Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Former Hells Angels pinhead in the news - Wally's World

Former Hells Angels pinhead Walter Stadnick is in the news. I think we've had enough of Wally's World so we have. The Toronto Star is reporting that Walter Stadnick's parole conditions have been loosened. Who the f*ck cares? We won't publicly disclose who's ass that 5' 4" piece of garbage has been kissing of late but we will say enough of the bullsh*t already. If you want to leave the life then leave the life. Don't weasel in the back door with your RM propaganda poisoning the real MC movement with your delusional lies.

Wally's all "My friend Mom Boucher" and I'm like "F*ck your friend Mom Boucher." Mommy dearest was a drug dealer convicted of armed rape. You and your friend can go f*ck yourselves. Wally isn't French BTW. He's from Hamilton. Do the math. Je me souviens.

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