Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Corporate media still selling the gun control fraud

The Vancouver province is reporting that "The Liberal government is planning to introduce long-promised legislation Tuesday to strengthen controls on the sale, licensing and tracing of guns. The Liberals are bracing for political pushback from the Conservatives, as the bill would repeal some measures passed by the previous government."

This is offensively insane. In Metro Vancouver we have experienced a huge spike in illegal gun violence connected to the drug trade. None of those crimes are committed with legally obtained firearms. Blaze was under a firearm ban but was caught with firearms contrary to that ban. This never ending saga repeats itself over and over again. Criminals with lifetime firearm bans keep buying guns illegally because the bans are meaningless and have no consequences.

The guns the criminals are buying are coming in from the States. Some are from robberies. This new legislation will do absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from having guns. To claim that it will is a bold faced lie. Once again the government has created a manufactured emergency then removes civl liberty to pretend to fix the problem they created.

When the police watch the drugs coming out of Shakerz and provide drug dealers police protection in the DTES and on the Surrey Strip we know they are the root of the problem. Their criminal culpability has created the manufactured emergency to justify the pharmaceutic fraud that is burning tax dollars faster than we can borrow them.

If the police wanted to do something about illegal firearms, they would do sting operations purchasing illegal guns under cover. They refuse to do so because they want to perpetuate the problem so the government can continue to remove civl liberty from law biding citizens.

Our current system is not working. For the most part, in Canada only the criminals have guns. As I have said, I support he Swiss Model of gun control for obvious reasons.

Hells Angels associate firearms sentence reduced


  1. "Warrant issued for B.C. suspect in attack on helpless, autistic man in Ontario"-Vancouver Sun 21 March 2018
    "A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ronjot Singh Dhami of Surrey whom police say viciously attacked an autistic man near a Mississauga, Ont. shopping centre on March 13".
    This is the same piece of garbage that won't stay in the trash can. British Columbia court files show a man with the same name and a 1993 birthdate has several Motor Vehicle Act violations, an August 2011 conviction for assault with a weapon in Surrey and a June 2014 arrest in Kelowna on charges of possession for the purpose of drug trafficking.
    In December 2016, a Provincial Court judge ruled that Ronjot Singh Dhami’s arrest was unlawful. Judge Peter Rogers, however, said in his ruling “there is no doubt” that, while in police cells, Dhami expelled 23 bags containing crack cocaine, 23 bags of fentanyl and seven bags of heroin from his rectum.
    This time, weld the garbage can shut.

    1. Indeed. Why is it not surprising that one of the three pieces of garbage that jumped and brutalized an autistic kid for no reason in Ontario is a drug dealer from Surrey. The disturbing video of the unprovoked attack is a good example of how the drug dealers on the Surrey strip operate. They gang up on the weak and brutalize them. These are the drug dealers the Surrey RCMP are giving police protection to on the Surrey strip. That injustice needs to come to an end.

  2. As drugs become legalized and competition may, to a small extent, open up against the HA's attempted monopoly, and guns become more valuable on the street, gangs will simply switch to trafficking in firearms to a greater extent.

    It will not be law-abiding citizens going to the HA to buy guns. The only thing that will happen is the HA will see another profit making potential (that does not include getting an education and working legitimately) and take advantage of it putting even more guns on the streets for criminals.

  3. I think the HA have pretty much as many firearms as they need, and seem to have no trouble obtaining more, often stolen from law abiding owners in burglaries or purchased by associates who don't have a criminal record.

    I really don't see them going into the business of supplying their competition. Obtaining large numbers of handguns down south brings ATF into it, potential extradition for long sentences, and I think BC HA's are not foolish enough to make $1500/gun profit for all the heat that a gun can bring. They want every "wanna-be" on the street in BC packing a Glock? I seriously doubt it. The last thing people who get what they want from you by threat of force want is the target population having the means to resist. The government or criminals, same principle. None of them want a fight, they just want you to pay them. THEY don't want to get hurt, they want you to stand in for that role if it comes to a fight because you said, "No".

    How's that gun control thing working for you?

    1. The ATF are dirty as f*ck. Most of the guns here are brought in illegally from the States. Probably from the ATF. That's what Operation Fast and Furious was all about.


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