Saturday, August 3, 2013

Police seize 28 kilos of cocaine in Edmonton

The Edmonton journal is reporting that the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement (EDGE) unit seized 28 kilos of cocaine from an apartment complex in Edmonton last Friday. Police say the apartment was being used as a cocaine conversion lab. Inside, they also found 10.5 kilograms of a chemical agent used to convert powder cocaine to crack.

Jesse James Langevin, 27, of Edmonton, and Vincent Louie, 42, of Vancouver, have each been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and cocaine conversion. It would be worth finding out what the cutting agent was. Was it Levamisole again? Handing out free crack pipes so people don’t catch a cold while getting flesh eating disease is insane.

In an unrelated investigation that same day, EDGE executed a search warrant at a residence in the area of 105th Avenue and 117th Street, arresting three people and seizing a loaded 9-mm handgun with a silencer, a loaded magazine, a bulletproof vest, radio-jamming devices, three homemade GPS tracking devices and $31,700 in cash.

Cardoso said the handguns were later discovered to have been stolen from B.C. and Saskatchewan. Tevya Wesley Thickson, 22, Awet Mehari Ghebre, 23, and Francheska Quach, 26, face a total of more than two dozen weapons and drug-related charges. Guns and radio-jamming devices spells grow rips. Either that or they are talking over drug labs for the red and white like Uncle Joe in Salmon Arm.

In June Daniel Huddlestone, 34, and Cameron Monkman, 28, from a Hells Angels puppet club called the Malicious Crew were charged with attempted murder using a firearm, robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault and other weapons offences with regards to the Sylvan Lake shooting outside Red Deer.

Police said the latest wave of Hells Angel rivals in Alberta has been more persistent than previous attempts to set up shop in the province. The Calgary Herald is quoting the fact that Alex Caine claimed the Outlaws would be using Alberta as a stepping stone to challenge the Hells Angels in BC in his recent book. His next one about the Hells Angels should be out this fall.

Speaking of Jesse James Langevin, a blog reader from Edmonton sent me some pictures of him from his facebook. This one is him kissing his pal Dez Osborn. There are a lot of pictures of him and Dez. I just don’t get that man love. It sure doesn’t seem very manly.

Sadly that appears ot be one of his only friends.

Dez likes to brag about his support of the Edmonton Hells Angels. That’s what 81 51 means. 81 is HA for Hells Angels while 51 is EA for Edmonton Angels. The Hells Angels have a chapter in Westridge. That’s why he posted a red bandana with the words Support Westridge on it.

His current cover photo is a support shirt that says established 1997. That’s when the Hells Angels started chapters in Edmonton and Calgary.

Red and White 15th would be the 15th anniversary for the Hells Angels in Edmonton. I guess it’s pretty obvious who was supplying the cocaine in this bust.

One blog reader pointed out that they use sodium bicarbonate to make crack – baking soda. Yet the police said 10.5 kilos of the powder chemical agent used to make crack was valued at $52,000. I don’t think 10.5 kilos of baking soda costs that much. That leads me to believe it was a cutting agent used to stretch crack not make crack. That would lead me to believe it was in fact Levamisole since that is the most common cutting agent used and the price value would fit.

Update: The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement Unit announced more arrests today. Lana Michelle Davies, 30, is facing charges of possession and trafficking. Police seized several firearms - including three handguns, two rifles and one sawed-off shotgun - as well as drugs, including 10 litres of gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), crystal meth, mushrooms and marijuana. Word is the red and white in Edmonton are scrambling for cover.

Police are now searching for William Stewart Culver, 30, who’s wanted on warrants for four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, as well as 29 various firearms charges. Culver is believed to be armed and dangerous, and should not be approached.

Update: I forgot to mention that William Culver turned himself in. I guess he isn't high enough up the food chain for them to hide him out in Argentina. He's no Surrey girl. He looks hard core. No Merle Norman eyebrows there. He looks like he'd shoot your ass dead without flinching.


  1. I have to have a good chuckle at this. At one time I would have thought 23 kilos was a lot, however, my current country of residence has confiscated 24 tonnes of cocaine in 2 years. It was recently shipped out to Miami to be destroyed.

  2. Indeed and that whole scam of being on the way to be destroyed needs to be addressed since it ties in with Operation Fast and Furious as well as with Judge Bonner’s objections that when he was DEA the agency was caught shipping a ton of cocaine into Miami. They denied it completely until he went on 60 Minutes and documented everything. Then they said OK but that was the only time and it was a mistake. Now they were caught bringing 24 tons of cocaine into Miami to be “destroyed.” Their operation has significantly increased.


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