Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russell Bidesi found guilty of second-degree murder of Bradley McPherson

The Surrey Now / Leader is reporting that "Russell Atma Bidesi, 26, has been found guilty of second-degree murder in connection with the shooting of a Surrey man at a Christmas Eve party in 2011. The conviction comes more than six years after the fatal shooting 28-year-old Bradley McPherson at a house party near 131 Street and 67A Avenue."

This is the case that I was referring to when I said I wasn't going to comment on it until the trial was over because there was obviously more to the story than was presented in court. However, Russell Bidesi was the shooter so I remained silent and will continue to do so. The powers that be know the concerns that I have and they know those concerns are valid. It's time to bring back the OMGU. That's all that I have to say on the matter.


  1. WOW, six years?? LOL. What a pathetic commentary on the Injustice System. That poor guy in his grave for that long an his family grieving.....was the shooter in jail the whole time awaiting trial, or was he walking around breathing free air?

    "Justice delayed is justice denied", and no amount of time but a TRUE life sentence is a balance for the taking of a life.

  2. People continue to whine and complain about how we do not need more legislation and less control from the state.

    Yet, clearly the lack of legislation requiring timely prosecutions and accountability (ie some lawyer drags out the case on purpose they lose their license and are guilty of an offense that will put them in jail; if the prosecutor does the same thing, same punishment, same for judges, cops, etc).

    That was clearly the idea of the ruling on timely cases that the HA have used to their benefit to have so many cases thrown out of court, but the government did not make anyone accountable for that so they just get to walk away.

    All the whining about how much court fees cost are nothing compared to how much it cost for the investigation to get to that point, so those attempted arguments are moot.

  3. This piece of shit murdered my friend very shortly after he murdered Bradley, yes trailrunner, he was in custody for murder 15 yrs - time served at time and a half. He also shot another guy in the face, that guy survived.
    There should be a death penalty for shitballs like this.

    1. Who did he shoot in the face??

    2. If I remember correct it was some guy in Richmond, found a link

    3. Good BYE Albino. Enjoy the lovin on the inside.


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