Monday, March 12, 2018

Edmonton Prison faces sexual misconduct lawsuit

CBC is reporting that Edmonton Prison guards have been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit similar to the many class actions lawsuits at the RCMP. This lawsuit claims that four female prison guards have filed a class action lawsuit against six male prison guards claiming that the Edmonton prison "is a workplace rife with discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse of authority and sexual assault. The four plaintiffs detail repeated failed attempts to get help or protection from management or the union, alleging some of the biggest abusers all had prominent positions in the union and for the most part still do."

In November 2016 the National Post reported that "An Edmonton Institution inmate alleges he was intentionally shot in the testicles with a rubber bullet during a weekend lockdown as retribution for his part in a $5.6-million lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada."

It's interesting Edmonton has been singled out again. When it come to investigating organized crime, locals believe the EPS is compromised just like the BC Gang Task force after they disbanded the OMGU. That's why all the gang busts in Alberta are from ALERT. Perhaps we should contract out our gang enforcement in BC to them. At least they will do the job.

Canadian Sailor in sexual assault case found guilty

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  1. The lawsuit in Edmonton comes as no surprise. The only surprise is it took so long. It maybe that there are fewer female prison guards than there are female RCMP officers, pro rated.

    What has been done in Edmonton has gone on in all federal penns since women were permitted to work as prison guards. The Union which represents the prison guards at the federal level is the P.S.A.C. It is interesting even though the P.S.A.C. HAS over the past 30 years taken very progressive steps it never did tackle the problem with "the boys" in the penns. Now the chickens have come home to roust and its about time. We can only hope they clean house, big time, Union, Management, etc.


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