Friday, August 23, 2013

Harper is spying on Canadians

MSN news is reporting that critics are urging the Harper government to lift the veil that shrouds Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency in the wake of an overseer's report that suggests ordinary Canadians may have been illegally spied on.

No kidding. Harper created a new agency whose mandate is to violate the Charter of Rights and spy on people without a warrant and shares that information with CSIS who were responsible for the Air India bombing. Concerning since it was Harper and his people who banned a University student from attending one of his speaking engagements during the election because she posted a picture of herself with another candidate. How did they know she did that? They were illegally monitoring her.

South of the border, the Obama administration has been embroiled in a controversy over the collection of thousands of Internet communications by Americans, under the guise of fighting terrorists. On Wednesday, documents were released by U.S. intelligence officials after a court ordered the National Security Agency to stop the practice of gathering information from Americans who have no connection to terrorism.

Concerning as well since Glen Beck broke the news that Obama and the IRS were targeting groups like the Tea Party and other radical groups that supported the constitution and putting unrealistic restrictions on them. That puts spying under the guise of terrorism into a whole new perspective. It is a violation of their oath of office to preserve and protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

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