Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harper’s Arctic Lie Continues to Unravel

It is astounding that Harper’s media machine is still trying to portray Harper as someone who actually cares about Canadian sovereignty in the arctic when in reality he has single handedly done more to destroy Canadian sovereignty than any other Prime Minister in Canadian history. He sold Canadian oil rights to Communist China, he agreed to cross border policing with the United States and he is still censoring the media.

He claims the NDP are socialists yet he sold our oil rights to Communists with a worse human rights record than Cuba. Now, every time we get gouged at the pump we are helping fund a communist dictatorships’ military expansion.

He ran commercials about the War of 1812 and how we historically stood up for Canadian sovereignty yet he agreed to give that up by letting Americans police Canada. The whole protecting Canadian sovereignty in the arctic is one big fraud. That fleet of outrageously expensive jets from his insider trader didn’t work in the arctic. He clearly has no real desire to protect the arctic despite his media lies. It’s a smoke and mirrors side show just like everything else in his campaign.

He said he was tough on crime yet he cut funding for the RCMP and the gang task force while he dramatically increased funding for commercials to promote the RCMP brand. Saying one thing and doing the other while spending large amounts of tax dollars on advertizing to convince us that bad decision was good for Canada is called propaganda.

Instead of addressing the long history of sexual harassment in the RCMP, Harper promoted a chief who tows his line and fires whistleblowers while covering up what has been exposed with slander and harassment.

Harper claimed to be tough on crime yet he put out a bill that puts mandatory minimum sentences on possession of pot. That in effect prevents us from putting mandatory minimum sentences on violent crime or for selling crack and crystal meth. I don’t think legalization of pot is the answer. I think decriminalizing it is. We also need mandatory minimum sentences for selling small quantities of crack or crystal meth in public. Three months for selling crack in public is not excessive. A three month mandatory minimum sentence with no early release for chronic offenders of property theft is not excessive. Anything less than that mocks justice and bullies victims.

Harper cut funding for the prisons and wants to privatize them. The privatized prison system in California has been one big colossal failure. That is the wrong model to follow and everyone else knows that now. We need to oppose corporate communism that gouges tax payers.

Harper pretended to support the military but cut wages, pensions and benefits for soldiers. All while he allotted billions for a fleet of over priced jets from a company one of his candidates lobbied for. That's Mulroney's Airbus kickback mountain times ten. He even cut the Canadian coast guard in Vancouver.

Harper has made no secret about his opposition to the Charter of Rights. That is because he is trying to destroy civil liberty. The Charter of Rights is similar to the US Bill of Rights. Both documents are under attack on both sides of the border. We need to protect civil liberty.

My concerns with Stephen Harper are not about left versus right. It’s about right versus wrong. It’s about those who support a free republic against those who oppose one and I don’t think Justin Trudeau is the answer. I used to. Who would have thought the son of that great patriarch would betray the Charter of Rights? Who saw that coming? I didn’t. Justin claimed the NDP were soft on the charter while he himself voted with Harper to destroy it. That was astounding. For Justin Trudeau to talk about protecting the Charter of Rights now is as hypocritical as Harper talking about protecting Canadian sovereignty in the arctic. Both lies have been revealed.

I think Thomas Mulcair is a good leader and it’s not about supporting socialism it’s about supporting a free republic. The NDP, the Bloc and the Green Party are the only ones who voted in favor of supporting the Canadian Charter of Rights when all the other mainstream political parties voted to destroy it. Isn't that ironic.

Yes I am concerned about the NDP’s ability to balance a budget. But I’m more concerned about Stephen Harper’s ability to balance a budget. His banking and corporate fraud has created a far bigger debt than any left wing socialist would have ever dreamed of. And yes the left wingers would have spent the money on better things.

Mulcair claims “Several provinces are now at the 50 per cent rate. Beyond that, you’re not talking taxation; you’re talking confiscation. And that is never going to be part of my policies, going after more individual taxes. Period. Full stop.” He said the NDP would spend money on different things, and the NDP would make cuts, but they would be better cuts.

Spending money on different things is a good example. Harper spending $65 billion on a bank bailout the banks didn’t need then raising the age of retirement to pay for it was a crime against Canadians.

Obviously you don’t want to over tax corporations or anyone else. Anything over 50% tax on someone no matter how much money they make is wrong. Yet so is the fact that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. As is the fact that Obama pays tax at a lower rate than his secretary too. Donald Trump paying no tax is a complete crime just as when large corporations pay next to no tax. That’s the purpose of gas taxes. To off load taxes from the oil companies onto the consumers.

Letting CSIS lose billions of dollars from their anti terror fraud budget every year is another example of massive fiscal irresponsibility. JP Morgan and Goldman sacks are bad. Very bad. They are deeply involved in investment fraud and have a huge control over the US government.

I am concerned with the NDP’s position on harm reduction. Handing out free crack pipes so people don’t catch a cold while getting flesh eating disease is not the answer. Letting crack dealers sell drugs around needle exchanges is not the answer either. That isn’t harm reduction it’s harm mass production. It is not promoting heath care it is destroying it.

Elizabeth May makes a lot of sense. People who care about the environment evidently also care about people and protecting civil liberty. They also care about fiscal responsibility.

Stephen Harper is taking us down the road to Bilderberg and that is the wrong road to be on. Corporate Communism is a huge threat to civil liberty and it is anything but fiscally responsible. Once again, this song is for all the undecided. Ya gotta get up. Stompa your feet.

Michael Harris, Journalist and Author speaks on The State of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy at the South Shore Chapter, Council of Canadians. [Part one] [Part two] [Part three]

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