Sunday, February 4, 2018

Reggie Yates Outside Man

There is another stirring series on Netflix with Reggie Yates called Outside Man. Reggie is a brother from the UK who has a brain and a heart. Netflix states "Award-winning filmmaker Reggie Yates travels around the world tackling big issues such as gun violence, racism, gay rights and addiction. In the first episode he camps at a white slum in South Africa. This guy has a future.

I know a white guy from South Africa. He moved to Canada after the fall of Apartheid. I don't like him. He's all everything was fine until we gave blacks the right to vote. I'm like if you don't like black people then stay the f*ck out of their country. I don't like racism. I don't like slavery. I don't like Apartheid. Reggie Yates is posative and thought provoking. He is worth listening to.


  1. "A brother" ? You are not black. Going on and on about the "ghetto gospel" does not make you black.

    1. I never said I was. The arms on my coat of arms is white. Tupac Shakur said the Ghetto Gospel is not about being black or white. The Ghetto gospel is about ethics in the hood on the street. Growing up in the hood meant growing up poor and having to struggle. It did not men growing up in a rich yuppie neighborhood.

      I support a Free Republic just like the brothers who signed the Irish Proclamation with their own blood during the Easter Rising in 1916. I also support Reggie Yates' activism.


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