Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jarrod Bacon released early due to typo

I wasn't even going to mention this because pigsh*t is not newsworthy but since the third little piggy is in the news I will comment on it. CBC is reporting that "It was a '7' that was actually supposed to be a '9'. That mistake is now having ripple effects, not just on the life of Jarrod Bacon, but on the public's perception of the corrections system. In 2012, Bacon was sentenced to 12 years in prison, minus time served, for smuggling 100 kilograms of cocaine. He was supposed to serve nine years before being eligible for statutory release. But according to the Parole Board of Canada, that was recorded as seven years instead on a prison document. Because of that, Bacon was released early in February 2017."

"Bacon breached the conditions of his release a few months later and was taken back to prison. His statutory release was revoked. Somewhere along the way, the typo was discovered. Bacon then argued he never should have been released at that time and, therefore, can't be held responsible for the breach. The Parole Board of Canada's appeal division agreed. Bacon is now set to be released on the correct date in June 2018."

You people have got to stop using the word notorious for pig sh*t. Have a little self respect. These clowns are from the suburbs. They aren't from Surrey and they aren't welcome here. The Surrey Six was deplorable. No one here has any respect for any of them at all.

Although Jarrod isn't hated as much as his dead preppy brother or the brainless ork Jamie, his prognosis is not good. He's just a cocky little b*tch that is going to end up dead. In the real hood, he's the kind of guy they shoot first just because he thinks he's all that when he is very far from it.

I would hope that the UN affiliates don't shoot him dead but that's really out of my hands. I would also hope the Hells Angels would stop using him to traffic drugs since he is a heat magnet but that too is out of my hands. If he doesn't stop trafficking drugs I can't see him living very long when he gets out of prison. The only reason he lasted as long as he did is because the police put up a video camera outside his house and gave them 24 police protections. That was insane.

Last year CBC reported that "Jarrod Bacon did not want to be released to a halfway house because he feared his enemies would easily find and kill him." No love lost.

Recently when he was released early by *mistake* he was caught in a strip club with someone who had a criminal record. Everyone speculated that it was Gumby but the police didn't name the person he was with. He took his date to a strip club. Real classy. Those losers trade girlfriends like hockey cards. Like I said before stupid just isn't pretty.

The real villain in this case is his worthless father who encouraged his kids to be involved in the drug trade and financially benefited from it. His father had a good job but greed and materialism took over. He's just another piece of garbage waiting to be flushed down the toilet.

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