Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fatal Calgary shooting tied to the Hells Angels

Update: Michael Tyrel Arnold has been arrested and charged

CBC is reporting that "Talal Fouani, left, was on bail for organized crime and money laundering charges when he was shot while sitting in his parked Bentley outside his southwest Calgary home. Fouani's wife, Nakita Baron, 31, was killed in what police have called a targeted attack."

"In 2020, Fouani testified against his former friend and business associate Cem (Jim) Can at an Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) hearing. Can was arrested in 2003, along with two Hells Angels associates, accused of extortion and kidnapping related to a stock deal gone bad. The charges were later dropped because of concerns about the reliability of the alleged victim."
OK so Talal Fouani was on bail for organized crime and money laundering charges when he was shot in Calgary on August 18th. "In June, Fouani and two siblings were arrested on charges related to money laundering. Fouani is accused of laundering money obtained through drug trafficking in both Calgary and Halifax." Calgary and Halifax, things that make ya go hmm...

"Of the 23 people Fouani is banned from having contact with, 10 are men and women who have faced drug trafficking charges in recent years following cocaine busts in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. One of those people is Ricco King, who has faced several sets of charges including an arrest in connection with an international cocaine trafficking ring in 2016."

Obviously all that organized drug trafficking tied to murder is run by a specific criminal organization. I submit that this doesn't involve the Calgary chapter it involves those from another chapter who are financially benefiting from that drug trafficking organization. Just like the Wolf Pack in Vancouver and the Edmonton HAs in Surrey.

When the FK were beefing with the FOB in Calgary that involved the Independent Solders who work for the BC Hells Angels. They have been predominately replaced by the Wolf Pack. I guess Jody York was left high and dry when his pal Donnie McWhirter started working for the PoPo along with Jamie Bacon. What's with CBC? Are they trying to resurrect their lost credibility?


  1. I’m a little confused here? So this guy was a criminal got caught and threw his associates under the bus than got killed? If that’s the case what did you think was gonna happen? If he was a lawbiding guy than yes this would be tragic but an active criminal that fuct everyone over to save his own skin🤷‍♂️ Correct me if I’m wrong

    1. It was tragic they killed his wife. All I'm saying is that the fact he testified against a former co accused supplies the motive for the shooting. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm just saying it supplies the motive. That's why I tell people if you want to leave the life, keep your mouth shut and leave. Your chances of survival are much higher.

    2. I’d say if you leave the life without ripping anyone or ratting anyone and you didn’t do extreme to anyone than survival is about 100 percent. But certain things don’t have an expiry date and if you fuct ppl over or hurt someone’s family member or whatever the case may be I don’t think they gaf if your not I. The life anymore. Moral of the story is don’t get involved it’s garbage

  2. If this guy was a square guy that reported crime this would be horrible and wrong but a criminal who fuct his guys over. They’re not wrong for killing him he knew what he signed up for! Let me state again if he was a regular guy than that’s fuckin terrible! But a criminal throwing other criminals to save him self is a 🐀 and in that situation good riddens coward

  3. Ahhh I see yes that’s terrible I’m not a criminal but if I was I sure as hell wouldn’t rat out my friends or whatever they were to him. It sucks an innocent got caught in his crossfire. I don’t get these guys if your that scared that your gonna snitch why even get involved in the first place. Rip to his wife


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