Sunday, August 28, 2022

BC Government ramping up free Rapid Tests

Speaking of the Agenda, I was at the store today, I think Walmart, and they announced they had free rapid tests available in the pharmacy as prescribed by the BC Provincial Government. What a freaking farce. Those are our tax dollars they are throwing away. The tests don't work and flooding the field with more rapid tests reveal their agenda. You test more you have more cases, only cases without symptoms are not cases.

This is so completely ridiculous it is absolutely astounding. The said Omicron was going to be worse than Covid but they were wrong. It wasn't it was less than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act. China launched a brutal lock down of Shanghai over Omicron. That was straight up Communism.

People aren't afraid of Omicron anymore so they went back to calling it Covid to try and resurrect the fear factor. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Handing out more rapid tests is part of the Agenda. It's summer for f*ck sake. Give it a rest.

The Vancouver Sun is now trying to bombard us with false numbers again. The Vancouver Sun is now owned by Post Media News just like Global television making them both completely worthless. The local media maliciously misrepresented the Omicron hospitalization rates.

They tested everyone in the hospital for Covid with the same PCR tests that have a huge false positive rate. Then they lied and said all those people were in the hospital for Covid when they weren't. They were in the hospital for other things. They weren't even in the hospital with Covid because if you have a positive test result but have no symptoms, you don't have Covid. The media is still lying to us and the Vancouver Sun is front and centre of that deception.

A coworker's relative died of cancer. They tested positive for Omicron so they listed that death as Covid when it was not. This has happens continuously. So much so that Dr. Hodkinson clarified "Covid does not cure cancer and lockdowns do not cure heart disease. So the fact that those statistics have dropped ramatically is clear evidence that these deaths are being misclassified."

The Vancouver Sun used to be reliable. Now it is absolutely ridiculous along with the CBC. If you want the facts about Covid subscribe to the real science the coalition of health care practitioners are posting to expose the lies the Media is bombarding us with.

CHA - Robert Malone - Canadian Covid Care Alliance - The Hart Group - Police on Guard


  1. The media is not your friend, they have morphed into the propaganda arm of the government and globalists. But I repeat myself......because there is now little difference. Our governments have been co-opted by those who wish to rule the world.

  2. Me and wife been sick like 2 or 3 times in the past 6 months. We take a rapid test every time and it's always been negative. Covid is just a cold/flu

    1. The moral of the story is that rapid tests are worthless and Omicron doesn't matter.


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