Wednesday, February 7, 2018

BC Government wants to seize crime cash

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "The B.C. government wants to confiscate more than $100,000 in cash that was seized from a Vancouver apartment where police also found an arsenal of weapons and a large quantity of drugs." Well it wasnt a large quantity of drugs it was a small qualnity of drugs. But they alos found a loaded AK 47. " A total of 15 firearms were seized, including the AK-47, a shotgun, numerous handguns and revolvers, and a submachine gun. About 400 rounds of ammunition were also found in the suite."

That's a lot of money and a lot of guns found in a sh*t hole in the DTES. The small quantity of drugs isn;t surprising because at the street level they usually have small quantities with runners restocking supplies as needed. That much cash is evidence of how much money the drug dealers are making from their brutal exploitation in the DTES.

Seizing the proceeds of crime wouldn't be such a bad thing if they were actually making a genuine attempt to disrupt the drug trafficking. It becomes problematic when they make absolutely no attempt whatsoever to disrupt drug trafficking and focus solely on seizing the proceeds of crime. That's what happened in LA during Freeway Ricky's day.

All the police are doing now is collecting finder fees for letting the drug trafficking continue unbridled. We need to disrupt the drug trafficking. To stand by and watch the drug dealers traffic fentanyl without stopping them and then simply seize the proceeds of crime is blood money. People died for that money. We need to disrupt the drug trafficking not collect finder fees.

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