.8 billion ($6.6 billion). Rivals such as The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. plans to develop a product-testing and manufacturing center to explore using cannabis in everything from iced teas, juices and sports drinks." That brings us to Randy Jones' Dank.

New Cannabis Craft Beers, Cold Brews, and Teas Are Here

Pot growers look to drinkable weed

Cannabis-Infused Beer in Colorado

It's not something I'm interested in but I'm sure there's a market for it. We're looking at de-alcoholized beer infused with THC as well as regular beer and energy drinks infused with cannabinoids (CBDs) which doesn't get you high and can actually be good for you.

Personally I just see pot as being unhealthy. CBD is different than THC but the masses don't want to get healthy, they just want to get stoned and wasted. Yet, if Randy Jones can make some money off of Dank instead of selling crack, meth and fentanyl on the Surrey Strip, then more power to him. That would be a lot better for everyone involved. Rise up out of the toilet.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Charges dropped in rural shooting

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A courtroom erupted in cheers and applause Friday as all charges were dropped against a man accused of firing shots at suspected thieves on his rural property in southern Alberta." One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Victoria PD bust fentanyl dealer

The Peace arch News is reporting that "A Victoria man is facing nine recommended charges from the Victoria Police after officers took him into custody during an investigation into the sale of illegal drugs, including fentanyl. The VicPD Strike Force and Crime Reduction Unit officers went to the 700-block of Johnson Street after hearing of man operating a “dial-a-dope” operation. After several days of investigation, officers believed the man was making hand-to-hand drug transactions. When officers used a search warrant on March 21, they took one man into custody and found drugs including heroin, fentanyl and cocaine. They also found over $12,000 in cash, body armour, a shotgun and ammunition."

Imagine that. The Victoria PD observe hand-to-hand drug transactions on the street and get a search warrant which resulted in a fentanyl bust. That's how it's supposed to be done.

CBC is reporting that "A Winnipeg man previously convicted of running a pot delivery service has been handed a 10-year sentence in Manitoba's first case of fentanyl importation." Winnipeg impliments a 10 year sentence for a fentanyl dealer but Surrey RCMP won't even make a bust when they watch it happen on the Surrey Strip. What's wrong with this picture?

Salt that has lost it's flavor is good for nothing. Kinda like the police who won't enforce the law.

I will admit that I am astounded at how the BC NDP has cleaned up the Surrey strip. They provided housing for the homeless and the police moved them on. Problem solved. That was in everyone's best interest. It will require a consistent police presence to maintain but this is a big step forward. The people spoke and the NDP listened when the BC Liberals refused.

Now we just need to start zoning for rental units and Surrey will be great.

VSO to hold free concert at Sunset Beach

The Georgia Straight is reporting that "The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will kick off its 100th anniversary season with a free, outdoor concert at Sunset Beach Park on July 14. The board and the VSO said in the joint announcement today that it will be alcohol and smoke-free. Student ensembles from the VSO School of Music will give a preconcert starting at 7:15 p.m. The sunset concert performed by the VSO runs from 8:30 to 10 p.m., with the program spanning everything from music by Leonard Bernstein to excerpts from Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and John Williams’s Star Wars." Awesome. Now that's raising the bar.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Punitive Punishment and Equal Protection of the Law

I am a big fan of civil liberty and the US Constitution as well as the Irish Proclamation and the Canadian Charter of Rights. My free ebook which was released on the 10th anniversary of Gary Webb's murder was entitled "Stand True: Civil Liberty and the Hells Angles Drug Trafficking Network." It is interesting to see how civil liberty relates to drug trafficking throughout Iran Contra.

The US Constitution says "No State shall deny to any person within it's jurisdiction equal protection of the law." What a romantic concept. Imagine a judicial system where everyone has the same rights, rich or poor. That doesn't really exist in our current system. In our system a poor man and a rich man don't get the same representation. Not only that, but sometimes the police do not enforce the laws equally. That's exactly what I saw in South Seattle during the US Crack epidemic in the /80's. If a crack house opened up in a rich white neighborhood, you can bet the cops would shut it down in a hurry. We didn't see that in Rainier Beach.

We also don't see that in the incarceration of Clay Roueche. Not only is locking someone up for 30 or 300 years counterproductive, it also forces us to ask serious questions about who the real criminals actually are. Why is Clay in jail and not Sonny Barger or Randy Jones? Why did they use a slime ball illegal act to arrest Clay on US soil when they refuse to extradite Randy and Trevor Jones? That is unequal protection of the law.

People have asked me, why am I supporting Clay's art and his book? His art is awesome. All too often we see confused renditions of modern art that look like someone threw a bucket of paint on a canvas. Clay's art is colorful, talented and thought provoking. His book is along a similar theme as mine. Expounding on the Chinese virtues taught in the martial arts is what lead me to Zen. George Christie shares that ideal.

Although I have made it clear that I don't have beef with the entire club, it is no secret that I can't stand the Surrey girl chapter of the Hells Angels. When I read Clay's book, who do you think I'm going to support? The trailer trash Surrey Girls or the Terracotta warriors? One has honor, the other does not. Ricky Carmella is disgusting. The sordid tale of his pals bullying and sodomizing a hippie with a broomstick is all explained in chapter seven of my free ebook.

Don't get me started on Big Tony and Piggy's Palace. Anthony Terezakis sold drugs for the Hells Angels in the DTES. He filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money. These are the kind of people the Hells Angels have working for them in the drug trade. Like Larry Mizen on the Surrey strip. It is impossible for me to respect guys like that. Like the bikers and cops who gang raped Dianne Rock. So if Clay does something good, I'm going to recognize it.

When the police allow the Hells Angels to sell pot and the Black door and the bulldog cafe but arrest Marc Emery across the street, that is unequal protection of the law. I have a problem with unequal protection of the law because it implies corruption. I didn't find out about the police corruption in Brooklyn when I was in New York until a few years ago.

Clay deserves a prison transfer back to Canada.

GTA raids target Five Point Generalz street gang

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders reveals details of Project Patton, an operation that targeted a notorious street gang known as the Five Point Generalz and saw hundreds of cops conduct pre-dawn raids across the GTA on Thursday, June 21, 2018."

The Rap dictionary claims that "The 5PGz first gained notoriety after one of its members was implicated in the shooting death of 11-year-old Ephriam Brown who was caught between what police describe as a gun fight between two rivals." One has to wonder if they were involved in the recent playground shooting in Toronto where two young girls were also shot in the crossfire.

Toronto is doing someone about gang violence. Why isn't BC?

Councillor Bruce Hayne quits Surrey First civic party

Global is reporting that "With just months to go before Surrey residents go to the polls for a civic election, there’s a major shakeup in the local political scene. Surrey Coun. Bruce Hayne has resigned from Surrey First, the civic party that swept the city’s council in the 2014 elections and which is led by sitting mayor Lind Hepner. Hayne will sit as an independent until the fall elections. He says he’s come to realize his goals don’t align with the party, and that he’s disappointed that there hasn’t been more consultation with the public on issues such as public safety, development and transit." Three cheers. Maybe he's a keeper.

Rats leaving a sinking ship. Did someone say train wreck?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Surrey Strip residents pack up and leave for new homes

CBC is reporting that "Surrey recently received 160 temporary modular homes from the province that are now ready to be lived in. The units - which look like high school portables from the outside - have been set up in three locations not far from the strip in the heart of Whalley. Step inside one of the suites and it's like walking into a university dorm, complete with a private bathroom, mini fridge, microwave and single bed." Nice!

However, Global is reporting that "Global News reporter Janet Brown, who is reporting from the strip and speaking to those who are supposed to leave, says many are refusing to go, which could result in a showdown with RCMP." Why on earth would they refuse to move into nice new University dorms? Because some of them aren't there looking for housing. They are there for the drugs and lawless mardi gra. Now is the time to start enforcing the law and start arresting the drug dealers. If they are just there for the drugs and you arrest the drug dealers, they will leave.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How the Surrey LRT is tied to the SMH parking lot fraud

In 2016, Business Vancouver reported that "Larry Fisher, president of the Surrey-based development company Lark Group and a member of the recently formed Light Rail Links community coalition, said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner is committed to finding the cash to fund the remaining costs of the project." Larry Fisher, Lark Group, LRT - things that make ya go hmmm...

Jun 18, 2014 CBC reported that New $30M parkade for Surrey Memorial Hospital draws criticism. "Fraser Health is being criticized for spending $30 million of taxpayers' money to add just 300 parking spaces at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Construction is already underway on the new underground parking garage next to the new Surrey Memorial Hospital, which itself is costing $500 million. Fraser Health tore down a 425-space, three-storey parkade to to build a four-storey parkade in the exact same spot. Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation questioned that decision." No kidding.

I reported on the absurdity April 27, 2014. They tore down a new parking lot only to build another parking lot on the exact same spot. That was a gross misappropriation of tax dollars. When I reported it people at the time said, that can't be right. I said yes it is. My kids were born at Surrey Memorial. I saw it myself and posted before and after pictures. CBC's article confirmed it.

Today I was going through some old memory cards and found some more pictures I took of the construction site at the time. Guess who got the contract? Lark Group. I kid you not.

Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst for fiscal responsibility. We need to pull the plug on Provincial funding for the ballooning costs of the Surrey LRT until the Civic election is over. Linda Hepner and her Fail army is trying to cram through another Site C Dam. If they start construction on it, knowing residents and businesses don't want it, after the election they'll just say well they have starting it we might as well finish it, Not. Spending money on creating an infrastructure nightmare is not worth it no matter what the cost. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrakin does not impede traffic. Hey Ho, Linda Hepner's gotta go.

The Book Of Indomitable Virtues

I'm still waiting for my hard copy of The Book Of Indomitable Virtues by Clay Roueche but I do have my pdf version and I am impressed. In the beginning Clay states that "This book was conceived while I was incarcerated and placed in solitary confinement for almost two years. It was through a process of discovery and evolution that this book came to be."

Almost two years in solitary? I did not know that. I know his arrest was illegal but I din't know he was kept in solitary for two years. There was no need for that. Inmates there don't want to kill him. It was simply punitive punishment.

Clay also states "This book was designed to take each virtue mentioned and show them in a positive light." Expounding upon the Chinese virtues taught in the Martial Arts. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm going to dive into the book and let you do the same. I highly recommend it. Clay's prison transfer back to Canada needs to be examined.

You can order a copy of the book online through Amazon.

Clay Roueche's Art Prints available at Guildford Mall.

OK I have my hard copy now and I really like it. He cites a lesson Genghis Kong learned from his mother when he was a child. She told him to bend an arrow and break it which he did. Then she told him to grab a stack of arrows and try to break them all at once but he could not. Likewise he was taught that men can be stronger when they are united. He cites many historical leaders including Chairman Mao and George Washington.

Clay states that love is the only thing that makes our lives feel complete. He makes reference to a compassionate world and states that although the media has tried to define him, his thoughts cannot be contained. He concludes that his body may be in prison but his spirit is running free. There! The goose is out. In the words of Chief Dan George, my heart soars.