Monday, February 5, 2018

DTES Crime Crackdown

Finally someone with a brain. The Vancouver Sun / Province is reporting that "Last week, Vancouver police increased foot patrols in the impoverished neighbourhood to address street disorder and prevent violence. Police said the sweeps came in response to a surge in complaints from residents, business owners and visitors. As well, people with mobility issues and the elderly have complained about blocked sidewalks and doorways."

It's about time. Violent crime in the DTES is off the hook especially after they closed the East Vancouver police station to pubic access. As always, as soon as someone steps up and does something good, there are a line up of people to compliant and the Post Media Propaganda Monopoly continues to promote the DTES Pharmaceutical Fraud.

Advocates for East Vancouver drug dealers claim that the increased police presence is discouraging people from using the lethal injection sites. That is a bold faced lie that fails the test of believability. If the police are standing outside on the street, drug users are going to want to go inside the lethal injection site to get away from the cops.

"Deputy Chief Howard Chow said the increased police activity in the Downtown Eastside will continue. But Chow said beat officers remain focused on predators that exploit drug addicts. He said police policy is to crack down on organized crime, not pick up people with addictions on minor possession charges." That is exactly what they should be doing.

“The reality of it is that police officers and beat officers have been part of that landscape, part of the community, for decades,” Chow said. That is true. I have always supported police walking the beat in high crime areas and the DTES was one of the few places in Canada where police officers did walk the beat. The RCMP won't do it but they should. Walking the beat in high crime areas reduces crime.

"Chow said the sweeps have been effective. Last week was only the second week in the past six years during which there wasn’t a single street-level assault or robbery. Police have confiscated knives, a hatchet and an imitation handgun during searches. They’ve seized drugs cut with fentanyl as well as stolen property."

The police saw a drug addict walking down the street with a brand new flat screen TV still in the box. That is suspicious to say the least. Odds are it was stolen. The DTES is a showcase for stolen goods. We also have to remember that a high percentage of drug users steal things to pay for their drugs and commit a prolific amount of violent crime. The drug dealer advocates are even complaining about the police arresting drug dealers. That is what the police are supposed to do. Enforcement is one of the essential pillars in the four pillars program.

PIVOT means well but their good intentions have helped create an epidemic of violence and addiction that is killing people every day. VANDU, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users are themselves drug dealers. The predatory drug dealers in the DTES are horrific.

For years I have assisted a friend take a group of youth from the suburbs to hand out clothes in the DTES. The last two years we had a few female leaders come with us along with some young girls. My group was set up at pigeons corner as always. Some women from the street were noticeably uncomfortable so I stepped back and let our female leaders assist them. They told our female leaders that women don't like to go to pigeon corner any more because they regularly get sexually assaulted there.

Extremists always used to say East Van takes care of it's own and want to be left alone. That is no longer true. East Van preys on the weak and elderly on a daily basis. The only people complaining about the police walking the beat in the DTES are the criminals.

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  1. Having police officers walk the beat is a great idea. they used to do it and it made walking around the DTES safe. the last time I drove through the area, along Hastings St. it was not a place I'd walk, which I once did. For police to know what is going on, they need to be on their feet, on the street. It gives people in trouble a place to run, that is why that station ought to be have left open.

    Arresting drug dealers with drugs which kill is an oh so wonderful idea. Just think of the money we save in the health care system just for a start.

    Stealing is against the law and it increases the cost of insurance, etc. so again, arresting people with stolen goods, is a good thing. Now it might be argued how will drug addicts finance their habit, well it won't. We as a society then have to decide what to do. In my opinion, offer treatment and or their drugs are free if they go into a safe injection site. No stealing necessary. No drug dealers necessary. of course that will cost a few buck and those who are part of the "common sense" revolution wouldn't go for it, but again, its a case of front loading to save money down the street.

    There are people who live in the DTES permanently. They need a safe place to live. Those who come in from other areas to traffic their drugs, etc. need to go. If police are at safe injection sites, its a good thing. It means people can get into the sites without problems from those who would mug the addicts. if the police are compassionate and caring and welcoming it is a place to start to build trust. enough written, time to look at the dish washer.


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