Thursday, March 1, 2018

James Riach gets life sentence in Philippines

Kim Bolan is reporting that James Riach has received a life sentence in the Philippines for trafficking cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy. That's too bad. I liked the Gingerbread man. Kinda bizarre how they refer to him as high profile and the Bacon scum as notorious. James Riach is a lot more notorious than the pig sh*t will ever be.

Obviously I don't support drug trafficking. However, James wasn't as bad as the others. It's like those young girls from Quebec sentenced in Australia for cocaine smuggling. Their life is gone now. Giving them a huge sentence won't stop the people they were working for. Will James Riach's harsh sentence be a deterrent for others to traffic drugs in foreign countries? Perhaps. It's a hard lesson to learn so it is. Crystal meth is a horrible drug.


  1. Cocaine smuggling from Quebec, huh.

    I wonder who was really behind it in that province ...

  2. So much for an HA expansion into Outlaws territory....

  3. Do the crime then do the time. Take a look at the young people out o n the streets addicted to those drugs . As long as there are drug dealers out there we will always have a problem with addicts. Shame the world has come to this.


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