Sunday, August 7, 2022

Shrek makes the CFSEU's Unwanted list

The deplorable CFSEU has issued another warning abut 11 gang members. Shrek made the list. Just like Damion Ryan made the last one. They do this to pretend they are doing something when they obviously are not. They are the root of organized crime in British Colombia because they refuse to enforce the law. The fake news is going off about the fact that 9 of the 11 gang members are Punjabi. They fail to mention that all these gang members work for the Hells Angels and have run afoul of the club and that's why the club wants them dead.

Shrek is a long time Hells Angels associate tied directly to Jamie Bacon. That's a pretty important fact to leave out. The last time they did this they posted a list of people the Hells Angels wanted dead. They threw Damion Ryan in there to pretend they were including Hells Angels associates when they clearly are not. They didn't say they were looking for him because they knew exactly where he was and what crimes he was involved with. Yet they refused to arrest him for his criminal activity because they were protecting him. Damion Ryan was responsible for Anees murder in the DTES while Dr Spin and the CFSEU tried to blame that murder on a rival.

The Manitoba RCMP had to arrest Damion Ryan in Ottawa because the BC CFSEU wouldn't.

The fact that Jamie Bacon is now cooperating with the police means that everyone who works for him has become a target. Before Jamie Bacon crossed over the Hells Angels were killing his rivals in the Red Scorpions so he could pay more tax to the club. Then Jamie Bacon had the audacity to trash talk the club and claim they were stealing from him. If it wasn't for the club he wouldn't have been able to make any money at all. He owned them everything.

The CFSEU named all these brown guys and purposely avoid mentioning the Hells Angels involvement. It's like a fireman who sets fires to give himself a job. The CFSEU promotes violence just like Justin Trudeau because they have an agenda just like Justin Trudeau does. The more people that get shot, the more funding they get.

They have Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection who protect the people that ordered the murders so they can arrest the people they hired to commit the murder. They get a bust and look like they are stopping violence when in reality they are a big part of it.
Michael Ross was never in the Witness Protection program directly but his crew ho Morgan Nicholson was. IHIT was sleeping with her too just like they were sleeping with Jamie Bacon's girlfriend and DK's girlfriend along with the other witnesses in the Surrey Six. Morgan told the court everything Michael Ross wanted her to and IHIT didn't care because they got a conviction.

Michael Ross is with the Wolf Pack just like Damion Ryan is. He moved into the DTES after they closed Panchos down in Surrey. That's why they killed Anees. Michael Ross is white. He's not on their list because he's protected by the CFSEU just like Damion Ryan. Follow the rich white man.
I'll tell you one thing abut the brown kids. They respect their elders. The local white traish like Blaze and Jame Bacon don't. That's because they have no self respect.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Fatal Shooting in Burnaby

The Burnaby now is reporting that "Burnaby RCMP say a vehicle fire in Brentwood is linked to a gang shooting that left one man dead and another injured on Highway 1 by the Kensington exit (2:30 PM Wednessday afternoon). A vehicle found burning in an alley by Beecher Park in the Brentwood area is believed to be connected to the shooting." Same MO.

CTV is reporitng that "Homicide investigators have publicly identified the three people shot at South Surrey Athletic Park last weekend, and are renewing their appeal for witnesses to the incident. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said in a news release Friday evening that the three people shot were 26-year-old Harbir Khosa, 20-year-old Robeen Soreni and 19-year-old Jordan Krishna." 6ixaktv was right. So why did the CFSEU get 6ixaktv​'s website shut down?

Was it because they told the truth about who Harbir Khosa was really working for which countered the CFSEU's false narrative? 6ixaktv reported that Harbir Khosa, who was recently shot in Surrey, "was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally. It’s clear that he was doing his own thing and the other victim in Jordan was working under Khosa. Some say he was recently aligned to the Wolfpack guys…"

This is a copy of the post that the CFSEU had taken down reposted on my mirror.

The Wolf Pack and the Red Scorpions both work for the Hells Angels. All roads lead to Rome...

CTV is reporting that "The shooting took place in the parking lot of South Surrey Athletic Park at 14600 20 Avenue around 2:45 p.m. on July 30, police said. According to investigators, the shooting was a single, targeted incident, and has been linked to gang and drug activity."

So I guess decriminalizing hard drugs hasn't reduced gun violence, it's just made it worse. More money to be made means more people fighting over those profits. Evidently, reducing the minimum sentences for violent gun crime hasn't reduced gun violence either. Neither has taking registered guns away from target shooters. Justin Trudeau is the root of the problem here.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Ukraine scatters Petal bombs in civilian areas of Donbas

The Morning Star is reporting that "UKRAINIAN forces were accused of shelling residential areas of the eastern city of Donetsk on Saturday night with hundreds of so-called petal mines littering the streets in the aftermath. The tiny bombs, which are shaped like small flowers, were found in the centre of Donetsk, areas close to the city’s university, recreational areas and others."

Petal bombs are a small type of landmine. The use of them in civilian areas is totally banned. Russia claims Ukraine is launching them while the Ukraine claim Russia is. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Again.

The Donbas is in Eastern Ukraine which is predominately Russian speaking inhabitants. This is the area that opposed the trans National coup against the elected Russian president. It is also the area that the Ukraine has been shelling for years before Russian moved in to protect them.

Why would Russia scatter cluster bombs in that area? They wouldn't. The transnational president of the Ukraine is lying again. Just like they lied about who bombed the Russian prisoners. The fake news lied and said Russian aircraft dropped petal bombs in Kharkiv Oblast which is also in the East. They wouldn't do that to the people they went in to protect. The fake news is lying.
Russia isn't going to shell Donbas. That's who they are protecting.
Zaporozhye is in the East where the Russian speaking Ukrainians live. Russia would not shell their power plant. That's who they are protecting. The Fake News is lying. Again.
Ukraine cut off the water supply to Crimea in 2014.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Great American Witch Hunt

Today I want to talk about the Great American witch hunt and how that relates to the Great Canadian witch hunt. It starts with with the extreme, Alex Jones and the Oath Keepers, then relates to the indisputable nobility of Dr Simone Gold, Brandon Straka, Anita Krishna, Tamara Lich and the Doctors on Tour. Dr Simone Gold is the Joan of Arc for the Americans while Tamara Lich has become the Joan of Arc for Canada.

Let's start with Alex Jones. Alex can be a bit extreme but his Infowars website has been a pillar of alternate news in the face of unending stupidity. His video on the USS Liberty was flawless. Recently he is in court because the families of the Sandy Hook massacre have sued him for damages. Apparently he claimed the Sandy Hook massacre was fake and never happened. I have no idea why he would say that. That's like saying 9/11 never happened. Of course it happened. It just didn't happen in the manner they claimed it did.

Just because Anderson Cooper used a green screen to pretend he was interviewing someone on site when he was in reality off site, doesn't mean the massacre never happened. It's like the Orlando shooting. I never said that shooting never happened. I said there were too many shots fired for it to be just one shooter and the person they blamed it on wasn't one of them. He was just one of the victims they decided to blame it on because he was Muslim. Likewise, the inconsistencies in the Nova Scotia are very concerning.

The Oath Keepers are not extreme. I've linked to them for years. They are law enforcement officers and military personnel who believe in keeping their oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. There is nothing extreme about that.

In the United States, every public official including, law enforcement, soldiers and even politicians, swear an oath to defend the Constitution. Every citizen pledges allegiance to the flag and the free republic it represents which is defined by the Constitution. Oath Keepers are not the problem. Oath breakers are. Public officials who break their oath to defend the Constitution.

Stewart Rhodes is the founder of the Oath Keepers. The Jan 6th Witch Hunt has targeted him as well as Branda Straka and Dr Simone gold for participating in a peaceful lawful protest. There is a page on the Patriot's Legal Defense Fund website to donate to Stewart's legal representation.

How the media has misrepresented the Jan 6th protest is absolutely absurd as is the subsequent vindictive persecution of stalwart opponents to the World Economic Forum's agenda under the guise of January 6th. We saw the video footage of police opening barricades and waving protesters past. We saw video footage of them opening the doors and letting protesters into the Capital building. A voice can be herd by one suspicious protester saying they're probably going to lock us in. We even saw that fake Q Anon quack using a green screen. He was a plant.
We also saw several other plants from BLM protests there inciting violence. They used that staged event to delete conservative sites and delete the #Walk Away group.

When I say staged even I'm referring to the agent provocateurs and the BLM protesters present. There were a lot of people genuinely upset about the election irregularities. There were many and the mainstream media denied them all. We saw the video of them pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under a table after the scrutineers were told to leave. We saw videos of people in cars with numerous mail in ballots on their dash joking about how easy it was to commit fraud.

We saw the suspicious turnout percentages that were abnormally higher than any previous election. They were all causes for concern. Yet the fake news passionately denied all of them and demonized anyone who dare question the validity of the election while that's all Hillary Clinton did after her defeat. It was a double standard. Since then, the movie 2000 mules came out.

Dr Simone Gold founded the American Frontline Doctors who held a press conference in Washington reporting on the success they have had treating Covid with Hydroxychloroquine. Not only did the mainstream media refuse to report on it, Big Tech went on a witch hunt to censor that true information from the Internet just like how the Communist Party of China censors anything about the Tienanmen Square Massacre on the Internet within China.

Big Tech's censorship has become absurd. That brings us to the Doctors on Tour and the coalitions of medical doctors and health practitioners that have pooled together to oppose lock downs and Covid misinformation. In Canada how the media intentionally misrepresented the Truckers convoy and Omicron was a huge eye opener. If the media intentionally lied about that, what else have they lied about? Everything.

The media completely lied about Omicron. They said it was going to be worse than Covid and it wasn't. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron turned out to be less than the seasonal flu. Locking down over omicron was a criminal act. As is vaccinating children with synthetic RNA for Omicron. We need to stop the misinformation and start being fiscally responsible. Spending all that money on vaccines that don't work for a virus that doesn't matter could be spent on much better things like schools, hospitals, housing and cancer research. Cancer matters. Omicron doesn't. Neither does Monkeypox.

They lied about the Omicron hospitalization rates and they lied about the Covid death rates.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Critical shooting in Kelowna

Update: Instead of admitting it was a 14 year old kid shot dead, the CFSEU post a picture of a civilian claiming he may be a witness and has now out that person's life at risk. Those POS don't care about anyone.

Castanet is reporting that "The victim in Tuesday night's shooting is “connected to criminal organizations,” according to Kelowna's top cop. During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Supt. Kara Triance reiterated the victim is not expected to survive the shooting, after he was shot outside the Shell gas station near the corner of K.L.O. and Benvoulin roads at about 10 PM. The Kelowna RCMP is “working very closely” with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – B.C.'s anti-gang police agency."

Good luck with that. If you want something done, you've got to do it yourself.
First-degree murder charge laid after man's body found in Okanagan Lake

CTV is reporting that "A body found in Okanagan Lake has been identified and first-degree murder charges have been laid in the case, according to an update from Mounties. On Saturday, the West Kelowna RCMP issued a public appeal for information after finding a man dead in "shallow water" under the William Bennett Bridge the previous day. On Tuesday, investigators announced they had arrested and charged 25-year-old Wyne Zablan."

The Rossland News is reporting that "“There was a vehicle used to commit this crime.”

There's a publication ban on this one already as well. WTF?
Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "Former West Kelowna Warrior Parm Dhaliwal was found dead in a New York hotel room on July 30, announced by the team via Twitter." Parm was originally from Surrey.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

More Fake News on Twisted Tuesday

Update: Whistleblower Wednesday with Police on Guard - Paramedic interview

Laura Lynn Tyler Thomson also interviewed a Paramedic

Well it's Twisted Tuesday and the fake news is off the hook. Candace Malcolm over at True North has a segment called Fake News Friday where she highlights some of the laughable fake news the legacy media posted over the past week. Well today I saw two ridiculous statements that I need to comment on because they are so absurd I just can't let them slide.

I had heard that the US recently killed an Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan with a Drone Strike. Well today the fake news spin on that extrajudicial murder was off the hook. Joe Biden claimed he ordered the hit and that the person they killed was the last surviving architect behind 9/11. That is absolutely ridiculous. George Tenet is still alive. The CIA overruled the passport office and made sure the 9/11 hijackers got visas to complete the attack. George Tenet was the director of the CIA.

That's the problem with extra judicial murders. We have no way of confirming whether or not their shady allegations are true. That's why we have courts of law. As for 9/11, GMAFB. Steel framed towers don't collapse into their own blueprint at free fall speed unless the load bearing beams are blown out. Look at all the coalitions of Architects, Engineers and scholars, calling for 9/11 truth. They all know what a controlled demolition looks like. They found thermite in the rubble.
Listening to Joe Biden's press conference was laughable. It was his lifeless rendition of Ronald Reagan's you can run but you can't hide. It's like they were propping him up so he wouldn't fall over again. His eyes were glued to the teleprompter being very careful to read exactly what it said. Jimmy Fallon ran a video clip of Joe Biden rambling like an idiot in front of school children. It was taken off YouTube but I found a copy on Air TV.

Nancy Pelosi is 82 years old. She's straight up evil but at least she's cognitive.

According to the fake news, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed five times.
The other fake news I saw today was about how BC has approved Covid RNA vaccines for children under the age of five. They had a women on who said the RNA vaccines were safe. Oh really? Then why has the dirty politicians made it so that the greedy pharmaceutical companies can't be sued for adverse reactions to the vaccine?

VAERS is the adverse reaction reporting system for the US. Canada doesn't even have one. Just like the coalition of architects and engineers that question the 9/11 narrative, there are also many coalitions of medical doctors that question the safety of RNA vaccines. In the US there is America's Frontline Doctors. In England there is the HART group and in Canada there is the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, the Canada Health Alliance and the Canadian Covid Care Alliance as well as the Doctors on Tour in BC.

The number of young men and athletes that have had heart problems after taking the vaccine has skyrocketed. Dr Byram W. Bridle explained that RNA vaccines don't stay in your arm like traditional vaccines. They penetrate the organs including the heart. That's why there has been a surge in cardiomyopathy after the vaccine roll out. Dr Malone explained that synthetic RNA doesn't decompose. Since children are virtually unaffected by Covid compared to seniors, for children, the vaccine carries more risks than benefits. Like I said, the fake news is completely out of control. Mounties 4 Freedom opposing vaccine mandates.

Data doesn't lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality

The Great Barrington Declaration was written by professors from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.

Monday, August 1, 2022

An escalation in violence

There has been several shootings in Toronto that are hard to keep track of because Toronto has a much larger population than Vancouver. However, I want to zero in on a few recent shootings in Vancouver because I believe they have a common thread. Plus, this is my crib. Toronto isn't.

The big news of late is Jamie Bacon cooperating with the police, Dean Wiwchar's trial has been separated from Robby Alkhalil and Larry Amero's, Robby's alleged prison break, a fatal shooting in Whistler and a recent fatal shooting in Surrey. I believe all these events are tied together.

Jame Bacon cooperating with the police is huge. That's a big game changer in the Metro Vancouver gang murders. Now the club will be going after his associates that they were protecting before that. If he thinks the club will let him keep making money while in the witness protection program he is delusional. Jamie Bacon is no Michael Kramer.

Jame Bacon cooperating with the police is a huge slap in the face for Eileen Mohan and represents the last straw in IHIT's complete incompetence in the Surrey Six investigation and complete failure in the administration of justice in that case.

However, I will admit that if Jamie Bacon was to testify that Larry Amero was the one that pressured him to order the hit on the Surrey Six, that would change everything. That would be a step towards justice as opposed to a perpetuation of injustice.

Just like if Blaze was to testify against the person who ordered Joey Verma to murder Britney Irving, that would also change everything. What I take issue with is Blaze and the rat pack getting paid tax dollars to lie about rivals in court. That is a dirty fraud. It has nothing to do with justice or reducing gang violence. It's just about perpetuating Blaze's delusional world of lies and false allegations so he can stay out of jail and make money without having to do any work.

Yes Blaze is still spamming my blog with lies. That idiot is still being empowered by IHIT and the compromised CFSEU because he is supporting their false narrative. Yet if he was to testify against the person who put the debt on Joey Verma and forced him to kill Britney Irving to remove that debt, that would change everything. Instead of dying a worthless spec of fly sh*t he would walk away having done something worthwhile in his life for once.

That won't happen because IHIT and the CFSEU are both compromised. They don't care who ordered Brittney Irving's murder. They already have a conviction. They don't even care that Blaze was present and part of it. IHIT and the CFSEU have Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program for ratting out the people they hired to commit murder. In so doing, they get away with murder and the Teletubbies get a conviction. That's all they want. All they care about is a check mark on a file. They care absolutely nothing about the administration of justice.

Now, back to the recent violence. Someone commented on my blog and asked why is it that these hitmen are getting arrested right after they do a hit? It's as though the people hiring them are ratting them out so they don't have to pay the fee for doing the hit. Exactly. That is the Wolf Pack's MO. In steps Dr Spin.

After the Edmonton Hells Angels hired Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN, they handed over the DTES to the Wolf Pack in exchange for Surrey. That's when the Edmonton Hells Angels hired the Brothers Keepers to kill rivals for them in Surrey. However, at that same time a new group had a short appearance in the DTES the Redd Alert Killas.

Kim Bolan was making it sound like the Redd Alert Killas were rivals like years ago in Calgary. In 2009, the UN and the Red Scorpions were at war because the Bacon Brothers took over the Red Scorpions for the Red and White. During that time, the Independent Soldiers who work for the Hells Angels and are part of the Wolf Pack alliance were supplying a gang in Calgary called FOB with drugs. That's when the UN supplied another group in Calgary called the FOB Killas.

Kim Bolan was trying to make is sound like the Redd Alert Killas were also sullied by the UN just like the FOB Killas were back in Calgary. At first that's what I thought. Then I found out the Wolf Pack were supplying the Redd Alert Killas because they wanted to take the DTES away from Redd Alert. That was back when the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Glen Nelson's wife.

Kim Bolan was trying to blame the UN when it wasn't. She lied. Now I want to be clear about one thing. During the conflict between the UN and the Bacon brothers I chose sides. However, I do not support an escalation in gang violence. If the UN really are warring with the Hells Angels, I would not support that. I'd say carve out some territory and make some money. Let go of the unnecessary violence. However, I really don't think that's what happening here now.

I think Kim Bolan is lying for the CFSEU so Clay's prison transfer gets denied. That's what I think and I'll show you why. In steps Damion Ryan. The Hells Angels killed Gary Kang, January 6 2021 through the Brothers Keepers. The next day, Anees Mohammed was killed on January 7th 2021. Kim Bolan said Mo's murder was in retaliation for Gary Kang's murder. At first, that's what I thought. Then I found out that the Brother's Keepers killed Mo for Damion Ryan. Kim Bolan was printing what the Wolf Pack and the compromised CFSEU wanted her to.

Kim Bolan claimed that the two suspects arrested in the Whistler shooting have links to the UN. She said have not had. I question that because she has been intentionally lying about everything else. There's a big difference between have and had. The Hells Angels killed a former UN associate named Jimi Sandhu February 4th in Thailand. Kim Bolan reported it the day his body was discovered. It's as though the CFSEU knew about the hit and were waiting for it.

Then she said another shooting was in retaliation for Jimi Sandu's murder in Thailand. Yet she said the same thing about Anees murder in the DTES and she lied. I just want everyone to stop lying. If the UN are really involved with this then let's face that.

What I take issue with is when the Cub Pack kill one of their own guys and blame it on the UN. That's what I take issue with and I resent how Kim Bolan is actively misrepresenting all this and is promoting the compromised CFSEU's false narrative. Now that Jamie Bacon is cooperating with the police, the Hells Angels are going to be killing his associates now instead of protecting them like they were prior to his crossing over. Jamie Bacon could never have made it on his own without the bikers. Him and Blaze trashing the bikers now is absolutely pathetic.
6ixaktv reported that Harbir Khosa, who was just shot in Surrey, "was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally." However, as soon as I linked to that post, the compromised CFSEU had that post taken off the Dirty. That was fast. This is the cached version and this is a copy on my mirror. It looks like the whole website is down.

6ixaktv also reported that "It’s clear that he was doing his own thing and the other victim in Jordan was working under Khosa. Some say he was recently aligned to the Wolfpack guys… MORE TO COME." The Common thread here is Gary Kang, the Red Scorpions and the Wolf Pack.

Update: Looks like 6ixaktv's website was shut down by their server just like Dr Simone Gold's website was. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. They need to reclocate it on a new server that doesn't cater to the compromised CFSEU or the Covid false narrative.

I forgot to mention. Remember how Meninder Dhaliwal's brother Harb was killed in Coal Harbour last year? The shooter was from Quebec. He was caught because one of Harb's associates chased him down and stabbed him in the eye. Well last night I was talking with a friend and they said it wasn't just any associate, it was Harb's brother Meninder who chased down the shooter.

That would imply that Meninder was killed in Whistler by the Red and White just like his brother Harb was. Just like Ali and Chad were. When I say the Red and White, it's not the entire club. It's just a handful of guys - Larry Amero, Damion Ryan and the Trailer Park Boys from Edmonton.

The CFSEU don't care about the members that sell drugs. They have them in Witness Protection. They only care about stopping the members who don't sell drugs from going on rides hence Kim Bolans recent bullsh*t about the new woman's club that call themselves and RC not MC. Riding motorcycles isn't the problem, selling drugs is and the CFSEU is criminally culpable in that.

The CFSEU want to use the problem, reaction, solution paradigm to take away our civil liberty. The Vancouver Sun is a big part of that narrative now. They're still talking about Covid in the middle of summer and they're lying about the biolabs purpose to spin the truth.