Monday, March 12, 2018

Saskatoon Police warn of cocaine laced with fentanyl


The Saskatoon Star Phoenix is reporting that "A man and a woman are dead and four other people have been hospitalized for drug overdoses, the Saskatoon Police Service said in a media release on Sunday evening. Police have arrested three men and they face drug trafficking-related charges. Police have also issued a public safety advisory. They are warning anyone who may have purchased cocaine from a drug dealer named “Lil Joe” or “Joe Bro” or have contacted a dealer with the number 306-881-7300, that the drug they purchased could be laced with fentanyl. Police say the dosage of fentanyl in the drug may be lethal."

OK so this is new. The Saskatoon Police recognize when a drug dealers sells someone cocaine and laces it with fentanyl without telling the buyer, that is morally wrong. For them to name the drug dealer and post his phone number is new. Saskatoon has been hit with a surge in fentanyl fatalities like everywhere else because the drug dealers want to get addicts addicted to fentanyl so they can make more money. As a result, Saskatoon Police are considering murder charges.

Compare that to BC where the police do nothing. A local nurse named Leanne Yardley bought a line of cocaine from a drug dealer in a local Hells Angels strip bar named Shakerz and died because it was straight fentanyl. There was no cocaine in it. When we broke that story the police here did absolutely nothing. They did not name her or the bar she bought the drugs from.

After we broke the story a Doctor of Death from Fraser Health said "In addition, people report taking a variety of drugs including, but not limited to heroin, crack cocaine, COCAINE, amphetamines, ecstasy and GHB. At this time, we are warning people that all drugs may be contaminated with lethal substances."

Parents of overdose victims complained that the police here refused to charge the fentanyl dealers with anything at all. This obscene abandonment of the Four Pillars program which has seen harm prevention turn into harm promotion has seen Surrey and Vancouver have the highest overdose death rate in the world. This is not a successful model for anyone else to follow. It is a lethal fog of fraud that has choked reason unconscious from the public's mind.

If a drug dealer sells drugs laced with fentanyl arrest them. Enforcement is a crucial element of the Four Pillars program. That is the New York model. That is the model I support. Harm promotion is not what the Portugal model was about. The Portugal model was about treatment. Something we refuse to implement here in metro Vancouver because except for Price Pro, all our local detox are flop houses for addicts to do drugs. Drug dealers are selling drugs at detox centres. We need to arrest the drug dealers so those who want treatment can get it.

I ill note that if anyone is putting fentanyl in cocaine in Saskatoon it is highly likely it is someone who works for the Hells Angels. Stop the greed.

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