Saturday, February 24, 2018

Overview of the Korean Winter Olympics - Update

I said I wasn't going to report on the Korean Winter Olympics any more because of the OAC corruption but I will say this: Hats off to Norway and Germany. Norway and Germany have led the world with most gold medals. Well done. Although Norway has less population than many of it's larger competitors, they excel in winter sports. Germany's success in the Winter Olympics represents hard work and fine craftsmanship. Something the Germans are well known for.

Germany beat Canada in the men's hockey. We were all "at least is wasn't the Americans." It's great to see Germany take the podium for a change. The US did beat Canada in women's hockey which was heartbreaking for the women but in all fairness the Americans did play well. You can't win all the time. The Canadian Women's team worked hard and did us proud. No doubt they formed lasting friendships and important life skills. There is more to life than winning medals.

In 2010 people claimed the woman's hockey team embarrassed us because after winning the gold medal they celebrated by sharing cigars, champagne and beer on centre ice after everyone had left. AYFKM? There was no disgrace. The mob is fickle and stupid. This year the mob claims one of the members of the Canadian woman's hockey team embarrassed Canada by taking off her silver medal. Give your head a shake. They all did us proud. People are allowed to be human. They were all just about in tears receiving the silver medal after losing the gold. Taking off the silver medal was not rude. It was her way of dealing with the loss.

In 2010 the Canadian Woman's hockey team beat the US in overtime. In 2018 they lost to the US in a shoot out. Either game could have gone either way. All the athletes need to be recognized for their hard work and competence. The person caught DUI in a stolen vehicle was embarrassing. The woman who took off her silver medal was not.

It was nice to see a peaceful event completed despite the CIA's tainted brainwashing. I will also reiterate that banning the Russian flag from the Olympics was stupid. It diminished all of us. Grigory Rodchenkov is dirty as f*ck. Now he's claiming England is next on the chopping block for doping as he sits in his fully paid expensive condo in the US. We need to focus on OAC corruption and promote the next World's fair in their place. That would be more productive.

Update: Russia takes the gold medal in Men's hockey. Well done!

The OAC is corrupt and so is the CIA for spamming the media will bullsh*t about Russia. Dasvidaniya OAC and CIA. In 2017 they played the wrong anthem by mistake. This year they did it on purpose. This is their real anthem. This is their anthem played at Sochi.

Hats off to the host country. Outsider is the worlds fastest rapper and has a wonderful family.

Korean rapper Outsider and American rapper Twista go head to head in Star Warz.

With special thanks to Kim Jong-un for not blowing us all up at the Olympics.

Twista is hopeful about the future and so am I. Peace.

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  1. I think it's more BS with an agenda. If someone tests posative for drugs ban them. Ben Johnson tested posative. You don't ban the whole country because a lying piece of sh*t claims that the Russians have figured out a way to cheat drug testing.

    I think the OAC is corrupt. That much we know. I think the CIA is a criminal organization. I think this BS about Russia hacking the US election is an absurd lie with a specific agenda. It doesn't matter to me. I won't watch the Olympics any more. They lost my support. But I will visit Russia when the opportunity presents itself


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