Saturday, August 6, 2022

Fatal Shooting in Burnaby

The Burnaby now is reporting that "Burnaby RCMP say a vehicle fire in Brentwood is linked to a gang shooting that left one man dead and another injured on Highway 1 by the Kensington exit (2:30 PM Wednessday afternoon). A vehicle found burning in an alley by Beecher Park in the Brentwood area is believed to be connected to the shooting." Same MO.

CTV is reporitng that "Homicide investigators have publicly identified the three people shot at South Surrey Athletic Park last weekend, and are renewing their appeal for witnesses to the incident. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said in a news release Friday evening that the three people shot were 26-year-old Harbir Khosa, 20-year-old Robeen Soreni and 19-year-old Jordan Krishna." 6ixaktv was right. So why did the CFSEU get 6ixaktv​'s website shut down?

Was it because they told the truth about who Harbir Khosa was really working for which countered the CFSEU's false narrative? 6ixaktv reported that Harbir Khosa, who was recently shot in Surrey, "was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally. It’s clear that he was doing his own thing and the other victim in Jordan was working under Khosa. Some say he was recently aligned to the Wolfpack guys…"

This is a copy of the post that the CFSEU had taken down reposted on my mirror.

The Wolf Pack and the Red Scorpions both work for the Hells Angels. All roads lead to Rome...

CTV is reporting that "The shooting took place in the parking lot of South Surrey Athletic Park at 14600 20 Avenue around 2:45 p.m. on July 30, police said. According to investigators, the shooting was a single, targeted incident, and has been linked to gang and drug activity."

So I guess decriminalizing hard drugs hasn't reduced gun violence, it's just made it worse. More money to be made means more people fighting over those profits. Evidently, reducing the minimum sentences for violent gun crime hasn't reduced gun violence either. Neither has taking registered guns away from target shooters. Justin Trudeau is the root of the problem here.


  1. read the material which you reported as being taken down. There is noting in the article which is objectionable. An arm of the government may have had it taken downm, but that is restricting a person to speak/write freely, which we ought to be able to do as long as its not hate speech, etc. e.a.f.

    1. They got the whole website taken down by pressuring the server to remove it on a policy breach just like Dr Simone Gold's was. She simply found a different server and reposted it because telling the truth is not unlawful. Censorship is.

    2. "hate speech" is a Marxist talking point. 'hate speech' just means 'speech that hurts my delicate feelings'. either you have free speech or you have nothing at all. what is 'hate'? more importantly - who decides? the same people who decide you don't need access to firearms and fertilizer production needs to be scaled back? this is a low IQ post.

      racism and bigoted language, no matter how heinous you find them, is protected and free expression in countries like the US which haven't been totally taken over (unlike Canada).

      it's amazing this still needs to be explained to adults.

    3. The term hate speech is definitely over used but it does exist. Defaming the Jews in an attempt to rationalize the Holocaust - that's hate speech. That's not free speech. Free speech is the right to tell the truth not to promote a lie. The Communists in China defame the Falun Gong in an attempt to rationalize putting them in jail for their religious beliefs and executing them for their organs. That defamation is hate speech. Taking away your guns and cutting back farming in the name of fake environmentalism is simply Communism.

    4. free speech is an absolute. AGAIN, Dennis, it's either all or nothing. "defaming the Jews" is just filed under 'something that upsets Dennis Watson's feelings'. the definition is COMPLETELY arbitrary. if the definition is arbitrary, then it can be changed. if it can be changed, then it's relative. if it's relative, there is no categorical imperative - again, meaning it is arbitrary. in other words, "hate speech" can literally be shaped to mean anything. this is a very, very, VERY basic concept. I suggest you revisit some elementary-level Crowder or PragerU videos - that is what the milquetoast conservatives still watch these days, right?

    5. No it's not. I disagree. The problem is when people say if you disagree with me you're stupid. I disagree with you because you are wrong. The term hate speech is definitely over used but it does exist. Hitler slandering the Jews and the CCP slandering the Falun Gong are prime examples.

  2. That photo of Trudeau makes me cringe big time. For those who voted for that muppet, TWICE, y'all got to be truthfully, secretly, ashamed of yourselfs.

  3. That's illegal gun violence .


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