Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Surrey woman, 63, pricked by used needle

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Last week, 63-year-old Mary Hauser was dreaming of retirement. Today, she’s wondering if she’ll be alive to enjoy it. Longtime Surrey resident Mary Hauser told the Now-Leader she was pricked by a used needle while cleaning a parenting room at Central City Shopping Centre last Saturday."

I actually know her. She was a longtime activist for years. The free needle obviously came from Vancouver Coastal Health. Health has absolutely nothing to do with them. Back in the day, needle exchanges used to be exchanges. Addicts would hand in their used needle and get a clean needle in exchange. Then the doctors of death changed the policy. Instead of exchanging used needles for clean needles they just started handing out free needles.

Now the addicts thrown their used needles anywhere they want including children's playgrounds because they know they'll get a new needle for free. They even throw them all over the grocery store at Surrey Central. That isn't harm reduction. That is harm promotion.

January 10th CTV News reported that "Victoria police are warning the public that a second person was pricked by a syringe just a day after it happened to a toddler at a downtown McDonald's. Police say a woman was walking her dog in the 700-block of Pembroke Street Tuesday night when the pet went after a paper bag next to a garbage can. She grabbed the bag away from the dog and felt a needle prick her hand." Coastal Health is not promoting health.

Needles are bad enough but handing out free crack pipes is just plain wrong. At least with needle exchanges there is a plausible argument behind it. The objective of needle exchanges is to get used needles off the street so someone doesn't get AIDS. You don't get AIDS from a crack pipe. Turning lethal injection sites into safe inhalation sites where people can smoke crack on the taxpayers dime is just plain evil. There is no social justice in it.

Fraser Health responds to questions about needle distribution and collection in Chilliwack

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