Thursday, February 15, 2018

50% of addicts on the Surrey Strip want to get into detox but can't

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Study reveals sobering truths about drug use on Surrey’s 135A Street." A KPU professor studying drug addiction on the Surrey strip states that "The only city in B.C. with a higher overdosed death toll than Surrey was Vancouver, which saw 348 fatalities last year." The lethal injection sites are promoting addiction which is resulting in an increase in overdose deaths in Vancouver and Surrey. That much is clear.

“Number one: in terms of the racial mix of people who find themselves in this very problematic substance use, roughly half are self identified as Caucasian, but the other half, about 45 per cent, self-identify as Indigenous or other,” he said. “There is a lot of First Nation representation in terms of problematic substance use on 135A street.” Actually we do not know that. All we know from the survey is half the drug addicts are white and the other half are something else.

“In terms of detox, in terms of solutions, the people who find themselves with problematic substance use who live hopelessly on 135A in these tents, many have also sought treatment or detox. So about 60 per cent of these people who live in those tents of 135A street find themselves there after going though detox or treatment, not for lack of wanting.”

That's because other than the one run by Price Pro, the detox centers in Surrey are flop houses where addicts do drugs. Drug dealers are known to hang out at the treatment houses and sell drugs while the police do nothing to stop them. Seizing the proceeds of crime without disrupting drug trafficking is a criminal act.

"In the survey, more than half of respondents said they wanted to go into detox or treatment, but were unable." That's because the extremists and the corrupt politicians have thrown away the three crucial pillars in the four pillars program and have turned harm prevention into harm promotion which simply promotes addiction and assists organized crime.

Harm Promotion on the Surrey Strip cost taxpayers $288,000.00. Enforcing the law and arresting the drug deals at the Surrey treatment centers and on the Surrey strip would cost nothing and prevent lifetimes of misery and exploitation. That would save lives.

"While addicts are people and have rights, so do all the other people in the area have the right to a neighbourhood that is clean, free of open drug dealing, with sidewalks and lit streets."

A space to shoot up, but no space for addiction treatment

Sudden death near White Rock shelter

Reggie Yates is worth listening to.

If someone doesn't understand privilege show them this


  1. its very simply. taxpayers don't want to pay for it. never have and never will. They don't even want supportive housing in their neighbourhoods so where will they put treatment centers?

    we had a B.C. Lieberal government which did little for health care and even less for mental health for 16 years and it was o.k. by the majority of voters in this province. Now we have a new government but if they were to raise taxes to provide the necessary services, there would be a tax revolt.

    1. It doesn't require a tax revolt. It requires spending tax dollars more wisely. Closing Riverview and putting all the mentally ill on the street was bad business as well as immoral. It's not about raising taxes, it's about confronting the neo cons tax fraud.

      Instead of putting an LRT down 104th in Surrey that no one wants and will create gridlock, they could build social housing and proper treatment facilities with money to spare which would save our BC Medical program from the current drug related pharmaceutical fraud.

      Likewise, instead of replacing the Massey tunnel which doesn't need to be replaced so they can dredge the Fraser River and load more coal onto the cargo ships, they could do the same thing to the DTES with money to spare. It's not a matter of raising taxes, it' a matter if correcting our priorities.

  2. Drug addiction isn't a disease it's a weakness, the advocates are the enablers and and a cancer in society. Social housing should be contingent on remaining drug and crime free.
    Do what thou will should be the whole of the law, as long as you don't hurt anyone else and pay for it yourself. Is it any wonder the problem is getting worse they're rewarding and reinforcing anti social behavior by giving the scum of the earth better housing than low income tax paying citizens can afford. Imagine what could be done with that money in other parts of Canada instead of concentrating it in the heart of our beautiful city. I'd be willing to bet our social welfare industry is our nation's largest industry

  3. When you posted the link to the "privilege" video, I don't think you took the time to read the top comment regarding that video ...

    (Unless you wanted to expose the video for the inherent flaws and bias.)

    1. There are no flaws. That is the point. Rich people have more privileges than poor people. It's not about being black or white. It's about being more appreciative of our privileges and less judgmental of those who have had more struggles than we have.


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