Saturday, August 13, 2022

Pierre Poilievre and Stephen Harper - Update

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Pierre Poilievre's campaign office. They asked me if they could count on my vote for his Conservative leadership bid. I said yes you can. He's my third choice. The conversation kind of ended there. I was being completely honest with them. Originally Jean Charest was my first choice but I was shocked and deeply disappointed he came out so hateful towards the truckers so I ditched him - à dieu.

True North is reporting that "This week, multiple legacy media outlets claimed Canadians were scared of Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre because former prime minister Stephen Harper endorsed the Carleton MP to become leader. Andrew Lawton and Harrison Faulkner discuss why these reports and polls can’t be trusted."

Actually Stephen Harper's endorsement of Pierre Poilievre was a huge concern for me. Stephen Harper is a bad man. Harper solid our oil rights to Communist China. He was a complete enemy of the Charter of Rights and he supported torture in Afghanistan. Harper was a tax and spend pork barrel politician like unto Brian Mulroney. Stephen Harper is a Globalist.

I realize that Pierre Poilievre is his own person and that Stephen Harper's endorsement of him doesn't really mean anything. It was however, a legitimate concern I had. I still overwhelmingly support Leslyn Lewis and Roman Barber over Pierre Poilievre but that's just me. IMO Pierre Poilievre would be a lot better than Justin Trudeau. Leslyn Lewis would be a dream come true.

Update: Maxime Bernier is reporting that "Pierre Poilievre tweeted that we need to send more arms to Ukraine, impose more sanctions on Russia, and welcome more Ukrainian refugees." Perhaps I should take him off the list completely. His Harper colors are showing through.

It's Leslyn Lewis or Maxime Bernier.

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