Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blaze the Teletubbies' meth head

Castanet is making reference to a recently released court decision regarding fly sh*t Donahue (Blaze) McWhirter. The decision claims "Police began surveilling fly sh*t in the spring of 2014, after receiving information from four confidential informants the Lake Country resident sold cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin in Kelowna."

"During their surveillance, police observed several interactions around Kelowna that looked like McWhirter was exchanging drugs with other individuals. On Oct. 20, 2014, police saw McWhirter meet with 10 to 14 Independent Soldiers or associates at Kelowna's Rusty's Pub, (Because he got his ass kicked in Liquid Zoo) after returning from the Lower Mainland earlier that day (having just supplied his meth head pal in Guildford that hacked up Shawn Clarys dead body). Kevin Irvine and Mark Pauls, two of the men McWhirter had met with, were pulled over by police after leaving the bar and found with five ounces of methamphetamine on them."

"Following Justice Davies ruling that the traffic stop and subsequent arrest did not violate the couple's constitutional rights, McWhirter pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine and MDMA for the purpose of trafficking, along with unlawful possession of a shotgun and rifle while he was prohibited. McWhirter remains out of custody on bail, but he's scheduled to be back before the courts on May 28 for a three-day sentencing hearing."

The shotgun and rifle were likely Joey Verma's since Joey was the hunter and the club wouldn't consider giving an idiot like Blaze a firearm. It was likely the shotgun they used slugs in to shoot Britney Irving in the back with. What do you think the odds are that lying spec of fly sh*t gets off again for cooperating with the Police? They sure know how to pick 'em.

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