Tuesday, March 27, 2018

CBC Marketplace exposes fake degrees

The Marketplace on CBC ran an interesting episode exposing Canadians with fake degrees from fake universities. They were even able to buy a fake degree for themselves from a fake university. Their fake degree from the fake university even came with a fake transcript and fake attendance records. They confronted several psychologists advertising fake degrees on LinkedIn. After they were confronted the LinkedIn profiles removed the fake degree claims.

The CBC posted a list of fake universities online. If you see anyone advertising a degree from one of those universities, it's fake. The interesting revelation is that all the fake universities on that list can be traced to a sinlge company in Pakistan called Axact.

This opens Pandora's box because the New York Times exposed them in 2015. A year later the New York Times reported that "Axact’s fraud empire, already considered one of the biggest Internet scams on record, is bigger than initially imagined." Thing that make ya go hmmmm.

September 2017 the CBC exposed them still operating in Canada and January 2018 the BBC followed suit exposing them as well operating in the UK. Yet lo and behold, the company is still defiantly in operation.

Aside from the fact that they are still in operation after they have been exposed, another thing I find suspicious is their location and the magnitude of the money they are bringing in from the fraud. Both facts point to a single source.

Pakistan Intelligence is referred to as ISI. They have deep ties to the CIA and to French Intelligence. Sarkozy had the French and Pakistan Intelligence community murder a coule of French Engineers and blame in on Terrorists after he lost his arms deal kickbacks in the Karachi affair. CIA contractor Raymond Davis was released from prison after he shot dead two Pakistani citizens. Pakistan's then spy chief Shuja Pasha facilitated his acquittal from a court case.

OK so here's the math: Former US Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin stated that the CIA regularly uses investment fraud to raise money. He claims that Jeb Bush himself instructed him how to commit investment fraud to raise money for Iran contra. Aside from selling drugs, that is what the CIA does. The CIA used investment fraud to crash the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. The CIA used investment fraud to crash the BCCI. That is their MO. The CIA used Earl W. Brian to embezzle $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients in Canada to fund the October Surprise.

Why wouldn't the CIA set up a shell company in Pakistan that made fake university degrees to raise money for operations? BTW Blackwater is back. Mercenary Storm Troopers for hire. RIH.

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  1. I've seen the Market place mini doc on fake universities and diplomas. Its an issue because some of these people have gone on to work in areas, where you really, really, need a real diploma, like in Law, Medicine, etc. always check a professional's degrees when dealing with them on anything important.


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