Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Kelowna Summer Jam Revisited

Well it looks like the new police chief in Kelowna is keeping his word about keeping the heat on gang members in town this summer. The Kelowna Now is reporting that Police Strip Car In Front of City Hall And Find 'Significant" Amount of Drugs.

The RCMP had received a complaint regarding a custom BMW about suspected drug activity. Members of the CFSEU located the vehicle outside City Hall on Friday and arrested the occupants for possession of a controlled substance. After searching the vehicle, a significant amount of drugs were discovered. Three cheers for the CFSEU and for the concerned citizens of Kelowna who called it in. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

We remember last summer the police did an amazing job busting up a major drug ring and car theft ring tied to the Hells Angels in Kelowna. Only rats sell crack and steal cars. If ya get jammed up don’t mention my name. B*tch.


    One cannot begin to believe any of these RCMP reports as the BC DRUG TRADE that DRIVES BC ECONOMY has been reported as passing $70 BILLION annually!
    So what is $4 Million to the real picture?
    It is still not recognized, that the Wealthy High Society DRIVES this problem with impunity from the RCMP and Judiciary!
    Kelowna is the Hub of all those Wealthy High Society Retirees that has produced this PROBLEM!
    A MAJOR DRUG BUST is about the 1% of 1% in the REAL NUMBER!
    RCMP cannot touch the REAL PROBLEM!

    1. I think that report is a good example of what people who really care about their job can actually accomplish. Sure in the big picture it may seem like a drop in the bucket but those two busts against the Hells as Angles last summer were unprecedented. They finally nailed Skeletor who had previously been implicated in the Western Wind 2 ½ tons of cocaine seizure but got off. Sure someone else will just take his place but nailing Giles was a sweet victory. Nailing the car theft ring was also a huge success because it showed what kind of rats those guys really are. If as the report claims, the criminal organization charges against the Hells Angels stick, then that will be a huge step forward for BC since the Hells Angels are the driving force behind the drug trade here.

      The fact that the drug trade drives the BC economy is debatable. The fact that the drug trade is rampant in BC is not debatable. We all agree on that. The part that is debatable is whether it drives the economy or sucks the life out of it like a parasite. I personally agree with Catherine Austin Fitts who refers to the drug trade driven economy as the tapeworm economy. Everyone thinks it drives the economy and drives the stock market but she claims it really sucks the life out of it like a tape worm. All this drug addiction fuels a whole lot of theft - cars, break and enters. Stolen property is a stolen economy. The amount of theft that goes on at most of the stores in Surrey is off the charts. That really cuts into a company’s profit margin and their ability to pay good wages and benefits. We pay for car theft every time we insure our vehicles.

    2. I will admit however, that spending thousands of dollars on these huge drug busts is counter productive when they let crack dealers sell crack in public. I realize the idea is the crack dealer on the street is small time but as long as you let that small time dealer do business in public, there will be big time dealers supplying him. The New York model is stopping crack dealers from selling crack in public. Period. You keep the pressure on and don’t let up. That is the New York Model.


    Two years, operating here(?), wanted for DRUG TRAFFICKING by US - doing the work of justice for CANADA!!!


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