Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fake article in the Montreal Gazette

The anti prohibitionists are sending around a fake article on twitter pretending to be from the Montreal Gazette claiming the Hells Angels issued a public thank you to Harper for continuing the drug war. Implying that the Hells Angels profit from the illegal drug trade and Harper's anti crime bill helps the Hells Angles pay their bills.

It fails the test of believability because the Hells Angels don’t want to go to jail for selling drugs so they clearly don’t support the bill. The anti prohibitionists don’t draw the line at pot and want to legalize every drug under the sun including crack, crystal meth and date rape drug. That is absolute irresponsibility. These are the clowns that claim handing out free crack pipes is a health issue so people don’t catch a cold while getting flesh eating disease. They are spoilt brat lunatics.

Ricky Warren Jenks was the sergeant-at-arms for the Washington Hells Angels. He is a former neo-Nazi skinhead who joined a Hells Angels chapter based in Spokane in 1999. In 2009 he was sentenced to two years in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He became a felon after he was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for the 2001 shooting death of a Lonnie Taylor, who was making methamphetamine in a Spokane Valley home. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison and arrested under a federal racketeering indictment shortly after his release. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months in prison with credit for time served, along with five years probation. Authorities referred to the murder as a drug rip.

Amsterdam are reversing their open drug laws because they found it didn’t stop the Hells Angels violent control of the drug trade. It only made them untouchable. Remember when someone sent out that fake twitter message that crashed the New York Stock Exchange? Twitter is a great medium for getting information out there but ya gotta check to make sure it’s true information.

LEAP is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They are dirty cops on the take. Mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot is dumb but we need mandatory minimums for violent crime as well as for selling not using crack or crystal meth. It really is that simple.

Maple Ridge Shooting

A blog reader just sent this in from ScanBC. Maple Ridge RCMP are investigating a shooting at 240th St & Lougheed Hwy. Victim was airlifted to hospital by BCAS Helicopter. Confirmed by Global as well as CTV. The shooting was today around 12:40PM. We know who controls the drug trade in Maple Ridge. That would fall under Haney's jurisdiction.

Global is reporting that the person who was shot today in broad daylight is Franz Prokop, a Realtor and former Maple Ridge city councillor. He was showing a property in the 24000-block of Lougheed Highway just like Lindsey Buziak. Another realtor targeted while showing a home.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Joey Arrance Killed in Coquitlam shooting

Well our source was right. The Prince George Free Press and the Vancouver Province are both confirming that is was indeed Joey Arrance who was shot dead in Coquitlam Tuesdays night. That is seriously messed up. He had just posted pictures of his newborn son. I’ve got a lot to say about this but I’m pretty pissed and need to walk it off first.

OK this whole Joey Arrance slander campaign is really messed up. There is nothing that Joey could have possibly done that would ever justify killing his girlfriend’s wheel chair bound mother. Nothing. We need to address that first. All the trash talking rationalizing that deranged act is really messed up. That’s not debatable. Killing someone’s girlfriend’s mother for something they did is deranged. We need to face that fact because there are several criminals in Prince George that support and rationalize really deranged acts.

We also need to address the fact that since the Hells Angels control the drug trade in Prince George, there is no way anyone there would burn down Joey’s tattoo parlor and his girlfriend’s home without the permission if not orders of the Hells Angels. No way.

The first red flag I noticed in this case was the police’s press release about seizing a gang member’s bling. At first we all thought go team. Then I noticed that this was a guy who had fallen out of favor with the Hells Angels. Someone who was on their hit list. Why seize his stuff? Because it’s easy since he doesn’t have the Hells Angels on his side any more? Why not seize skidmark or skeletor’s stuff? That would be more impressive. Seize a high ranking Hells Angels bling like weird Hal. Don’t seize someone on their hit list. It makes the campaign suspicious.

Rape is a serious offense. However, lets be clear that this bizarre claim that the Hells Angels have a rule against rape is a lie. Mom Boucher got his patch right after he got out of jail for armed rape. There have been many rape allegations tied to the Hells Angels.

Even if Joey did rape someone and I’m not sure he did, that would not justify killing his girlfriend’s mother. Anyone claiming it does needs some time with Dr. Phil. I don’t know the merits of the case but I do know that is not why they were after him and that is not why they killed him.

There was another rape allegation tied to the GTS in the Renegades clubhouse in Prince George. A gang rape. That was a separate case and the guys got off because it turned out the victim had gone to the clubhouse for a party and willingly took cocaine. I fail to see how that means it’s legally OK to gang rape her for that but the judge seemed to think so. Joey’s case on the other hand was full of contradictions.

My point is, if the Hells Angels were after Joey because he raped someone, then they would be after the others as well. But they’re not. They’re upset about the bad press but when push comes to shove their fake policy on rape is just another fake pr campaign to promote their violent drug trade and their prostitution.

Even the Prince George Troll’s allegations contract themselves. One minute he claims Joey’s new son was probably the child of a rape, then he goes on and insults the physical appearance of his child’s mother. So which is it? The child’s mother is ugly or she was raped? It would appear that neither accusation is true. Just like this insane claim that Joey was an informant. That has been so over plaid it is absurd. They wouldn’t be seizing his stuff if he was an informant.

The common thread between all these slander campaigns against people the Hells Angels have killed is that they are filled with false allegations. They said Geoff Messiner stole from the Hells Angels. No he didn’t. That was a lie. They found someone to do the Vegas money laundering run for less money. They said Britney Irving was a rat. No she wasn’t. That was a lie. She was going into detox and wasn’t going to need any more oxy. Having her clean and knowing that much was too dangerous. Now they claim Joey Arrance was a rat. No he wasn’t. That too is a lie.

We know what the problem was. The police made that clear in their case to justify seizing Joey’s family’s jewelry. Which they should return now that he’s dead. They claimed that Joey was involved with drug trafficking. They claimed he continued drug trafficking when he was in jail. Well there you have it. He was still selling drugs after he lost favor with the Hells Angels. That is what the real problem was. He kept selling when they told him he wasn’t allowed to so they killed him. It’s that simple. The Hells Angels murder rival drug dealers. That has nothing to do with riding motorcycles and everything to do with greed.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Calgary FOB member flips

The Calgary Sun is reporting that Hans Eastgaard is getting reduced jail time for testifying against his former associates. He used to be with FOB as in Fresh off the Boat which was tied to the Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers who are from here and work for the Hells Angels. FK were tied to the UN. It should be interesting to see who he flips on. It has to be something big to get immunity for three murders. I'm told no HAs are involved because they're too far up the food chain.

Coquitlam shooting tied to Prince George

The Vancouver Province is reporting that there was another gang related shooting in Coquitlam last night. Although the police have not yet released the identity of the victim, the Province states they have a source that claims the victim was linked to an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang possibly the Prince George Renegades. Possibly? I’d hardly call them an OMG but they are tied to the Hells Angels who definitely are. I thought the Renegades have been disbanded. Jay Hall had his Harley up for sale and is a freaking meth head while Stephen King went Rock Machine and is now with the Outlaws. So they say.

I’ll wait until the police id the victim before I dive in. I have a source that claims it was Joey Arrance. The Hells Angels killed his girlfriend's mother who was in a wheel chair when they burned her house down as well as his tattoo parlor. Joey used to be with GTS but so was Stephen King when he was striking for the Renegades so they're all tied together. The Renegades were a puppet club for the Hells Angels. Back when they killed Billy Moore and burned his house down. The Crew sold crack for the Hells Angels through the Renegades.

After the Crew got the bad press for cutting off fingers for small drug debts they crossed over to the Independent Soldiers who also work for the Hells Angels. Like we said years ago, the police claim no one sells drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. A GTS gang rape was committed in the Renegades clubhouse and all of them got off. That would be pretty messed up if it was Joey right after the birth of his son.

Update: The Prince George Free Press and the Vancouver Province are both confirming that is was indeed Joey Arrance who was shot dead in Coquitlam. That is seriously messed up.

Joey Arrance Killed in Coquitlam shooting

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ron Lising gets job with the City of Vancouver

Well here it is. The story everyone’s been talking about. Front page of the Vancouver Province was a story about how full patch member Ron Lising got a job collecting garbage with the city of Vancouver right after getting out of jail for trafficking crystal meth on behalf of the Hells Angels. A lot of people are writing in and are really upset about it.

One person asked why every one is upset. Surely everyone wants the guy to get a real job and leave the Hells Angels and the drug trafficking behind. Yes they do. The problem is, that job starts off at $60,000 a year and is in a strong Union. There are a lot of people in line who would like to get that job and all of a sudden someone with a criminal record for threats and harassment jumps the queue and gets the job other people are waiting for. That’s the concern.

People say if you can stick it out until you get driving the trucks, you’re got it made. Driving the trucks is a lot easier than lifting garbage all day. Does he get to jump that queue as well?

The Vancouver Province reported that: City Manager Penny Ballem told the Province Friday: "This individual has worked for the city this summer season, I'm not going to deny that. Beyond that, I'm not at liberty to discuss any specifics. I can tell you that the city takes its hiring process and the safety of its staff and the public very seriously."

The city takes its hiring process and the safety of its staff and the public very seriously? Evidently not. The guy has a criminal record for assaults, threats and harassment tied to a criminal organization. Identity theft from garbage is a huge concern. The Province is now reporting that the city is going to review the decision after it went public but the bottom line is that if it wasn’t for public pressure they wouldn’t have thought twice about it. These are tax dollars remember. Public accountability is crucial. As is the safety of the public and all it’s employees not just the Hells Angel hang arounds.

In fact this story has opened up Pandora ’s Box regarding corruption at city hall. Years ago the CBC did some under cover investigative journalism of their own. They had one of their journalists pose as someone tied to the mafia in New York City. To make their case believable they told their contact to tell Paul Volpe that their uncle was involved in the Garbage industry in New York. To which Paul Volpe laughed and said well you’ve got that right. Implying that everyone knows the mafia controls the union that collects garbage in New York City. (Fast forward to 3:30 in the video)

Everyone talks about the corruption in Montreal’s city hall but is Vancouver and Surrey any better? I think not. Quebec has a task force to find and address the problem. We don’t. Vancouver City Hall already gave the Hells Angels 2 million dollars. The City of Vancouver bought the Drake hotel from the Hells Angels to turn it into social housing. Only they paid them $2 million more than it was worth. That in effect is handing the Hells Angels 2 million in tax dollars.

You don’t have to call it a bribe to know that was a crime. That was money allotted for social housing. It was robbing from the poor and destitute to give to rich criminals who already exploit the poor and disadvantaged in East Vancouver. Don’t even get me started on Godzilla and her secret development corporation Michael Geller calls a conflict of interest. Montreal’s corruption is nothing compared to ours. Who knows what the mayor of Toronto was thinking getting his picture taken shaking hands with a member of the Hells Angels.

The questions that arise are if the mafia controls the garbage industry in New York City how much influence does the Hells Angels have over that industry in Vancouver? What else are they influencing? Everyone knows they control the docks and the Longshoreman’s union. When are we going to address that? One blog reader claims his sources tell him they control the plumbers Union as well. I wonder if there are and business agents in the Teamsters here that are tied to the Hells Angels and are involved with hiring in that Union. The list goes on. Pandora’s box has been opened and the concerns need to be addressed.

"There are definitely known members of the Hells Angels working on the waterfront in Vancouver," he said. A 1995 police report on the situation counted 10 known gang members and 30 of their associates within the longshoremen's union.

"Not all the information behind these initiatives is shared with all stakeholders, Bloor said, because of the work's sensitive nature. The books author said Hells Angels businesses in the Lower Mainland included bike shops, cell phone outlets and real estate, construction and waste disposal companies. They are also involved in sex-related businesses and the drug trade."


Update: The Vancouver Province is reporting that sanitation workers say they believe the department’s hiring manager, Mike Zupan, was aware of Hells Angel Ronaldo Lising’s background. No kidding. Scamorama.

Australia braces for Hells Angels / Rock Machine violence

The Age, a national news outlet in Australia, is reporting that a branch of the Canadian Rock Machine is opening up in Victoria, Australia which will add fuel to the fire since the Hells Angels and the Bandidos are fighting in Australia and the Rock Machine are aligned with the Bandidos.

We remember how the Hells Angels invaded Australia and told a local bike group called the Finks to kiss their ass or leave town. Chris Hudson decided to kiss their ass and was awarded a new Harley for betraying his club. He’s the guy that shot a father dead for intervening when he was beating his girlfriend in public. Not a good start to their Australian invasion.

The term outlaw in Australia hasn’t always meant bad guy. England sent prison ships to Australia filled with Irish political prisoners. These weren’t criminals. These were freedom fighters. Ya gotta wonder what the British were thinking. Sending an Irish “criminal” to Australia was like sending him to club med.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the holy land. It’s just the image I have of those cold damp rock caves in Dingle scarcely compare with the warm wonders of Australia. Obviously the British were just trying to get rid of their trouble makers yet sending them to a beautiful place like Australia was hardly a punishment. Ned Kelly was one of the more famous outlaws in Australia that held a kind of Robin Hood popularity with the people.

Australians have always been known for being tough. We remember Gallipoli. Sadly, this is no Gallipoli. This has nothing to do with fighting for freedom. It’s about greed fighting over a monopoly on the drug trade. It has nothing to do with riding motorcycles. Yet if they stand against the Hells Angels international plague of crack and crystal meth then I salute them and wish them well.

Grouse on Cypress

Saw some grouse while I was hiking up Skychair on Cypress Sunday.

The Lions are pretty bare. No snow left at all. Not for long.

It’s a good time of year to climb the Lions. You don’t have to cross those steep snow patches.

It’s always good to get back into the mountains to keep things in perspective.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Catherine Galliford receives Medal of Courage

A blog reader recently sent me this picture of Catherine Galliford receiving a medal of courage on February 22 2013. Ironically it was recently reported that the RCMP are now trying to fire her and all the other women who have joined the class action sexual harassment law suit. Some things will never change. So it seems.

The multitude of allegations in the law suit are outrageous. What was supposed to have been a professional organization has clearly been anything but. Stephen Harper is not the one to deal with this issue. He fires and slanders whistle blowers and he is doing the same thing here.

It was a public outrage how the government responded to the sexual harassment law suit with denial and slander. It shows they have no desire to take responsibility and correct the problem. The fact that Don Ray and Jim Brown are still employed with the RCMP is proof of that. That is why a law suit was necessary. Because they have and are still refusing to admit there is a problem and are still refusing to deal with it despite their false claims. It is discouraging to say the least. We don’t restore public confidence after it has been lost with denial and continued bullying.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the historic march on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered his eloquent and inspiring I have a dream speech. It’s hard to conceive that unconstitutional laws of segregation existed as recently as 1963. That was a massive march on Washington that was completely peaceful and productive. It was an inspiration to all.

Martin Luther King’s dream was that the constituting would one day be more than a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall. His dream was that the constitution would one day be implemented and not just talked about.

On our day that same constitution is under serious attack and corrupt governments who are legally bound by it and have sworn an oath to preserve and protect it are in reality destroying it and the free republic it represents. Civil liberty is still on the table. Only it’s not just civil liberty for one race or creed, it is civil liberty for everyone and surprisingly enough, Obama is killing that dream.

“I say to you today my friends that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted within the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed, we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. I have a dream today.” Indeed, from every mountain and from every mole hill, let freedom ring.

One man come in the name of love One man come and go One come he to justify One man to overthrow One man caught on a barbed wire fence One man he resist One man washed on an empty beach One man betrayed with a kiss Early morning, April 4 Shot rings out in the Memphis sky Free at last, they took your life They could not take your pride In the name of love One more in the name of love. Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?

Harper’s Arctic Lie Continues to Unravel

It is astounding that Harper’s media machine is still trying to portray Harper as someone who actually cares about Canadian sovereignty in the arctic when in reality he has single handedly done more to destroy Canadian sovereignty than any other Prime Minister in Canadian history. He sold Canadian oil rights to Communist China, he agreed to cross border policing with the United States and he is still censoring the media.

He claims the NDP are socialists yet he sold our oil rights to Communists with a worse human rights record than Cuba. Now, every time we get gouged at the pump we are helping fund a communist dictatorships’ military expansion.

He ran commercials about the War of 1812 and how we historically stood up for Canadian sovereignty yet he agreed to give that up by letting Americans police Canada. The whole protecting Canadian sovereignty in the arctic is one big fraud. That fleet of outrageously expensive jets from his insider trader didn’t work in the arctic. He clearly has no real desire to protect the arctic despite his media lies. It’s a smoke and mirrors side show just like everything else in his campaign.

He said he was tough on crime yet he cut funding for the RCMP and the gang task force while he dramatically increased funding for commercials to promote the RCMP brand. Saying one thing and doing the other while spending large amounts of tax dollars on advertizing to convince us that bad decision was good for Canada is called propaganda.

Instead of addressing the long history of sexual harassment in the RCMP, Harper promoted a chief who tows his line and fires whistleblowers while covering up what has been exposed with slander and harassment.

Harper claimed to be tough on crime yet he put out a bill that puts mandatory minimum sentences on possession of pot. That in effect prevents us from putting mandatory minimum sentences on violent crime or for selling crack and crystal meth. I don’t think legalization of pot is the answer. I think decriminalizing it is. We also need mandatory minimum sentences for selling small quantities of crack or crystal meth in public. Three months for selling crack in public is not excessive. A three month mandatory minimum sentence with no early release for chronic offenders of property theft is not excessive. Anything less than that mocks justice and bullies victims.

Harper cut funding for the prisons and wants to privatize them. The privatized prison system in California has been one big colossal failure. That is the wrong model to follow and everyone else knows that now. We need to oppose corporate communism that gouges tax payers.

Harper pretended to support the military but cut wages, pensions and benefits for soldiers. All while he allotted billions for a fleet of over priced jets from a company one of his candidates lobbied for. That's Mulroney's Airbus kickback mountain times ten. He even cut the Canadian coast guard in Vancouver.

Harper has made no secret about his opposition to the Charter of Rights. That is because he is trying to destroy civil liberty. The Charter of Rights is similar to the US Bill of Rights. Both documents are under attack on both sides of the border. We need to protect civil liberty.

My concerns with Stephen Harper are not about left versus right. It’s about right versus wrong. It’s about those who support a free republic against those who oppose one and I don’t think Justin Trudeau is the answer. I used to. Who would have thought the son of that great patriarch would betray the Charter of Rights? Who saw that coming? I didn’t. Justin claimed the NDP were soft on the charter while he himself voted with Harper to destroy it. That was astounding. For Justin Trudeau to talk about protecting the Charter of Rights now is as hypocritical as Harper talking about protecting Canadian sovereignty in the arctic. Both lies have been revealed.

I think Thomas Mulcair is a good leader and it’s not about supporting socialism it’s about supporting a free republic. The NDP, the Bloc and the Green Party are the only ones who voted in favor of supporting the Canadian Charter of Rights when all the other mainstream political parties voted to destroy it. Isn't that ironic.

Yes I am concerned about the NDP’s ability to balance a budget. But I’m more concerned about Stephen Harper’s ability to balance a budget. His banking and corporate fraud has created a far bigger debt than any left wing socialist would have ever dreamed of. And yes the left wingers would have spent the money on better things.

Mulcair claims “Several provinces are now at the 50 per cent rate. Beyond that, you’re not talking taxation; you’re talking confiscation. And that is never going to be part of my policies, going after more individual taxes. Period. Full stop.” He said the NDP would spend money on different things, and the NDP would make cuts, but they would be better cuts.

Spending money on different things is a good example. Harper spending $65 billion on a bank bailout the banks didn’t need then raising the age of retirement to pay for it was a crime against Canadians.

Obviously you don’t want to over tax corporations or anyone else. Anything over 50% tax on someone no matter how much money they make is wrong. Yet so is the fact that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. As is the fact that Obama pays tax at a lower rate than his secretary too. Donald Trump paying no tax is a complete crime just as when large corporations pay next to no tax. That’s the purpose of gas taxes. To off load taxes from the oil companies onto the consumers.

Letting CSIS lose billions of dollars from their anti terror fraud budget every year is another example of massive fiscal irresponsibility. JP Morgan and Goldman sacks are bad. Very bad. They are deeply involved in investment fraud and have a huge control over the US government.

I am concerned with the NDP’s position on harm reduction. Handing out free crack pipes so people don’t catch a cold while getting flesh eating disease is not the answer. Letting crack dealers sell drugs around needle exchanges is not the answer either. That isn’t harm reduction it’s harm mass production. It is not promoting heath care it is destroying it.

Elizabeth May makes a lot of sense. People who care about the environment evidently also care about people and protecting civil liberty. They also care about fiscal responsibility.

Stephen Harper is taking us down the road to Bilderberg and that is the wrong road to be on. Corporate Communism is a huge threat to civil liberty and it is anything but fiscally responsible. Once again, this song is for all the undecided. Ya gotta get up. Stompa your feet.

Michael Harris, Journalist and Author speaks on The State of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy at the South Shore Chapter, Council of Canadians. [Part one] [Part two] [Part three]

Justice Denied

The other day I was driving back to Surrey from Abbotsford and I saw a huge sign at the side of the freeway that brought a smile to my face. Instantly I knew who put it there and it wasn’t me. There’s an activist from Aldergrove who is big on signs and T-shirts. He made the big recall Wally Oppal sign on a flatdeck and showed up at several local rallies with signs that said Judges are the Problem. He even made several T-shirts about judicial failures in BC including his 100% Contempt for BC Judges.

This particular activist got involved with a local group striving for judicial reform. That group is passionate about correcting the problem and is striving to be politically correct in it’s approach. Once in a while he gets frustrated and goes off on his own and makes a new sign. I applaud his work. They started off with property theft. A huge theft spree in their community was committed by one or two people and they all knew who it was. The judges kept giving him a slap on the wrist and letting him reoffend. Jamie Pool I believe was his name.

It’s not hard to see and understand their frustration. The VPD put out a video about chronic offenders. How the more crimes they commit the less jail time they serve. Kind of the direct opposite of what one would normally expect. The situation is so bad that the VPS came up with a 30 strikes and you’re out as opposed to the three strikes program in the States. As it stands the situation is pathetic. They came out with the recall Wally Oppal sign because he said everything was fine with the BC Judicial System. Not.

I heard him speak at the public safety rally in Port Moody where the public expressed their concerns about a rash of gang shootings in their neighborhood. His position was that judges are the problem. The panel kind of gave him the rolly eyes to which he responded these people commit crime and the judge keep letting them go, how is that not the judges problem?

Some people rationalize the situation and claim it’s not the judge’s fault it’s the laws that need to change and those laws are federal. Yet Ontario has the same laws that we do and they don’t have the same problem with judicial dysfunction. Clearly he does have a valid point. Many of the judges in BC are horrible and we have no mechanism in place to get rid of bad judges. Peter Leask is a prime example. I heard “they” didn’t let him do criminal cases any more. Then “they” are admitting there was a problem with his ridiculous decisions.

Right now the biggest judicial failure in BC is the Jamie Kehoe case. The police have the suspect and they have witnesses. We even have a body that he did murder by slitting his throat with a knife. Yet the police let him go because the crown thought there was a chance they might not get a conviction. Not proceeding with that trial is the most evil and criminally negligent act in the history of this province. There simply is no excuse for that. Just like if they don’t proceed with charges against the man who got out of his car and stabbed Kyle Yellowbird. God help them if they don’t proceed with charges in that case. That innocent blood will be on their hands.

It means Canada is a place where justice is denied and our friend is quite right. Every unjust sentence, or in this case every unjust failure to proceed with charges, bullies the victim. Losing a child is a horrible thing to experience. Denying justice prevents the healing process. The Laura Szendrei murder was a horrible tragedy. It would have been equally outrageous if the crown didn’t proceed with charges in her murder. Even then we had a suspect who showed no remorse for the murder and had a high likelihood of reoffending.

The ridiculous consequences in Canada for violent crime like murder and rape is a separate issue. We can’t even get the crown to proceed with charges so the accused murderers can get a slap on the wrist. Instead the crown gives the families of the victim and public safety a slap in the face. That diminishes all of us. Letting Katherine Quin free after her documented involvement in orchestrating the murder of Matthew Martins was another human tragedy. That's why Wally Oppal was fired as AG and why he should not have presided at the missing woman inquiry. He couldn't see the forest through the trees. Either that or he deliberately hid it. Which again re instills our friend's claim that the Revolving doors makes judges accomplices. Just as it does when crown fails to proceed with charges because they think they might not succeed.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mining company fires Hells Angels

We’ve heard a lot about the Hells Angels drug related violence in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Fort McMurray. We’ve also heard how many of them are employed in the potash industry there. Well one potash mining company has finally taken the bold new step of denying employment to anyone who is a member of the Hells Angels. This is a step forward.

The Charter of Rights protects the freedom of association. That means you are free to join any religion, political party or trade Union that you want to. It does not include the right to commit crime and belong to a criminal organization. The nest step would be to get them out of the docks as longshoremen. Criminal org checks should be done just like criminal record checks.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Spy Drone Turkey Shoot

Well this is refreshing news. A small town in Colorado east of Denver has come up with a brilliant idea in response to the Domestic Drone Wars. Since spying on Americans is illegal and violates the constitution, the town of Deer Trail is proposing to offer Drone hunting licenses and offer a bounty for anyone who shoots down an US Spy Drone on American soil. It’s about time.

The fact that the US government has relaxed FAA restrictions regarding the overflight of drones in U.S. airspace to spy on U.S. citizens is absolutely astounding. That kind of lawlessness needs to be addressed. Welcome to the wild wild west. Time for a turkey shoot. Hey does that mean we get to shoot CSIS if we catch them breaking the law too? Please advise.

Harper is spying on Canadians

MSN news is reporting that critics are urging the Harper government to lift the veil that shrouds Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency in the wake of an overseer's report that suggests ordinary Canadians may have been illegally spied on.

No kidding. Harper created a new agency whose mandate is to violate the Charter of Rights and spy on people without a warrant and shares that information with CSIS who were responsible for the Air India bombing. Concerning since it was Harper and his people who banned a University student from attending one of his speaking engagements during the election because she posted a picture of herself with another candidate. How did they know she did that? They were illegally monitoring her.

South of the border, the Obama administration has been embroiled in a controversy over the collection of thousands of Internet communications by Americans, under the guise of fighting terrorists. On Wednesday, documents were released by U.S. intelligence officials after a court ordered the National Security Agency to stop the practice of gathering information from Americans who have no connection to terrorism.

Concerning as well since Glen Beck broke the news that Obama and the IRS were targeting groups like the Tea Party and other radical groups that supported the constitution and putting unrealistic restrictions on them. That puts spying under the guise of terrorism into a whole new perspective. It is a violation of their oath of office to preserve and protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Surrey man facing gun charges

The Surrey Leader is reporting that “a Surrey man is custody facing several charges related to the seizure of a cache of weapons. The 42-year-old was arrested on Aug. 21 at his home in the 10400-block of 140B Street.” Numerous firearms were seized including suppressors and body armor. Ten of the 11 guns seized had their serial numbers removed.

Although the man hasn’t been named yet since charges are pending, the accused, who is currently prohibited from possessing firearms for life, has previous convictions for a variety of property-related crimes, driving offences, drug offences, and firearms offences.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dez Osborn supports the Edmonton Hells Angels

On a matter of personal privilege, this is a picture of Jesse James Langevin and Dez Osborn. That is a true statement. On a matter of personal privilege, this is a picture in support of the Edmonton Hells Angels 15th anniversary that was found on Dez Osborn’s publically available facebook.

On August 1 2013 the Edmonton Journal reported that Jesse James Langevin was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in Edmonton’s largest ever cocaine bust.

The above statements are all true. Be advised that false allegations of slander constitute slander. Dez Osborn has a lawyer. Big deal. I have gone up against a dozen over paid corporate lawyers on the free speech issue many times in the past. The law is clear.

I most certainly am not afraid of a used car salesman pretending to be a lawyer that doesn’t have a court order. He doesn’t even have a court application. He just has a letter making a false statement that needs to be addressed. I have the Charter of Rights and the God given, unalienable right to free speech. That is what people go to war for to defend. I am legally liable for what I say. Violating the Charter of Rights is illegal.

Show me a court order that states I am not allowed to say Jesse Langevin was arrested for possession for the purpose of trafficking and Dez Osborn supports the Edmonton Hells Angels. Show me a court order that states I am not allowed to say that. No such order exists because it would be illegal. Censorship is a serious offense. Especially when it is based on false allegations.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Surrey Six trial moved to Vancouver

CTV is reporting that one of the Surrey Six trials has been moved from New Westminster to Vancouver next month. The one without Jamie Bacon. The one involving Cody Rae Haevischer, Mathew Johnston and Quang Vinh Thang Le. Perhaps they didn’t like the picket signs in New West. Like we haven’t picketed Vancouver courts before.

Nevertheless, as I previously said, since there are so many overlapping cases involving the Surrey Six going on at once I don’t see the publication ban being lifted until it’s all over so I won’t be covering it. I don’t want to do anything to screw it up. I don’t care who IHIT slept with. Getting some accountability for that horrific murder is paramount.

I do encourage people to attend the trial though. If the public and the press don’t attend the trial they won’t know what to report when the publication ban is finally lifted. That trial is going to be long and tedious and I don’t have the time to cover it. It would be nice to shake Anton’s hand.

I think Sophon Sek is being tried separately as well. The whole thing is one big mess. Wasn’t Mathew Johnston the one that kicked Robert Thomas’ ass in prison? That was rather surprising. I guess he was able to collect from Team Bryce for that one. Who knows, maybe Thomas took a dive and split the reward money with him. Team Giles always does the creep.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

12 year old selling crack in Winnipeg

Six people face charges of cocaine trafficking including a 12 year old boy after a house was raided in Winnipeg on Wednesday which resulted in the seizure of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. A 33-year-old woman, a 28-year-old woman, an 18-year-old man, a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl are all facing drug-related charges. The 12-year-old boy did not live in the home and was not related to any of the other suspects. Bobbi Lynn Lund, 33 of Winnipeg and Diana Dawn Catcheway, 28 also of Winnipeg are the two adults charged. The other youths can’t be named under the young offenders act.

So selling crack in Winnipeg. That would have most likely come from one of two sources: the Rock Machine or the Hells Angels. Since the Rock Machine in Winnipeg are all in jail I guess that just leaves the obvious. The Hells Angels crack ring tied to the Zig Zag crew that Deli and Sean Wolfe were busted for and continued under the next chapter president Dale Sweeney who was also convicted of cocaine trafficking for the Hells Angels in Winnipeg.

Using a 12 year old kid to sell crack is complete low life. That’s the US crack epidemic in the /80’s all over again. That is predators exploiting kids. Just like the kid on a bicycle in Kelowna who recently sold 17 year old Marissa Ginter the bad ecstasy which turned out to be heroin that killed her. The predators recruit kids to sell drugs to other kids and profit from that exploitation. Using two older women to recruit and exploit kids sounds an awful lot like Kitt Alwood in Prince George. The predators change but the suppliers don’t.

Fatal stabbing in Surrey was senseless rage

I drove by the site of the fatal stabbing in Surrey tonight. A memorial was set up for the person who died. Kyle Xavier Yellowbird. 21 years old with his whole life ahead of him taken for no reason. A grizzly trail of blood up to the memorial marks his last few steps. This wasn’t gang related. It was a senseless act of violence. Road rage. Stabbing someone with a knife is not an act of self defense.

A group of youths were crossing the road and a silver Honda civic raced by almost hitting them. The 17 year old Cory exchanged words with the driver. The driver got out of his car and stabbed him three times. Kyle came to his friends aid and was stabbed once right in the heart.

I spoke with his parents. Wonderful people. Understandably filled with shock and grief. I spoke with another youth who saw what happened. He heard a conflict and came out to help. His mother came out and Kyle died in her arms. The two mothers tearfully embraced and shared a heart wrenching sorrow.

Jesse Cadman, Michael Levi, Jamie Kehoe and now Kyle Yellowbird. Good and evil still exist. The senseless violence is hard for a parent to bear. The assailant drove off in a silver Honda civic. Some of the other kids kicked in the door to mark the car after the stabbing. If you see a silver Honda civic with damage on the driver’s door, call it in.

We need to start getting plate numbers. I know it’s hard when things happen so fast. When people are stabbed and when bullets start flying people duck for cover. Yet if we are going to address this kind of violence in our community we need to condition ourselves to get plate numbers. That is the only was public violence will stop. When offenders realize the community will report it.

Update: I understand that the police have the car and a person of interest. Let's hope the crown doesn't drop the ball like they did in the Jamie Kehoe murder. That was absolutely disgusting. In that case they had the suspect and witnesses wiling to testify but crown didn't proceed because they thought they might not get a conviction. Failing to proceed with those charges was a horrific crime all in itself.

Update: There was a memorial on Sunday. Very heartfelt. They wrote messages on balloons and released them. It was very profound. Kyle is well loved. This is a video of the balloon release.

Friday, August 16, 2013

More RCMP Incidents

Before I dive into some more drug related violence I’ve got two news reports about two very different police incidents that show the kind of extremes we’re dealing with. Most recently another man was shot and killed by the RCMP in northern Alberta. The third person this month killed by the Alberta RCMP. Not including the man tracker they shot at another road side stop.

In this case it states a 52-year-old was shot at a home on the Cold Lake First Nation’s reserve. It doesn’t say who’s home. It said the man was wanted for sexual assaults and many officers, both in uniform and plain clothes, were at the home to execute warrants. “During the confrontation with the male, one RCMP officer fired his service weapon striking the male.” Investigators later recovered a knife from the scene.

So here we have a guy that has been accused of more than one sexual assault. Bad guy. If guilty. Several officers show up to execute the warrant. One of them shoots the suspect and they later recover a knife from the scene. So he was unarmed when they shot him. He wasn’t brandishing the knife. Not even a stapler. I’m having trouble with the math. Several officers show up to arrest a 52 year old and they aren’t capable of doing that without shooting the unarmed suspect? Something is very wrong with that picture. Unless of course they were giving him what he deserves.

Just like the VPD officers who gave that guy the boots and caved in his face who was accused of beating his wife. It was sadly unfortunate that they got the wrong door and that judge and jury made a mistake giving the boots to an innocent man. Well, at least they didn’t shoot him dead. That’s kind of the point behind having a court system in place. Police are law enforcement not judge and jury.

Likewise in the recent Toronto police incident this month when a guy with a knife cleared everyone off the bus. The police show up and shot him nine times. No hostages, no threat, just a wacko with a knife. No discussion. No negotiation. Bang bang bang - shot nine times. Evidently not in the leg. He hadn’t stabbed anyone. Unlike the wacko on the greyhound bus who stabbed a guy and cleared the bus. He decapitated the victim and started eating his flesh. No one shot him.

The other case goes from this extreme to the other where an Alberta RCMP officer pulled someone over in a routine stop and the guy got out of his car, assaulted the cop and strangled him in the ditch. Doesn't sound like he had a weapon. Thankfully that cop survived. It shows two different extremes and it also shows the potential risk police officers face every day on the job or as they say, in the line of duty.

It reminds us of the 4 RCMP officers who were shot dead in Alberta executing a search warrant back in 2005. Situations like that can make one understand how police can get trigger happy. Yet it doesn’t rationalize kicking the cat and shooting unarmed suspects. That needs to be addressed. We have made absolutely no progress at all since the taser incident at the airport. It’s just gotten worse. So has the crime.

I will add that one commenter on the blog was quite right. Police have confirmed that Pierre Lemaitre’s death was indeed a suicide. Tragic as is the timing. Somehow I don’t think he was currently involved in a high stress and trauma assignment. Since it was shortly after the officer in the taser incident shockingly got off on perjury charges, one has to wonder if that had anything to do with it.

He was the one accused of giving the media false information about the taser death. Yet he was simply reading from a press release he was given. When he tried to correct the information in the media his superiors prevented him from doing so. It is highly likely that the police cover up had something to do with his suicide. That is a genuine tragedy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bacchus president pleads guilty to drug trafficking

CBC is reporting that Brian Schofield, the Saint John Bacchus club president, just plead guilty to trafficking crystal meth after three raids yesterday concluding a six month investigation. Five other former members and associates have also been charged with drug trafficking.

Saint John Bacchus were the ones evicted out of their clubhouse after their former brain dead president Matthew Foley shot up the whole neighbourhood and killed a guy he couldn’t take in a fight. They sure have done a great job at solidifying criminal organization status for their club.

RCMP Terrorist Quotas

Bill Tieleman put out another profound article on the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud this week published in the Vancouver 24 hours that was featured on Infowars. He makes two significant points that need to be addressed. The first point is the idea of RCMP quotas on terrorism.

Bill Tieleman asks “Did you know the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a target of six disruptions of ‘terrorist criminal activities’ this fiscal year?” No, I did not know that. People murmur about speeding ticket quotas as a bogus means of raising revenue. Yet terrorist quotas is really absurd. That’s like setting a goal on how many bank robberies you’re going to stop. That would of course depend on how many bank robberies there are in the year. That’s not a figure you have control over. Unless you are going to set them up yourself of course. That is something you would have control over.

Likewise setting a goal or a quota about how many terrorist plots you are going to stop in the year is incredibly suspicious. Where is that kind of goal coming from? CSIS? The anti terror groups that loses $1.5 billion tax dollars of their budget every year? The intelligence agencies whose handlers are providing the explosives for these manufactured terrorist plots? Just where does that quota come from?

In the article Bill Tieleman comes right out and asks “Were RCMP involved in B.C. legislature bomb plot?” Then he answers with a quote from Tom Morino, John Nuttal’s lawyer “I think it’s fair to say yes, this involved undercover, Mr Big-type covert operations.”

I personally don’t have a problem with the Mr. Big under cover operations. When an under cover officer pretends to be a member of a large criminal organization then gets the suspect to confess to a crime they had previously committed. Other than the fact that it’s quite possible the confession is bogus and the suspect made it up to impress what he thought was a crime boss.

What I have a problem with is CSIS or CIA handlers that coach someone into committing an act of terror, offer them large sums of money, then provide them with the explosives to execute the plan like the Toronto 18 or even worse, the Air India bombing. That one totally crossed the line in that they didn’t set up a plot with the intent of stopping it. In Air India they actually helped execute a terrorist attack on civilians and need to be charged with that murder.

The question we need to ask isn’t was the RCMP involved in this bogus plot. We need to ask if CSIS was and the answer to that is yes. The RCMP admit that they found out about the plot through a tip from CSIS. What’s worse is that John Nuttal’s lawyer claimed US intelligence agencies were involved. Especially since the trial of the Boston mob boss showed corruption in the Boston FBI and since the CIA were caught once again bringing 24 tons of cocaine into Miami. Now we need to ask what are the CIA doing setting up terrorist plots in Canada and providing them with the explosives? We know two Surrey drug addicts didn’t buy all those nice new pressure cookers.

They didn’t even have enough money for food on the table. The landlady said that. They’re not going to spend money they don’t have on new purchases for an unknown political cause. I stress unknown because that’s exactly what it is. It’s not a political message like, Get Canadian troops out of Iraq because we never sent any to Iraq. It’s not Get Canadian troops out of Afghanistan because they are already out of Afghanistan. The BC Provincial Legislature wouldn’t have anything to do with that anyways. That would be federal jurisdiction in Ottawa.

Nothing in this case makes sense. Other than the obvious entrapment that it is and that their right to a speedy trial isn’t going to happen. That would mean a full public disclosure of the CSIS handler’s involvement and the CIA’s involvement in providing the explosives and we’re not going to see that evidence submitted in court. Instead they will delay it as much as possible and let him off on a charter violation trying to get public sympathy to do away with the charter of rights. Like we can’t see that one coming.

Nuttal’s lawyer doesn’t expect trial dates until 2015. That sure isn’t a speedy trial for a case that doesn’t even make sense. Sit in jail for two years on false allegations of entrapment. Wonderful. What is this world coming to. Welcome to the new age. It’s radioactive.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Air Force Jet brought 24 tons of Cocaine to Miami

Paul Watson from Infowars is reporting that a single shipment of 24 tons of cocaine was brought into Miami on a US Air force jet from Costa Rica. Whether or not anyone likes Infowars isn’t relative to the fact that this event did happen. This time they don’t claim it was part of a sting operation. This time they claim the cocaine was slated for destruction. I kid you not.

Why on earth would they bring it to Miami of all places, cocaine central, to be “destroyed.” This is sadly reminiscent of Judge Bonner’s claim that the agency brought a ton of cocaine on a jet into Miami when he was the head of the DEA. The CIA adamantly denied it until he went on 60 minutes November 1993 and documented everything. Then they finally admitted it was true but insisted that was the only time and it was a mistake. It was suppose to be a sting operation even though they made no attempt to track the cocaine or arrest anyone involved in supplying it.

They weren’t destroying the cocaine in Costa Rica they were stockpiling it. There is no record of the CIA destroying it in Miami. So here we are 20 years later and the agency gets caught again. Only this time they claim they were going to destroy the cocaine but didn't. All we see is the same old BS except their operation has increased by 24 times.

In Paul Watson’s article he reports that court transcripts state Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla was allowed to import “multi-ton quantities of cocaine” into the U.S. as a result of his working relationship with the FBI, Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration. So locally all cocaine trafficking leads to the Hells Angels. Beyond that it all leads to the CIA. Still. Just like in Iran contra. Just like with Freeway Ricky. That is the head of the snake. Gary Webb was right.

More Fast and Furious guns surface at crimes in Mexico

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boston Mob boss found guilty exposing corruption in FBI

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, the feared Boston mob boss who became one of the most-wanted fugitives in the U.S., was convicted Monday in a string of 11 killings and other gangland crimes, many of them committed while he was said to be an FBI informant. Bulger, 83, stood silently and showed no reaction upon hearing the verdict, which brought to a close a case that exposed corruption inside the Boston FBI.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that: “Already called a rat and a killer, mobster Whitey Bulger was portrayed as a pedophile Tuesday by a leg-breaker who admits bedding his own teen stepdaughter.” Witness found dead - Strangled his accomplice’s stepdaughter

This case shows how dark and deranged a human being can become. He is by his own definition a rat. He was an FBI informant that would rat out competitors in exchange for a blind eye to his own criminal acts just like Colin Martin locally. Once again exposing corruption within the FBI. I like how the media said corruption with the Boston FBI. The FBI is a federal organization. Weren’t they the ones that “investigated” the Boston Marathon bombing? If the Boston FBI is corrupt, how can we trust anything they say?

Yet this case shows how deranged a mob boss can become. He strangled a 16 year old girl because she knew too much and might testify against him. Kinda like what he was doing to his rivals. There is nothing good, moral, manly or honorable in strangling a 16 year old girl. It is messed up. What’s worse is that it was his accomplice’s step daughter. His accomplice pulled out his own step daughters teeth with a pair of pliers so the body couldn’t be identified through dental records and helped dispose of the body. His own step daughter.

A 16 year old girl who the step father admitted to having sex with. A 16 year old girl who became a prostitute to pay for her drug addiction. First they profited from the drugs she was addicted to. Then they profited from her prostitution. That wasn’t enough so they killed her. That is so messed up I don’t know where to begin. Police misconduct doesn’t excuse that kind of depravity. A cop driving home drunk, does not excuse doing that to a 16 year old girl. A cop giving a guy the boots doesn’t excuse it either. We are all responsible for what we do and the patch lickers hate for the police doesn’t excuse their own misdeeds. Sooner or later we all must face the music and accept responsibility for what we have done. Not for what someone else has done.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kelowna Teenage Drug Death

August 3rd the Vancouver Province reported that the police issued a warning after three Kelowna teens became violently ill from taking some bad ecstasy. “Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that is made in clandestine labs that have no quality controls,” read an RCMP release.

“You can never really know exactly what is in street drugs, and something what is being sold under one name could be something else entirely. Drug dealers are only in it for the profit and don’t care about the health or well-being of their clients.” How true.

That very morning 17 year old Marissa Ginter was found dead. She died in her sleep after a night of partying. Friends thought she took a bad batch of ecstasy. Turns out it was heroin passed off as ecstasy which made the three other teens sick and killed Marissa. Once again this shows the predatory nature of drug dealers that exploit all their customers including teenagers.

The Province then ran a front page article about the story after finding a youtube video of Kelowna teenagers talking about the dangers of ingesting bad drugs. Marissa was one of the teens in the video.

Marissa appears to be everything her fiends claim she was - an energetic bright light with her whole life ahead of her that was extinguished far too soon. Some of the guys in the video appear to be the Whalley burn out type but she was different.

This tragic case reminds me of the song Angel by Shaggy. “Now life is one big party when you're still young And who's gonna have your back when it's all done It's all good when you're little, you have pure fun Can't be a fool, son, what about the long run.” Her death has served as a wake up call to many of her friends encouraging them to get off the harmful drugs. A hard lesson well taken.