Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vancouver DTES is a failed social experiment

I rode into Vancouver tonight to check out the Italian long sword school on Hastings and rode past Main and Hastings on my way home. That place is such a toilet. It has gotten completely out of control. What we are doing there is wrong. What we are letting happen there is wrong. That's not freedom. That's not social justice. That is slavery and misery. That's all that is.

Recently the fake news was going off about how the police were struggling to dismantle a drug addicts crime fest of tents and anarchy in plain sight on the public sidewalks of the DTES. This is a remix of the Oppenheimer rape camp that went to Strathcona then came back to stay.

Kennedy Stewart is not a bad guy. He means well. He is NDP so he's coming from a left wing perspective. He's the one that gave up his seat for Jagmeet Singh who is the son of Satan. Jagmeet is a bad person not because he's Sikh but because his polices contradict the Sikh faith and mock that religion. Just like Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney isn't a bad person because he's Mormon. It's because he's a bad Mormon. That's the problem.

Kennedy Stewart opposed the Oppenheimer rape camp for good reason. It was a cesspool of crime and exploitation. Just like the lawless camp at Main and Hastings. Now Kennedy Stewart wants to legalize all drugs and I can't accept that. What we are doing in the DTES is wrong. Everyone can see that. Even Snoop Dog.

The cost of housing is completely out of control but open drug use is not the answer. Drug abuse is called abuse for a reason. The Portugal model succeeded because they made drug treatment mandatory. Promoting addiction is wrong. It just promotes crime and violence.


  1. 100% --> "Jagmeet is a bad person not because he's Sikh but because his polices contradict the Sikh faith and mock that religion."

  2. I used to work in the DTES patrolling with Naloxone. I wasn't paid. It wasn't volunteer work. I would go to an outpatient treatment centre for alcoholism for a few hours and then purposely get off the bus on my way home instead of riding through the war zone. I have had to use it or provide it about a half a dozen times. After several months of this, it started to get to me. Faces started disappearing, the 'regulars' were always on the lean, and the fact that everyone seemed to normalize the area got to me. Vancouver needs to do something. The DTES is the postal code with the lowest per capita income in the country. It is the poorest of the poor. We need a mayor who is truly willing to roll up their sleeves and sort the entire mess out.

  3. Yes, the mess on Hastings St is way beyond what a city in this country ought to look like. It looks like a slum. Side walks are for walking on, not setting up a camp. If people want to camp, perhaps they ought to build them a campsite out in the wilderness. Housing needs to be provided but it ought not to be concentrated in one area. Agree with your comment regarding the Portugal model. Read about it in several articles and it works. not only does it work, its cost effective.
    This area used to be a vibrant shopping area which was safe. Had no problem walking through the area or China town all through the 1950s to the 1990s. Today I wouldn't be keen on doing it. First off the side walks are too crowded for people to walk on safely. Secondly its just ugly there now.
    The drugs are a problem and not much appears to be being done about violence and repeat offenders. Had the problem been addressed when it first became apparent things were going south, the situation would not be what it is today. e.a.f.

  4. Hamsterdam is a real place in Canada.

  5. Given enough time Chinese fentanyl will have the area all cleaned up via overdoses.

    Sad state of affairs, but will prove to be accurate in due time.

    Look at the lives this one drug has taken in Canada....and the silence is deafening.

    That's some serious "influence" to maintain that level of silence.

    1. Who do you think is selling that fentanyl in the DTES? It's the Wolf Pack. One one side we have the CIA pushing that poison and on the other side we have the dirty politicians promoting addiction to promote the WEF Agenda. The fraud just keeps getting worse.


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