Saturday, August 20, 2022

Still Rocking the Free World

I have two weeks off work: who-ah! I'm just staying local. Gonna bust some caps and get sh*t done here at home. So here I am. Ready to rock the free world. For free. It's not about the money.

Boomers, Boomers, 6 White Boomers. A shout out to the land down under. I actually enjoy a Vegemite sandwhich so I do. You can't get them around here. I may not be young but I am wild and I am free. I suppose two out of three aint bad. At least I have a message - Remix that.

A couple of weeks ago at the gym they were remixing a lot of old songs with techno rave crap. It was horrible. If you're going to remix something, make it better not worse. All that techno rave crap is heartless, soulless and meaningless. The only way you can listen to it is if you're brain dead whacked out on Molly. I've talked about millennials a bit before. I'm not going to hate but I am going to set the record straight. All youth are not bad but milenials suck. They have no work ethic. They're soft, they're weak, smoke way too much pot and complain about everything.

Thankfully my kids aren't like that but they had to leave the country to find youth that wanted more out of life than to get drunk and blaze every day. A lot of kids here think that's normal when it's not. They have nothing else to compare it to. There are still kids out there who have goals and are very hard working. Yet there are many here who aren't so it's a struggle.

I'm not going to say my generation is better than your generation because it's not. It's just different. Very different. I will admit that kids today have it tougher than I did when I was a kid. The price of land here is completely out of control.

When I finished High School, I could rent an apartment on my wages a lot easier than you can now. I admit that. However, ya'll smoke way too much weed. Pot is not good for you. Pot does not cure cancer. It didn't cure Bob Marley and it didn't cure my brother. I will agree that pot is way better than crack or crystal meth. That sh*t will eat you alive.

However, when I was in High School, if someone smoked pot every day we called them a stoner. Now ya'll think it's normal. Well it's not. It's holding you back. Pot is way stronger now than it was when I was a kid. Smoking high grade every day several times a day messes you up.

Now back to the music. Several years ago, my son was a leader at a youth music camp. They broke off into groups and were tasked with remixing an old pop some with some classical music. There were some instructors from New York that would add some hip hop to the mix.

My son's group did a remix with Carry on my Wayward son. It was awesome. I asked him who picked that song? He said one of the younger kids in the group from junior high. I was like where did that kid learn that song? From Guitar Hero.

When I was young we used to joke about four cord rock and roll. Yet when you look back at some of those old songs in Guitar Hero, a lot of those electric guitar solos were quite technical. When the Scorpions remixed rock you like a hurricane with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, it was a surprisingly balanced production. One didn't overpower the other. That's when we got into TSO - the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Turns out the Vancouver strings were actually from Vancouver.

A few years ago I came across a young brother and sister on YouTube called Lawrence. They had soulful skills and remixed it into something new of their own. It was awesome. I loved their song it's not all about you. Millennials do suck but there are a lot of young people out there who have a brain and aren't millennials. They are the hope us old timers are hanging on for.

Lately I've been having a bit of a spiritual struggle. Notwithstanding my metaphysical concerns, the song carry on my wayward son speaks to me. Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. I also like Len: Steal my Sunshine. Me father was right so he was.

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  1. Enjoy your holidays Dennis. Well deserved. 👍😎


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